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So this blows .

I'm not sure how many of you are aware myself along with several other coworkers were laid off today from gamespot.

Yup, today was my last OTS, my last day as a gamespot employee, and apparently the first in what I'm sure will become a long string of sleepless nights (which is great since I have a 10 hour drive infront of me).

While I've only been her for 8 months, they've been 8 amazing months. GameSpot fans, without you there would be no gamespot. I appreciate your support and enthusiasm. GameSpot ex-employes, you guys made it fun to come to work and helped turn work-into-not-work. CBS suits - I've got some choice words for you but I'll behave myself one final time.

It's nearly time for my alarm clock to go off and that means hopping in the car for a stupidly long drive back to Oregon. Forget living in San Francisco without a job. If you guys want to stay in touch you can find me on twitter and myspace. (twitter = Batgirl)

Thank you all for everything.

Peace out.

Championship Gaming Series closes their doors.

CGS announced today they were ceasing production and have let their staff go.

We've seen CPL fall, World Series of Cyber Games fall, and now CGS seems to be the latest victim.

What are your guys' feelings on the closing of these leagues? Do you feel it will hurt the esports community or do you think it's just what the CGSs' press release said - they were ahead of their time? 

Are you happy to see a "private" league (and by private I mean CGS was only open to any competitor during their yearly combine's and that was the only way to have a shot at playing in their league - and occasionally they would put gamers that had big names on games they normally didn't play)go away or sad?


Prizes and Trivia Update

There's been a couple questions concerning how we've started doing prizes and trivia so I thought I'd give ya'll a heads up.

We've started utilizing the trivia module that appears to the right of the small player during the live feed. To use it, log in (please update your email addresses if they've changed because that email or username is how I'm going to get in touch with you to let you know if you've won!) then watch the show live.

When the trivia question is shown, if there's more than one we'll identify which question is 1,2,3, etc (they'll go in the order shown also so it's pretty straightforward), you will then select that question on the pull down menu, select A,B,C, or D.

Answering multiple times with different answers (or the same one) wont help you - the spreadsheet will filter out multiple answers from the same user name. All these entries are time stamped so we pull the earlist answer (after we've shown the question) and that's how we find our winners!

FLAG Tournament!

The annual Fight Like A Girl tournament is coming up the weekend before Halloween. This is a chance to not only get those girl halo players out there mingling with others, but a chance for you guy players to test your skills against some of the sickest girls I know. The best part is, while doing it you can help raise money and awareness for cervical and breast cancer.

Check out more here: FLAG Tourney

GameSpot sponsors Triggers Down for MLG Dallas

Most of you know that I've been on the competitive scene for quite awhile. I've always been a big supporter of the MLG (Major League Gaming) circuit and have attended several tour stops.

Last weekend I was in Dallas for MLG Dallas, the final tour stop before the championship finals in Las Vegas in November. Hopefully a lot of you were watching the live streaming video (if not you can find replays of the matches on their Video On Demand service) and you noticed that there was a GameSpot logo in attendance.

GameSpot was able to sponsor Triggers Down for MLG Dallas and the team did NOT disappoint! Triggers Down was knocked into the losers bracket on day 3 and fought their way to the final match on the main stage Sunday night. After playing Halo3 for nearly 4 hours straight (with a bathroom break for Hysteria in the middle of the matches) Triggers Down took the series to 11 games and ended up winning over Str8 Rippin.

For anyone that's unfamiliar with how the championship game is played - the team that takes the best of 5 wins the series. If the winning team gets 3 games in the first series, that's it, it's over. BUT if the losing team comes in and take the first series, there's a second series to be played (because they lost earlier). Again, it's first to 5.

This is the second tour stop that Triggers Down has won this season (the first tour stop they won was Orlando). The next and final tour stop is in Vegas in November. Good luck to SK, Karma, FearItSelf, and Hysteria who compose the team Triggers Down!

Publicly it is!

You guys are so awesome. :)

Firstly, I want everyone to know that the only reason I want to lose weight is for myself. No one's ever harassed me about my weight (except when I was younger, I was always harassed for being underweight and told to gain weight). Now, I know I don't have a lot of weight to lose - I honestly only want to drop about 15lbs. I'm not going to go under a healthy weight for someone my height or dip into an unhealthy BMI.

For some background into why I'm doing this:

Several years ago (right before I got into gaming hardcore) I was in karate and competing on national and international stages (see a pattern anyone?) I was doing hour and a half work outs every night along with an intense 3 hour "advanced" class two nights a week. I was ripped and loved it. Britney's abs had NOTHING on mine. When I was competing in Canada in January I went to throw a head kick to my opponent and dropped like a sack of potatoes with a stabbing pain in my side - I'd torn my groin muscle. Once this happened, I wasn't able to do ANYTHING athletic (including surfing - that nearly killed me), I tried to go back to karate before the doc cleared me 3 times and every time I managed to re-injure myself and make my healing process that much longer. Finally I discovered competative gaming and threw my energy into that so I could actually let my abs heal.

3 years later and my discovery of how much I like beer, I've added 15 lbs onto my karate weight and gotten INCREDIBLY out of shape. While I know that I wont get back to my karate weight doing just wii fit, I think this can be a great catalyst to get me back into working out and back into a dojo practicing again.

I'll do weekly updates from here on out on my wii fit.

My goal weight is 125lbs. I'm 5'7" so this is not an unhealthy or unrealistic goal.

As of last night my weight via Wii Fit was 139lbs.

Here we go! o.O

To Wii Fit publicly or privately?

Okay I picked up a wii fit over the weekend with the express purpose of getting my behind on it every night to lose some of the weight I've collected over the past 2 years and tone up once again. This is more a precursor to my getting into the gym. (Yes I want to get back into shape so I can go to the gym to get back in shape)

Now here's my dillema - do I publicly track my progress or leave it for myself?


I'll be held accountable. If I slack off, we're all gonna know.

I'll have a larger support system then if I did this quietly.

It'd be setting a good example to a) get into shape and b) for other girls to realize NONE of us are perfect.


I have to cop to my real weight

I have to cop to my real weight.

I have to cop to my real weight.

Yeah...I'm going to be sorry for posting this I know it......

One of the greatest inventions was the bean bag.

But the guys at Sumo actually have been able to improve upon the best invention ever and have come out with a crazy beanbag on steriods I guess would be the best way to put it.

I'm sure you've seen the sumo omni's around (especially if you've ever been to PAX and been in the wireless lounge - they have a herd of omni's in there, yes, a herd). My favorite though has to be the sumo sacs. They're huge, comfy, don't flatten, and are perfect for curling up in to take a nap after lunch (don't tell Ryan). My dog Oliver also LOVES the huge sacs and tries to claim them as his every chance he gets. (7lb chihuahua in a huge sac - he doesn't even make a dent)

The guys at Sumo are amazing and have hooked up the office with a ton of beanbags and sacs for future shows as well as providing the seating for our E3 lounge where our community members were able to relax and watch us do our live coverage. We're very greatful to Sumo for hooking us up - now if we could just get other divisions to stop trying to steal our beanbags..........

I dunno about this whole cosplaying thing.....

So I'm up in Toronto this weekend for FanFare and the MLG pro tour stop.

I'm used to feeling out of place being one of the rare girls at gaming events, but I am blown away at some of the cosplay outfits here and feel SO out of place in street clothes!

And at the same time I'm doing a lot of o.O .................Canadian guys apparently like to dress up in next to nothing. Thankfully they have the bodies to do it and I'm not minding much. ;) Then there's the two bananas that just walked by.


Is GTA made me do it the new black????

60 years ago it was Rock 'n Roll made me do it!

30 years ago it was the weed made me do it!

20 years ago it was TV and the movies made me do it!

Today it's GTA made me do it!

With news stories such as the gardener that blames GTA for plants being destroyed in his garden (yeah must have missed that training mission), A "youth" (I use that term lightly) who wanted to see if it was easy to steal a cab in real life (he must have never stayed still long enough for the cabbies in the game to fight back because they do!) and thus killed the cab driver, and the kids that claimed GTA taught them to make molotov cocktails to torch cars (again a level I must have missed); it's no WONDER the game has become a scapegoat.

What really is disturbing to me though is that the media is ALLOWING these people to deflect the blame of their actions to this game. There is NO level in GTA that teaches you how to make molotov cocktails. Heck you can hardly aim those things in the game! You don't rip up plants in GTA, heck trees destroy your car if you hit them. AND CABBIES FIGHT BACK IN GTA4! Instead of standing up and saying no, no game MADE you do this, You knew right from wrong, and you chose to do this action. No one 'MADE' you. There was no person standing next to you with a gun to your head or knife to your throat saying do this or you die. We're saying oh, it's okay. You don't have to be responsible, we understand that there were outside influences that must have overridden your concious and general intelligence to make you behave like a mindless zombie! Have we as a society really coddled out children to the point where they know as long as they can blame something or someone else they wont be held responsible for their actions? It's manipulation pure and simple.

Saying that a game made you do something is complete rubbish. I'm ashamed to say I live in a society where we wont hold people responsible for their actions. Accepting an excuse of any sort for these actions is detrimental to our society AND to this generation. People need to be held responsible for their actions and not be allowed to skitter free because they have some convient excuse. And if our society is REALLY this manipulable........ My dog is dieing because GTA made him have cancer and I need 8 million dollars.

And some people just need a reality check. Video games do not equal maliciousness. Srsly, pulling up plants because of GTA? Apparently SOMEONE didn't get the memo that you PLANT grass and not smoke it........

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