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Wait a Tick! I Thought People Hated Sony?

What's going on? Where is all this support for Sony coming from all of a sudden? I thought it was "cool" to hate on Sony. What gives? How come in GameSpot's Twitter battle Sony is leading with a commanding 86% to MS's 14%? Where are all the snarky, loud-mouthed, obnoxious Xbox 360 zealots verbally masturbating about how superior Microsoft is???

What happened over the course of an hour this morning in Washington? Did all those Microsoft lovers drop off the face of the Earth?

Oh where have all the Xbox fanboys gone? I mean, it seems as if just yesterday (and for that matter, the SEVEN YEARS leading up to today) that people have been ceaselessly dragging Sony's name through the mud; unmercilessly critiquing every little thing they did and lambasting them as incompetent, pompous monkeys that were out of touch with their customers, all the while lifting Microsoft up on a pedestal as though they were the Second Coming of Christ and were beyond mortal transgressions.


Oh, they're voting for Sony apparently.

Today, all of a sudden, Sony seems to be "cool" again.

Huh...isn't that funny.