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Open my eyes

 As I sit listening to Physco Killer by the Talking Heads I just realized that games like Rock Band & Guitar Hero have blessed me with some great music. As an african american male, it's not exactly cool to listen to rock music, but I never cared. My father who is from Nigeria exposed me to all forms of music, my favorite has always been and always will be 80's music. When I drive around now 80's on 8 is always on my Sirius dial. As I got older, I grew more into Hip-Hop/R&B, but i got GH3 about a year ago, and a lot of songs brought back old memories and a lot of songs had me running to iTunes to download. It was great. I hear about Snoop getting songs in Rock Band and while I think it's a great thing a lot of GSers think its bad because it's rap. I just wish everyone was as open minded as I was.

My Far Cry 2 Impressions So Far

So I managed to get my hands on a LEGAL RETAIL COPY FC2 (I Do not endorse Piracy) a week early and so far it's not too bad. Considering that this game was nowhere near my radar, I've come off pleasantly surprised. The first thing I noticed was the crazy drawn distance, so can see pretty f*****g far, but other than that, I'm not visually impressed, may the PS3 version looks cleaner. I just don't see a huge leap from the first game visually. After what seemed like a 20 minute intro you finally get to some action. The game seems to be pretty open, but I only did two "missions". It's still early on so it's too soon for me to tell if I'm gonna like it more than the first one, but we'll see. I'm still on the fence about multiple characters and I'm waiting until it's actually released so I can play the MP. I've posted some very early pics below.

The Dark Knight

Let me start off by saying one word...........EPIC. Yes it was THAT good. Those who are wondering if Ledger actually delivered can rest soundly because he did, and it was in a major way! The Joker was incredible! This movie was perfectly casted from top to bottom. Aaron Eckhart was great, Morgan Freeman was Great, Everyone was great! I haven't walked away from a movie and been that satisfied, that speechless, in a long time. I think that this was easily the best comic book adaptation ever, and by a lot. So dark, so gritty, so perfect. 5/5 Go see it now.

The Return Home

 After a 3 year hiatus, I finally had a chance to return home to my place of birth, Los Angeles, CA, and boy did I have a damn good time. I hadn't been there in almost three years when I got engaged to my wife. As usual, I had to take in a game. My wife snapped that shot as we were going in to Staples to see the Lakers vs The Bobcats (which we lost :smh:). The very next morning we headed to Vegas where I actually won some money and my wife and I copped, this ill timeshare:  That's actually a model room, the finished joints will be bigger. Planet Hollywood is building a resort in the middle of the strip. I had to get a piece of that, plus it's a sound investment. After that we headed back to LA for time with family that I hadn't seen in a few years, it was a good time. I really love that town. Now if I could only convince my wife to move..............

Pro Bowl Plaxico V. The Freak

 VERSUS  Let me start off right here: http://www.nfl.com/stats/headtohead?player1=MOS699912&player2=BUR595691&player3=null&player4=null&position=widereceiver&playerOne=Randy+Moss&playerTwo=Plaxico+Burress&playerThree=Select+a+Player...&playerFour=Select+a+Player... Very comparable stats, so why is no one talking about Burress? If they are please point me in that direction. I live in Pittsburgh and have been following Plaxico Burress since he came in the league and it gave me yet another reason to hate the Steel after they let him roll after a pretty good year in favor of Whines Hard (how's that working out?) This cat is the truth. He's on a team that's nowhere near as good as the Patriots and a quarterback that's light years behind "The Golden Boy". Everyone is comparing T.O. and Moss, but Burress is the real competition. Burress isn't even practicing and he's doing this and he didn't play in the preseason the same way Moss didn't. I'm really not trying to push Plax, as I am trying to say that it's week seven, why the hell is everyone acting like Moss is that dude when a cat on an inferior team, with a slightly above average at best QB is putting up almost the exact same numbers? I'm not trying to hate on Moss, I was a fan of his before T.O. or Plax, it's just the sweating of him seems a bit premature at this point.

The Bionic Woman

 Am I the only one foolish enough to be watching this show? I don't want to throw dirt on it yet, but damn this **** is boring. The Pilot was disappointing and the second episode is boring as well. Maybe it's the plot development. NBC seems to take forever to build up the story, that's why I could never get into Las Vegas. I'm gonna give it another week, but next Friday I'm finally getting my HD-DVR from Directv, they treat us employees like **** even management. I'll have to reprogram all of my shows to record. We'll see if The Bionic Woman makes the cut. I hope it does, I didn't pick up anything new this year, which is a first. Unless you count Prison break, but I gotta watch the first two seasons. I might be ready for season four.

Time to Jack back in to the Matrix

 I just finished watching the Matrix trilogy on HD DVD and asked myself after wacthing them, "what gives, why doesn't anyone like all three of these movies?" Especially Revolutions which I thought was great in it's own way. What made the original so much better than the movies that followed because I love them all equally. They all had great action sequences, from the lobby scene in part one to the freeway in Reloaded and the Epic battle for Zion in part three and then to cap it off with the face off between Neo and Smith in Revolutions. Now I know some fans may not have liked the fact that they weren't really in the Matrix that much in Revolutions, but I still thought that movie was great. I'm not putting the Matrix series up there with Star Wars or LOTR, but the latter movies deserve much more credit than they get.

The Michael Vick Experience?

 When I watched this dude play in college making defenders look like asses, I said to myself damn this dude is sick, but he won't able to do this in the pros. Well he has been able to and that's the problem. That seems to be all he can do. Look I love watching that dude play, but in you're an Atlanta Falcons fan you gotta be concerned about the direction the team is going in. Personally I think Schaub gives them the better chance to get to a championship then Vick. Michael Vick has a cannon for an arm, but is a very inaccurate passer, no the receivers don't help when they drop the balls that he does get to them, but Schaub can get the ball to the receivers more accurately. Vick also has trust issues with everyone outside of Crumpler and himself, he can't do that. Face it, receivers drop balls, you gotta stick with them or they'll lose confidence in themselves. I'm not trying to hate on Vick, but I saw that he was in an interview talking trash like it's not his fault that the Falcons are where they're at this year saying " I threw 19 TDs and I rushed for 1000 yards and I got over 3000 yards of total offense. Maybe someone should tell him that he hasn't thrown for more than 160 yards in 5 of the last 6 games, that he only had one fourth quarter comeback in his career coming into this season, and that a rookie (Vince Young) with similar talent seems to have a better upside than him as a passer already.

Lost Ones

I lost a really good friend this weekend, and I had to share my story. A couple of weeks ago my friend or at least I thought we were asked me to play Gears of War Co Op online. I told him that I wanted to finish all of the acts on harcore alone fo rthe acheivement points and he said that I could still get it via co op. So I asked him what's the big deal? I don't press him to play ish, so why is he doing it to me? He totally freaked and never wants to speak to me again which is fine. I just don't understand how a game becomes that serious, he's sent me messages via XBL and then when I respond, I'm told that I'm harassing him. Truthfully we are both acting like lil girls about this so I had to gracefully bow out, but I'm a lil upset I lost a good friend. C'est la vie, I guess.

Remember when games were HARD?

It's a pretty boring Saturday. My wife's at work and I'm home alone. I have been in a retro gaming mood recently. I played Killer Instinct all day last Sunday, and last night I fired up some Mega Man 2. Today I decided to play Mortal Kombat 3. I fired up my Midway Arcade Treasures 2 disc and proceeded to give it a go. I started on the Novice tier since I'm more of a Street Fighter gamer than a MK one. I pretty much breezed through the game with Sindel remembering more moves as I progressed in the game, the I got to Montero..............boy he was tough, a lot tougher than I remember. Anyway I beat him and moved on to Shao Kahn and he destroyed me round after round for the next hour until I tapped out and turned my console off after a straight hour of just fight him!!!! The same situation happened with Street Fighter 2 when I got the Capcom Collection. There's not a fighting game out right now that's as difficult as those two games on the default setting. The same goes for adveture games, everyone talks about how difficult Ninja Gaiden was for the Xbox or Devil May Cry 3, but I beat those games. The NES Ninja Gaiden was pretty tough esspecially the last stage if you lost to the boss. Then there's Blaster Master, Battletoads and a host of others. Gamers have easy nowadays, sometimes I actually miss that challenge. Unfortunately with work and a wife, I have less and less time to dedicate to gaming. Well there's always sick days lol.