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#1 Posted by Kriminalac (155 posts) -

Still none of you guys/girls answered what card would you prefer from the ones I mentioned in topic

#2 Posted by Kriminalac (155 posts) -

Depends on where you live :D

#3 Posted by Kriminalac (155 posts) -

But is this true Higher res =Less frame-rate ? I tried my friends 1080p 25 inch screen or something like that and I hit same frame-rate Ultra settings

Ubersampling off...

#4 Posted by Kriminalac (155 posts) -

Nah I get 37 FPS in Witcher 2 and 52 in BF 3...That is why I want new GPU

#5 Posted by Kriminalac (155 posts) -

Its Holly-days time and many people are thinking of GPU and general hardware upgrade so I am thinking what should I buy ?Also I am playing on 1280x1024 res screen and I do not plan to upgrade on higher res.My current specs are Intel Core i5 2500k 3.66 Ghz Kingston 8Gb 1600 Mhz RAM AMD RADEON HD 6870 1 Gb Gigabyte version 750W Cooler Master PSU and Gigabyte P67-DS3-B3 Motherboard I need to have 60FPS on every game....I would appreciate your help

#6 Posted by Kriminalac (155 posts) -

Im getting Core i5 2500K,new mobo and 8GB DDR3 for next gaming year I also put Windows 7 for Battlefield 3 and some more non XP games in the future,but i kept XP on another hard disc.

I also want to thanks all of you guys who helped me with my GPU chose and advices on balanced PC :D :D

#7 Posted by Kriminalac (155 posts) -

So here is the deal I am planing to buy new mobo and Core i5 2500K with 6GB Kingston DDR3 in October but I am also thinking of buying a console and a new TV so whats better in your opinion ???

I am passionate PC gamer but I think I could get some change here and there + i never had a console :D

#8 Posted by Kriminalac (155 posts) -

If you have to pay anymore then 50$ for the 560 Ti after you sell your 6870 I wouldn't even bother, its only 15-20% better depending on the resolution. Hell the 560 Ti at 1680 x 1050 is actually better then a 6950 2gb in most cases. (until you go higher resolutions)


So you are saying that on my screen resolution it shouldn't make any difference? :question:

#9 Posted by Kriminalac (155 posts) -

Little lower then GTX 560 Ti cost.


#10 Posted by Kriminalac (155 posts) -

I read some articles about AMD HD 6870 and GTX 560 Ti and it says that 560 beats 6870 in every category.

I have a chance to sell 6870 and bye 560 Ti of GTX 470.

I was not shocked at performance of 6870 at what I see in newer games.

So sell 6870 bye 560 or 470 or stick with 6870 ???!!!:|:question::|

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