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Needed somewhere ...

I need somewhere where there is no ties to any of my friends in the real life to get this off my chest. And before any of this is said, yes I am having a pity party. Over the past week or so I met a girl that we just seemed to click, something I haven't had pretty much ever, and after getting close too fast she just wants to be friends. She does have things about former relationships that haunt her, and the fact she goes off to basic for the national guard in a few months for nearly a year doesn't help either. I understand these and I don't want to drag up things that hurt her to say, but to be honest I think that a positive relationship could only help in the end. I will miss being close to her, but I feel the need to honor her decision and keep at arms length until she feels she can get close again. Just talking about all this makes be overly sentimental, which is strange for me having the tendencies of a stoic, I just wish I could adopt the heart of a stoic and no longer feel like I am missing an opportunity and seeing someone I have truly come to care for walk away. I know for as short a time as this I shouldn't have such strong feelings, but lo and behold here they are and I need to talk about them in a place that they can do her no harm. Honestly I would really like to come to see this all as selfish but I guess as selfish as it is I just have a hard time letting go

Rescue Ranger

Strange when I think rescue ranger I think an old children's cartoon. lol. But enough of that in the words of my former war of life (a.k.a. a WoW junkie) I just dinged. I have been at the dreaded level 20 for quite some time now and what do they reward me with? The title of some cartoon woodland creature. I find that funny truly. At least a metal slime is worth a second glance, but oh well. On another not I go on winter break next week and I've pretty much flunked myself out of 2 classes by beinging sick so often this semester. I know it is my responsibility to catch up on work I miss but with the pace my math and argumentation classes move at, making up one day in and of itself would thoroughly suck. But enough of the complaining, in the end with the amount of courses I will end up taking before it is all said and done it shouldn't hurt my gpa in an overly noticable way, especially after nearly getting this 2 year degree I'm planning on changing majors anyway.

Hella Old school

Just got that emblem. To be honest I do like older games and all but they make me seem like an old timer. I have only been gaming since 98 and my oldest game was only made two years before that. I appreciate the knowledge that the site still gives out emblems but come on. I feel like Squall in FFVIII when some kid calls him sir and he answers with something like "I'm only 17."

Another birthday unspent

Well as of today I am 20 years of age. Big Whoop... It has been years since I last "celebrated" a birthday and I don't think I'll start anytime soon. So what I'm not a teenager anymore- I never felt like one to begin with. The biggest thing about getting older to me was the horrible trips to the dmv (my God why does it suck so much there?). On a positive note I got my internet back the other day and it hasn't gone again since then so that's a plus. All in all this was just another cruddy day where my boss asked more of me than he should have for 7.25 an hour.

New emblem

Well now that GS has realized my greatness and awarded me the ps2 afficionado emblem I shall make a decree that all ps2 games made from here on out must be made with great care and not funky rip-offs (what do you mean they are pretty much done with the console?!). Also I suppose that I gotta get some new games soon to make up for the fact that I sold 4 ps2 games to get VP2 :lol: Also at this rate I will be 21 in a few months! :D

A second try for KH...

A few of the people in the union I frequent have persuaded me to give Kingdom Hearts a second try. So once I beat it (or pull my hair out and destroy my ps2) I will do something I usually keep for the most hallowed games in my collection: I WILL REVIEW IT!

To be honest I hope that people will be able to hear my opinion (whether on a positive or on a negative note) about the game through their own notions about the game: whether they love or hate it I will try my best to be entirely fair.

Can I play with madness?

As Iron Maiden once asked: can I play with madness? That I seem to be spending all my time downloading songs when I can be playing many of my games that I haven't beaten (roughly 3/4 of my games) suggests I have been. So I have one thing to say: 1) thank you oblish for trying to make me feel better the other day 2) What games go well with Metal? (I was thinking Shadow of the Colossus or Genji: Dawn of the Samurai but I would very much like suggestions (please no guitar hero stuff (my coordination sucks SO bad))) P.S. Wow triple () a new record for me :D