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The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition

Aw, man. I'm excited I received this game from Amazon today and anxiously dove into it. After much deliberation and hemming and hawing after researching this game through professional/user reviews and gameplay videos, I decided to buy it. I've been looking for a "serious," mature, deep RPG and this seems to be it.

God bless Amazon. I was able to score the Enhanced Edition for less than $20 (compared to GameStop's overpriced $30+ after tax). It arrived today and is in pristine condition as well containing all the extra stuff such as a high quality mini-guide that I'm assuming is a walk-through for the entire game, a fold-out map and, to my surprise, the game's soundtrack as well which I was not aware was included.

I'm liking it despite some early frustration which, in all honesty, was all my fault because I was trying to "rush" or play the game faster than you should. This is a game that requires due diligence in execution. It rewards "smart" playing and preparation over hack 'n' slash. I knew this going in which is part of the appeal I found about the game. But due to a severe lack of these types of games, I was trying to play it differently than is optimal. 

First-hand impressions are positive. As I said, this isn't your typical hack 'n' slash, dungeon crawler; but a much more methodical experience. Quick example: You cannot drink a healing potion once you've engaged in combat. Any potions and status effects must be drunk/prepared ahead of time. You must coat your sword in various oils which have different effects towards different enemies. You have two main swords to contend with; one for human enemies and the other for creatures.

It's very "in-depth" without feeling overwhelming, at least to me. So it allows a true sense of accomplishment after every battle because you're only going to survive if you use your head and plan first. It's very much a thinking-man's RPG if such a thing exists. If I have piqued your interest at all, don't hesitate to check out the review here at the site since that's where I started.

So that's what I'm currently playing. I haven't played BioShock Infinite in over a month. I just kinda lost interest; not that it's a bad game or anything but I'm weird like that :D