Level Up & Drowning in Good Games - Too Much of a Good Thing?

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Here's my new level and what it means

Level 37 - Heiankyo Alien- A Gameboy game in which you had to prevent an alien invasion of the peaceful town of Kyo...by digging holes with a shovel.GameSpot

So I've recently got back to playing games, and I don't think my playing now list could be dripping with any more awesome sauce. On deck

  • Persona 4 -A game I started playing several months ago but then quit because I got stuck against a particular boss and could not beat him. I recently started playing again with the intent to persevere and, aside from a few hiccups, I have. So now I am back on the road of this great, great game.
  • Assassin's Creed II- Holy crap! Somebody ****slap me for waiting so long before playing this game! Seriously, This game f'ing rocks! And to think it sat on my shelf for over two years(!!!!) before I finally got to playing it. Now I'm mad at myself because I have the equally awesome (from what I'm told) Brotherhood to play through before I can get to Revelations. The wealth of stuff to do in ACII just absolutely blows away the first AC in every way. I can only imagine what Brotherhood and Revelationshave in store when I finally get my hands on them.
  • Batman: Arkham City- This one was a total impulse buy/"peer" pressure from all the raving reviews I've been seeing everywhere. I traded in a bunch of games and got over $50 in credit and that's why I bought this game. Now having bought B:AA when it came out and still not played it (same scenario as ACII), I made it a point to play this and I'm really digging it as well; it makes me want to go back and play AA.
  • Uncharted 3- Needs no intro. Eagerly anticipated since the credits rolled after UC2. I will be receiving this game later today from Amazon and no doubt will be up very late tonight adventuring with Nathan Drake and Co.