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My Triumphant Return (of sorts)!

Hey hey hey! I have returned, although my absence was never planned nor expected. In short: I moved to another state, I found a job and I just got my Internet hooked up today. All in all things are going all right except for the fact that the job I'm at I wish I was making more, but something's better than nothing. And considering I was looking for a job for a year I'm pretty darn lucky to have one.

Anyway, I just wanted to check in real quick and let anyone that still follows me to know I'm back. I haven't really been gaming all too much; just too much going on for me to worry about playing video games. Although I pretty much have come to the decision that I will definitely be sitting out the next gen of consoles. I'm very happy with my PS3 and it's all I really need if/when I do find the time to game. And until that magical day that I do score a career in game journalism I'm afraid my time must be spent pursuing other avenues of interest.

See ya around!