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Life can be cruel...

This is 8.year in my school and through that time there ware many school guards but this guy ware something more that our guard,he was our friend.He spent only 5 mounts in my school but he managed to remembered our names and became friends with us.He helped us with our home-works (he has a diploma of the Faculty of Philology),he would always pulled us out of trouble,and he was always jocking with us.He was the guy who would give you a worm welcome in 8 A.M. when you enter school with no life energy and he would always cheer you up.Really correct guy-pulls you out of the c-lasses to "help him" when you don't know anything but then he will force you to learn that on recess every day till you get an A.Many trouble makers became good guy because of him.Once they wanted to fire him because other guard made a mistake an he was blamed.But NO ! We didn't let that happen.50 guys from school gathered at the school yard big stairs and we made a protest,and I mean protest.We had flares,banners,songs,fan drums and songs for him.We promised chaos if he is gone...And you know what he said ? He said:"They will give you bad discipline grades.Don't do it" He actually cared more for us more than his job.And we did it he stayed..One day he came with "bad" news.He was offered a great job in Germany and he would leave us in April.But today he came and told us that this is his final day at school and he is leaving for Germany in just a week.At around 6 P.M 50 students gathered again at the school stairs and we sing his songs.Then we ran towards him,me and my buddy lifted him in the air and 50 guys trow him a bit.Then we putted him down and it was a time to say goodbye.Everybody hugged him and said something to him and he had advice for every single one of us because he knew us well.Then I heard girls saying :"Vule is crying" I looked at him,looked at my friends who ware also crying and I couldn't keep it in me no more.I started to...Who would know that only thing you need to make 50 tough guys cry is just big heart.Everybody is saying that he was best guard ever but I said:"Anyone can be a good guard but to achieve to have this amount of love from whole 1500 students you need to be a great person not a great guard"

I wish him best luck in future and I hope he will always remember us as we will always remember him