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An Update, and Level 50.

So, I've noticed I turned level 50.(big whoop, wanna fight about it? :P) So I thought I'd do something like a blog on here. I only ever really used it for a placeholder for random stuff in the past or test something for this crappy format GS uses to make sure it works right and not get blind sighted by HTML errors.:P


Games I'm currently playing.

Shogun 2: Total War

I just beat my first campaign yesterday, I like taking my time on these games which is the reason I don't play these online, I'd love to do some Co-op but my pacing just wouldn't work, 30 hours on my first run Long, and that was just a warm up run, I did pretty good for not have played a Total war game in a long time. though that was short lived as I found out it was on easy...:x I must've forgot to restart the campaign as I was testing all the factions to see how their starting conditions was like and never restarted mine to turn the difficulty back up.

My first campaign I choose the Chosokabe, I like their starting location, less of a threat from neighboring factions & a nice island which is easier to defend.

My Victory came in at 92 turns, my Diamyo Kunichika (age 68?) lived to see his clan rise to power and become the Shogun of japan. although Kunichika seen alot of battles, held the eastern front of japan, a major Reinforcement in taking over Kyoto & being on the brink of death plenty of times. most of the credit has to go to Chosokabe Masayo, General & Son (married into the family) & his Elite Army the main pushing force of the Chosokabe Clan

My next Campaign will probably be Oda or Shimazu. Oda because of the lower ashiguru upkeep bonus does sound pretty nice & Shimazu for the Katana Samurai upkeep Bonus and being closer to three of the Trading ports upfront.


Not much to say about this I like the game the new update with the Wolves is awesome but after an unfortunate accident in a cavern resulting with me falling face first into lava and losing everything which was completely my fault I raged and removed the game from my PC for the moment.:lol: time for a break anyway.

Just Cause 2

Again not much to say other than still blowing the crap out of everything and doing dogfights like a real man (real men dogfight standing on top of planes high in the sky shooting rockets or machine guns at other planes.8)).

Games I'm looking forward to playing.

Portal 2 (Apr, 19)

Portal 2 which looks both funny and amazing is close to release time and I can't wait I loved Portal even have it 100% completed which wasn't really to hard but still one of the few games I even cared about to even bother trying the 100%.

The Witcher 2 (May, 17)

Witcher 2 is another game which looks amazing is also close to release in mid May and again I can't wait. I just recently did another play through for The Witcher because I misplaced or Deleted my save from before on accident, so I had to replay the game. the beginning as always was boring as I remember but after that the game is just amazing one of my favorites this Gen.

I replayed because I needed my save to import to Witcher 2 the Info on what will be imported is still unknown or if it's still even in but I wanted to Play it safe than sorry. I did a 100% Neutral Path & siding with the lesser of the two evils throughout the game and of course Picking Triss over Shani. :P

Guild Wars 2 (??)

I played Guild Wars for a long time though it was weaker in areas compared to WoW and Everquest, And not an open world MMO I still loved the game and had a blast playing it. Guild Wars 2 seems to be doing that and more while still being Free-monthly which is always a plus, to be honest even if it was just Guild Wars with an open world I'd still get it on day 1.

I'm liking what I've seen of the game so far and the cIass's look great I still hope for a return of the Ritual cIass as it's my favorite from the first and would be saddening to see it not in the next one.

Battlefield 3 (??)

Battlefield 3.. It's been along time sense I played a proper Battlefield game and I'm hoping BF3 is that game I've played both bad company games and while their not bad games they just didn't have the soul earlier Battlefield games had.

Even If I can't max the game I don't care I'm still getting it. The game play videos we've seen has been confirmed to be running on a single GTX 580 and with still plenty of time till release they still have time to optimize the game more. even though my 570 isn't as fast as a 580 its close so even if I still get similar performance but not the same compared to the videos I'll be fine, because it looks amazing, however it's the multi player is what I'm looking forward the most.


Random Stuff

Some random stuff.


A Few Month's ago my 5850 Fried which was my fault I wont deny. :P I just kept screwing with it. The card was great it ran everything well no problems outside of user Error of course.

I got some money together and bought me a GTX 570 awhile ago and I'm in love. :D the card does get a bit hot but nothing out of the normal from what I had in the past. I didn't have any problems running games with my 5850 but now I defiantly don't have any problems, everything (outside of Metro maybe) runs silky smooth games like Crysis/JustCause2/Shogun2 run Maxed 1080p amazingly fine.

I don't really seen the need to update the card for awhile, my next target will be CPU/MD/RAM maybe wait to see what AMD has to offer with bulldozer or just pick up a i5 2500k or whatever. it'll be awhile before I do because the Q9550 is holding it own just fine It's defiantly a keeper for now.


After using Chrome for over a year now I've gone back to FireFox. yeah chrome is alittle bit faster but I missed the the customisably of Firefox, a proper Adblock and other things, Although Chrome does have a adblock it's not as good it still can't block video ads on a lot of websites and still misses a lot of ads every now and then.

Another reason was the multiple processes, The idea sounds great and it is but I dislike FF4 has adopted a similar idea but a more limited styIe it bundles plug-in separate from the Main process which is fine but Chrome splits everything as it's own process and again it's a great idea but I said dislike it. It bothers me to much going from 43 total processes with FF4+background stuff, to with chrome I shoot from 41 to upto 62-3 processes and it just drives me insane.:P


A few old song's struck me the other day a song I used to listen to alot when I was really little

Karma Chameleon & Do You Really Want To Hurt Me by Culture Club. even though I was born almost a decade after these songs where made I have fond memories from the 90s when I was little on a long drive to the city on the weekend with my mother and these songs being played on the radio all the time.

Seeing Boy George now that I'm adult is just mind blowing, My child self just never realized how androgynous he looked. nonetheless the Song's and Boy George is still amazing.:P