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ChildCare Level 3 Exam and Game

Hey everyone <3

had my exam for my college course yesterday and i think it went pretty well tbh, now only got to wait until august to get my results :/

on another note my little brother got skyrim for 360 the other day and he is completely addicted to it, no doubt it will be another few days until he completes it all together the little wierdo haha. I must admit it is a good game however the only downside is that the graphics are not what i expected them to be and also you cant skip little videos throughout it which is boring when you have to go through the same video like 4 times it gets really annoyin :/ i should know iv done it -_-

how is everyone?

fill me in with whats been happening where you are and i hope you all have a lovely week :D take care everyone

love yalll

from zaph

Its been a while :o

Hey guys :D *waves*

It's been a while since i was last on here :o and i mean a while haha

how has everyone been?

whats been happening on GS?

After June 28th i think imma be able to spend more time on here and get back into my gamer routine :D

on another note its my birthday in 5 days :D im sooo excited haha but unfortunately im gonna be at college for it :(

anyway was nice to finally put another blog up :D haha hope so hear from you guys soon <3

love ya'lll speak soon


~ A fight every now and then makes life more interesting...dont you think?



Thinking is bad for you but...

Hey guys :D

Long time since i been on and dont know whats been happening for maybe the whole year i have been away -_-' possibly longer.

so i have been thinking (not a good thing to do)

i need to get back into the swing of things so though i would start off easy haha (cuz im lost)

how has everyone been and what have you lot been up too while i have been gone :D

Love Y'all

Zaphy Out <3 :D

I'm So Sorry

Wow its been wayy to longg sincee i been on this :/ i dont come on here no more im really sorry everyone i dont see the point, i will try my best to start been active again but not sure if that is possible with my second year of college coming up and this one is the most importat as its a higher course and i need all my attention on that. But still its no excuse not to come on and see how everyone is doin im sorry, i hope i not offended anyone by not coming on. I hope to hear from you guys soon, miss you all
zaphy out <3

Omg dmc4 is is amazing!

Hey everyone :) long time no see

I hope everyone is good and having fun looking and playing on all the games they can ;) haha

I finally got DMC4 and i love it soo damn much, DMC5 is coming out in january and i will most definitely be getting it :D haha it looks epic and before anyone says anything im glad its not the same because if it was i would probs not get it its good to have change.

Well thats all for now speak to yall soon :) xx

Zaph Out :D

Help Please

Hey everybody :)

Ok so I have been stuck on NIER for over 3-4 months and its driving me insane. I am at the point where i have to defeat that big monster flower thingi in Kaine's home village and i cant do it at all. Has anyone got any idea on how i could defeat it, it would be truly appreciated :)

Anyway how is everyone, I hope your all great :)

Speak Soon Bye Bye Love Zaph :)

Little Rant

Hello everyone i hope you all had an amazing Easter :)

Has everyone seen the trailer for the new DMC (it has naked Dante in :O ) ha ha

I know i am not the only one on here who thinks it looks epic wink @Xyla707 I cant believe so many people think it is rubbish yeah its not like the original but then it wouldn't be a new game now would it. I for one think it looks fantastic and Dante may not look exactly like the old one or act like him but its still really amazing how he is and his tattoo don't get me started on that :O XD

People who are judging the game on how it looks should really be ashamed of themselves ninja theory are working really hard creating this new game to try something new and people are not even going to try the game out i think it is pathetic how some people are doing that. If you don't like the look of a game then fine what ever but don't go posting it all over links to the new game its just sick, maybe try the game out before you judge it and then only then you will truly know if it is good or not.

Other than that ha ha i have found out i will be spending my 17th in France this year which is going to be awesome :D except for the part i wont get to spend time with my amazing mate @Xyla707 but i will see her when i get back which is still great :) well that's all i gotta say for now I hope everyone is all good and enjoying their April so far :) (didn't know what else to say ha ha)

Well I gotta bounce

Love Y'all Zaphina :P

I have decided :)

Hello Everyone :)

After long consideration (a week of thinking about it non-stop) I have Finally decided that i am staying with GS :) There are three very important points as to why i am staying;

1. I have so many great friends on here that i cant just leave them

2. GS is known for giving such good reviews and information about pretty much every game which could be needed in the future :)

3. I would miss everybody so so much and would kick myself if i ever did leave

So i am staying which means you all have to put up with me for a bit longer haha hope you dont mind :)

Love y'all Zaph xxxx