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@Cloud_imperium said:

Back then , games with innovative gameplay used to be praised for innovation .

no not really. back than better PC games were mostly underappreciated. compare to console games

Thief and Deus Ex were praised less than MGS and Halo in mainstream media....

that's because mgs and halo are better than thief and deus ex #dealwithit

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Its not only games like COD are to blame. idiots who play the are also blame. as long as they will keep buying dev keep making these cinematic games. and critics will keep praise.

once they will stop buying casual games dev will stop making. but it wont be happen.

System shock to bioshock, Crysis to Crysis 2/3, FEAR to FEAR 2/, Deus Ex to Deus Ex IW/HR (HR is great game one of my fav but still dumbed down if it carter towards original fanbase only that it would be better), SPlinter cell to splinter cell conviction/blacklist, hitman to hitman absoution etc

once dev say we are making accessible then 100% sure game will suck. they will market and say we are making for fans but also cartering to new comers. why cartering to new comers? why dev not say if u want to get into "franchise x" better start with original if u cant than dont bother.

Valve will save us.

excuse me for liking games that you don't like, i will stop buying games that you don't approve, oh wait i don't give a flying fuk what you think.

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@xhawk27 said:

MS would have won last E3 if not for the DRM bullshit.

ah lems delusions are always funny.

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@Wasdie said:

@ShepardCommandr: Should be out in 2015 no problem. The past year they've spent working on background stuff. They had to tailor the engine for their needs and they rewrote the entire networking portion as CryEngine 3 doesn't have an MMO architecture in place. They also spent a good part of the year in pre-development phase where they started to design the game. Chris had a lot of ideas but they needed a long phase of pre-development to actually put all of the pieces together.

Ontop of all of this they needed a lot of concept artwork done so the artists had a direction of where to go. They set up their own motion capture studio. Hired over 150 people while setting up 3 different studios and setting up outsourcing contacts.

Only now is it all starting to come together. Now they have a good 5-6 studios working on various parts of the game. One working on the single player, another working on the ships, another working on the stations/hangers, another working on just the economy, and a bunch of freelancers providing all of the bits and pieces in between. Development is now ramping up and content should be flowing no problem.

When the dogfight module is released they will start with real playtesting and large scale bugfixing/network stabilization.

i NEED this game /drools

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@clone01 said:

@uninspiredcup said:

Called it. I called it. I called it a while back, everyone attacked me. But I called it. I was right.

Be aware of this.

No one cares what you think, Jankarop. Just like any village idiot, we laugh at you and move on.

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i still feel bad for the sand in the vaginas of people that couldn't play the GOAT.

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yeah and 480p was acceptable for ps2 era, fuking dumb desperat damage control by the lem and the xbone 720 p

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another lem being a fakeboy, lems continue to show why they are the clowns of system wars, it has been proven lems can't compete with facts, only with bs, lies and fake rumours.

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Hermits be like....

-Try it out in 1440p very high settings @ 10fps

-try it in 720p @ 60fps high settings

-try it in 1080p medium settings, low shadows, turn off SSAO 35-60fps fluctuating

Comes on the internet bragging how ALL PC gamers enjoy their games at 1440p 60fps

i will play it in 1080p at 60 fps, you sound very bitter that people can do that =/

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ITT> lems can-t handle not being able to play GOAT.