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My Computer Broke Down!!!

My damn computer broke down...i was tryin to be a little more active around here and BOOM! there it oes, just suddenly it broke down, i tried rebooting it , but it just doesnt work...what else can u expect from a toshiba 2001...i gues it's time for a little upgrde...the only problem is i cant find a using a friend's computer right now, but i dont come here often, probably like once a month...oh well...WAIT! WHAT THE HELL, I WENT DOWN TWO LEVELS, WHY?!!!! CANT BELIEVE THIS!!!! Hope you guys are having a better year than me......>_

Im Back!!!

hey everyone, im i couldnt get on here for all this month...ok check it...

i had to wake up at 5am...sometimes at 4am to get ready and get to work at either 5am or 6am...then i came back from work and the best time i did was like 4:15pm...other days at 4:30pm on the regular...then i had to take a shower and get ready for school since the bus passes by around 5:15pm to get to school at 6pm...than i got out of school at 10pm, got home around 10:15pm since my mom picked me up and eat something and go back to sleep to do the same thing the next was so tiring...but now im finally back since im done with summer school and i quit the job...i wasnt cut out for it...anyways, im back...i know not a lot of people missed me, but im just glad to be back here after all this time :D

College is Expensive even in Summer!!

Damn, i had to spend $110 yesterday on materials that i need for one of my classes...well i should say for my class since the second class i was planning on taking was cancelled:evil:....and now i have to pay for summer $90..well $50 since im not taking one of basically i spent $160 for college during summer...and im gonna have to pay more when i go back in, which is not far from this date...last semester i had to pay with the money i got for my birthday, and it left me with $5...and thats not including what i had to pay for the classes which was like $120, but i had that saved up...

Anyone else in College? well if you are, and you dont have a scholarship...then you probably know what im talking about

LAKERS WON!!! Lakers are going to the Finals

Today i watched the Lakers beat the Spurs by 8 points 100-92...they were announced as the Western Conference Champs....after being down by 17 before the end of the half, the half ended with the Lakers dominating and cutting the lead to 6...then they outscored the Spurs in the 3rd quarter by 7 points which ended with the Lakers being up by 1 point, and in the end won by 8...that was one awesome game...and the Lakers deserved to they're just waiting for the eastern champions to be announced and play against the Lakers...

I got GTA IV!!! last night at midnight

yeah so im sittin at home right, and then i was thinking 'i cant wait until tomorrow to get GTA IV' so then i had an epiphany and remembered that they were going to have the midnight special at i took my mom's car and got there at 11: 40 but there was a big line already...luckily for me, a friend from back in high school was almost at the front of the line and he let me cut :D

LAKERS!!! Pacific Champs

this is right after a crazy dunk

Yeah, with today's win over the Hornets the Lakers are the Pacific Champs...and have a shot at the West Conference title... BUT we would need to win the next two games, and we would need Hornets to lose a game or two...which i doubt they would

Lakers Won Yesterday!

Yeah!!! we beat Goldenstate at their own home court in over time!!! thats what they get for tryin to hurt my homie Fisher in the end, and for hittin Kobe in the fourth quarter....i mean did anyone see that, how they cut the skin under his eye, like on the cheeck bone open? damn, he it looked like he was boking or somethin....and that's what they get for doin that...LAKERS WON!!! yeah Kobe for MVP!

Lakers Fiesta!!

yeah so i went yesterday to the Lakers Fiesta, and i got a CD signed by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and i got my basketball signed by Ronny Turiaf....i couldnt get to Kobe because of all the People though.....and the other bad thing that happedn is that they lost to goldenstate....but it doesnt matter because i know they'll win today....i hope....

Back To College!!!

damn, i go back to college tomorrow!!! my class starts at 6:00pm, and i get out at 10:00pm....oh well i hope it goes well, wish me luck!....well i'll talk to u guys later.... peace! 8)
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