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If You Love Gaming, Stand Up & Take Responsibility

If you are reading this then I assume you have some meddling interest in video games. Some of you may have been around since it started, while others may only be able to claim more recent beginnings to this beloved hobby.

No matter how old or young you are and no matter which system you pledge allegiance to, there is one topic that brings us all together and which has only surfaced within the last decade of gaming's thirty odd years of existence. There is an epidemic that is quickly manifesting itself as a cancer to this industry. I am of course referring to DLC, online passes, microtransactions, et al.

If you love gaming as a hobby and you want to continue gaming like you have enjoyed in past generations, then you need to stop capitulating to these extortionist tactics that select developers are employing.

We, as the gaming collective, are being punitively punished by developers trying to hock their scandalous online pass schemes. Our very rights as consumers are being trampled on, and until you stand up to these executives then you can continue to expect to get less and less in your games all the while having your games stripped down to the likes which we have never seen before.

If this sort of unbridled and unchecked greed is allowed to continue then I foresee a very bleak gaming landscape for the future. It is up to us and it is our responsibility alone to stand up against companies who engage in this sort of unscrupulous behavior. If you're tired of being nickel and dimed for features; if you're tired of games that ship incomplete; if you're tired of being charged extra to unlock content that is already on the disc; if you're tired of developers announcing DLCbeforethe retail game ever ships then stop being silent on the issue and stand up for yourself and this hobby! Get mad! Put the controller down and wake up to the world that is passing you by before it sneaks up behind you and bites you on the ass!

Aren't you tired of being treated like a complete moron? Aren't you tired of being the punchline to some corporate executive's joke in the boardroom when they talk about how dumb Average Joe Consumer is because he keeps shelling out more and more money for content that, up until last gen, would be included on the disc?

And the gaming Media, where the hell are you in all this? Unusually quiet if you ask me. Instead of being advocates for your constituents to be treated fairly you have yet to peep one syllable about this issue. I have yet to read any editorials that tackle this serious epidemic that is running amok in the industry. How about some hard hitting stories or in-depth coverage supporting gamers and their rights to a free market system? Where we can buy used games without game developers punishing us by withholding content from those used games.

Nary a word is uttered on this topic from the Press which makes me think they're in league with the disgusting machinations of the corporate overlords who are seeking to destroy this hobby from within.

I say again it is up tous, the GAMERS, to take a stand and make your voice heard by spreading the word to NOT support games with online passes, or any other shady marketing tactic that serves to disrupt the balance and flow of content. Start encouraging people to vote with their wallets because that's theonlylanguage these companies understand. If we hit their bottom line hard enough, then they will take notice. One personcanmake a difference and it's up to us to support each other in this endeavor.