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I think there should not be a midnight release. Some of the people who preordered can't get out at midnight. They should still have a chance as every one else who has preorder it.

Just so you know a midnight release does not mean you're obligated to be there at midnight. You can still show up later that day and pick it up. I believe GS holds pre-orders for 24 hours before offering them to the public.
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While a lot of people are going to hate the new plan with PSN I am all for it. Money coming in can only mean things will be made better. I think Live was better but with extra revenue coming in PSN could soon be my preferred. cheesie253
Agreed. There's no reason to get pissed at Sony since this is revenue in their pockets that they sorely need. If you support Sony and want them to succeed you need to pay up. Yes, free is good, but to those people out there that are mad did you honestly think it was going to last forever? That's the whole purpose of why Sony created PS+ as a beta to condition people to start paying.
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Same day release I'm definitely getting Watch Dogs and Drive Club will be free for PS+ members.
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When I hear "cloud computing" I immediately think back to Sony's Folding@Home project they had for several years. Basically my (ignorant) "understanding" of cloud computing is basically number crunching large sums of data between lots of different machines. I wasn't aware that it could be used in a gaming application sort of way (can it?). As well as storing data on a remote server that can be accessed at any time by the user who doesn't have to dedicate space on their personal HDD. Am I wrong?
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GTAV will most assuredly come to PS4 as well. As for TLoU that's pretty much going to stay on PS3 for a while.
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Yes, reading comprehension is fun. To wit: Surfing the Internet is NOT a comparable experience to playing a console game. Apples and oranges. Now what were saying about reading comprehension?
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Sometimes there is little AI bugs though but nothing major.shadowkiller11
Not to say you're wrong, but this seems to directly contrast what other people have been calling the A.I. in the game as, well, completely dumb and not so quick on the draw. I hate when a game has such divergent impressions. I don't know what to believe. Then I start getting paranoid. And then the voices come...Oh God....
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If you think TLoU is the only game worth playing then maybe a PS3 is not the wisest investment for you.
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I'd say I am still pretty early in the game

[spoiler] Tess just died and I am currently swimming around in the subway [/spoiler]

Although I can see why this game is rated so high and I really respect the fact that the game isn't holding my hand the entire way, there's something about the gameplay that's putting me off. You see, I don't like stealth or survival horror games (although I'm a huge fan of the first Resident Evils games).

So with that said, should I just stop playing now or does the stealth aspect of the game dissolve away?

Cool story, bro??? :?
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Yes it's legit. Because you should always believe everything that is ever sent to you in a chainmail. Ever.