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I would jump on that. Great price for what you get.

pretty much i had one and it ran 90% of the games maxed, very few times i had to lower things like aa.

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-Better exclusives

-Better multiplats

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I wonder if EA will pull it's support from PS4 now that they declined them like EA did when Nintendo declined their online network service lol

Why would EA, a publisher that has demonstrated time and time again that they're ALL about the money, pull support from the most popular console?

Because they're EA???

precisely why they will continue to support it, Ea won't let any penny go to waste.

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@tormentos: The cloud is a hoax? LOL.

And, what the F are you even doing in this thread? Oh wait, any positives said about XboxOne have to be immediately countered by the super-moo cow fanboys such as yourself? See, that is is the difference between you and me - I don't attack the PS4 (especially since I want to get one), but you spend your whole miserable existence in here attacking XBoxOne and Microsoft in general.

Why is that? Can't you just praise the positives of the PS4? Maybe you secretly want an XB1, but try and talk yourself out of it?

It is just look at Titanfall.

Cloud is Siri,cloud is storage,cloud is dedicated servers,cloud can be several different things,but it isn't a way to improve graphics over a network like MS try to imply,which now they seem to back down from doing,MS it self is telling you now that cloud can't make up for graphical bottlenecks,which is what i have been saying since the whole argument started,online connection lack the speed,and you using it for Office in your work isn't the same as been use for gaming.

Actually i didn't downplay it on xbox one,i downplay it on any platform,even if it was on PS4 as well,EA doesn't have the games for a service like that,and EA is a crappy ass company who does almost nothing but crappy games,and this comes from a gamer who has been playing EA games for longer than i can remember.

Hell i even downplay PSN now..

yeah you never attack the

It's stormyclown ignore him

On a different note remember this, i laughed so hard meanwhile the xbots excused this bs:

Microsoft taking advantage of the ignorance of their fanbase.

"The Digital Foundry has questioned Microsoft’s lofty claims of the power of the cloud and its use of 300,000 servers for Xbox Live however, which if true would potentially make the Xbox One two-and-a-half times more powerful than the PS4."

"these architectures were “a generation ahead of the highest-end PC on the market today”

Stay classy microsoft xd

Again. You - pie hole - shut it. I don't give a crap what stupid people like you say. I may not agree with @tormentos very often, but I don't consider him brain-damaged like I do with you.

I have to limit my conversation to short sentences with you because it's apparent to me you lack the brain capacity to process longer ones. Oops, I did it again. Umm... shut your pie hole, moo-cow. That's better - you can understand that.

I am sorry if i hurt you by pointing the completely stupid analogy you made about news channels, i sometimes forget special kids do not process like we do.

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If someone didn't have anything to game on and they only had $300 the last thing i would recommend is buyint that crap TC, in fact i would recommend buying a ps3 and getting the best games on that bad boy.

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I own 2 Titan Blacks and 1440p can be tough at 60+ fps and max settings on some games.

Is 1440p a noticeable difference from 1080p?

If you play on a big ass tv screen across the room, othewrise i wouldn't bother, is not THAT much of a difference and it takes a noticeable performance hit on the pc for gaming.

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Exclusive resolution no other systems are allowed to have. 792p

@RoboCopISJesus said:

It has Kinect, one of the premier gaming utilities.

@YearoftheSnake5 said:

If you have a 720p television, you don't have to upgrade to get the most out of it visually.

Such FUD. I didn't realize there were so many Sony fanboys who were that upset over the XB1.

MS-NBC mentions FoxNews about every 15 minutes. FoxNews mentions MS-NBC about once every 15 days. Why? Because FoxNews is better than MS-NBC, knows it, and doesn't feel it necessary to mention the competition - even if to point out what it perceives as shortcomings. Think about that for awhile.

We know you are the special kid around stormy but you should stop making dumb analogies if you don't know how to use them properly ROFL.

Shut your pie hole. I don't care what you say.

But you do, and you know i am always right. On the other side pie hole? lol xD

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The difference between 1440p and 1080p isn't nearly as noticeable as the difference between 720p and 1080p.

So I'd rather just have the increase in FPS

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You are confusing cloud with dedicated servers, while i do agree that dedicated server would be considered a form of cloud is not the cloud microsoft has been marketing, it does not bring benefits to gaming other than not having to "download a patch". The devs can make the AI smarter or dumber, but why is "the cloud" needed for this? It has to do more with the way the game is coded, and not any cloud.

They are the same thing. Dedicated servers and the cloud are the same thing. Normally a company will have it's own dedicated servers for a game. Now, they get to utilize microsofts cloud and the API that goes with it. The cloud isn't needed to make AI smarter or dumber. It makes code deployment easier. Developers have more control over code that sits on a server vs code that sits on a client machine. I guess that whole point went way over your head. Why am I not surprised?

Here is where you start to show your ignorance, and why i highly doubt you are anything related with programming, ANYONE that knows how to code and program knows that there are millions on calculation done in a matter of ms, that is why we work so hard to optimize the code, the latency inside the pc parts has to be incredibly fast to pass the information from one component to the other and process it in a matter of microseconds, the regular latency of the internet (if you have a good internet is 60-100 ms) that is turtle speed in terms of perfomance for gaming, in fact is even slower, while this is enough for office stuff like databases and so on that use relatively low bandwith, for gaming is too slow to process anything that will make a significant difference on the "load of the local machine", just like mmorpgs, you think the cloud can offload enough work through the internet to "stop lagging when graphics get intense". They can offload some things like mmorpgs servers do, but not any "graphics calculations to the cloud" i loled.

Your simply wrong here. Not all graphics computations are needed immediately. There are many things where it makes sense to off load computations to a server and then have it return the results back to the client machine for rendering. It won't work for everything, but it will work for a lot of things. You simply are believing your own BS thinking it won't work when clearly the videos show that it will work.

Cloud is a very wide term, cloud is real, thousands of companies use it, the cloud you describe, the one that will magically offload graphics to the internet is a joke, you say you are a cloud developer yet you don't know the basic framework and the load difference between regular processing and 3d graphics? I highly doubt it, but by all means continue saying the "programming principles" are the same xD

There's no magic in offloading work to a server. As a client machine you tell the server "here, calculate this physics stuff" and the server replies "okay, i've calculated that and here are the results" and the client says "thanks, I'll render the results now". There's a difference between calculating computations for graphics and rendering. They are not the same thing. Pull your head out. If you would have paid more attention to the video you would have picked up on this. But then, I would expect you not too because you bought a ps4. lols. Enjoy that second rate online experience with your ps4.

It all comes down to you trying to excuse microsoft and saying the cloud they were promising is just a regular cloud, which is wrong.

Read what microsoft themselves have said about what it can instead of arguing like an ignorant what you "think" it can do. Games will always offload things to the servers d'uh, anything that will improve graphics and "load on the local machine" as you said? Nope, the console will still have to do the heavy lifting that is graphics rendering and 3d processing, you are sadly trying too hard.

"There's a difference between calculating computations for graphics and rendering."

"I don't develop games but I write business software which runs in the cloud. The programming principals are similar if not exactly the same."

You are the dumb kid who argued this not me, already doing 180s like your precious piece of plastic? Let's face it, you are not developer of anything, it shows you are just an ignorant fanboy kid arguing over the internet, thats why you made a new account, it is quite obvious you are just an alt of some dumb fanboy around here.

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So many subscription services. Get out naow!!!!

Seriously, PS+, XBLG, PS Now, EA Access, and I'm sure there are others coming if PS Now or EA Access hits off.

This reminds me when every effin publisher wanted to push their own software to run their games, they will follow on this too.