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And the Sun Rises Still...

Mayan Calendar

Yep. We're still here. I guess all those idiots that mistook the end of the Mayan calendar as the "end of the world" were *gasp* wrong afterall. I'm shocked :roll:

No end of the world. No end of humanity. Nope. We're all still here. You still have bills to pay and other responsibilities to worry about.


Well, one positive outcome from all of this (besides not not existing anymore) is we can finally stop hearing about the 21st of December 2012! Good God, it was getting annoying after awhile. Now maybe we can finally go back to worrying about (and fixing) things that matter.


Of course, the types of people that get suckered into believing the end of the world is coming will no doubt find some other, silly nonsense belief to hang their hat on.

It never fails.

Hope everyone has a good day :)