02.02.06 - The State of MY Union

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OK. This is going to be an ongoing series of entries by me concerning my feelings and perspective about Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. So whoever you are reading this out there I hope you like to read because I have a lot to say about this topic and my feelings about each company. Hopefully these are objective insights although I can't completely promise 100% objectivity as I am human and are prone to emotional biases as is everyone (don't deny it). If you happen to read something and disagree that's fine with me. I'm not trying to preach or get you to change your mind. I just ask that you hear me out and think about my points. Try to understand where I'm coming from and if you feel the urge to comment on something please feel free as I would be happy to address any questions and/or (intelligent) comments. So sit back, get a hot cup of cocoa and prepare for some reading. (And if you hadn't noticed by now I have a tendency to ramble so I apologize in advance and will try to keep my rambling in check. Just bear with me.)

Part I - A Little History of Me and My Xbox...

Microsoft - Wow. So much to say. Let's start off with the good. For the past four years now I was pro-Xbox and really supported MS's endeavor with their first entry into the console market; I was genuinely excited. I bought my Xbox about two weeks after it launched and I loved it. Now you have to understand that up until this point the "newest" console I owned was a PSX, and I had just bought my PSX only recently because it finally dropped down to $99. Until that point in time I had dropped out of the console scene with my last console played being my Sega Genesis and 32X. So getting a PSX was a big step forward. And then when I heard about this new console from MS I was really hyped. Needless to say it was a big deal to me.

So I bought a bundle to the tune of $515 and I was happy. This was the machine to dethrone Sony's renowned PS2! I didn't have a PS2 not because I disliked Sony (obviously since I had just recently bought a PSX), but more of a monetary issue. But with Xbox it was cutting edge and superior to PS2, and who wants to buy the inferior machine, right? So I figured if I was going to indeed spend as much as I would on a PS2, why not get the Xbox which, for all intents and purposes, was the superior machine? I decided it was worth getting an Xbox which held so much promise with all its cool new and innovative features compared to the PS2. Now, My best-friend was the one with the PS2. And I tried for the longest time to convert him to Xbox and he just wouldn't budge. His reasons to me were he just wasn't that impressed with Xbox and there weren't that many games that interested him either. Well, having been reading up on all the great games that were coming out I couldn't understand how he could say this. But despite my efforts he didn't budge (until much later on but more on that later).

So here I am all gung ho for MS's new console and whenever naysayers would pop up I would be there to defend it. I guess you could say I turned into a bit of a fanboy on the issue since I really did believe Xbox was the superior console, and my purchase of it was really my entrance back into the world of video games on console (having been more of a PC gamer before that time as well). But Xbox was the point at which I threw my hat back into the console ring and I was happy to once again own a "cutting edge" system. I hadn't felt that way since the last time I owned a "cutting edge" system which was the time when I bought a Sega Genesis. Yep, I was definitely riding the hype wave that followed in MS's wake touting their new system. At that point in time I never thought that I would feel totally opposite about MS the way I do today.

Coming up next...Part II - The Turning Point: Why I no longer support MS, my feelings on 360 and how they handled the launch of 360. Stay tuned!

30.10.05 - 2214 hrs.

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I actually got a comment on one of my blogs! I felt so excited that I just had to rush and make another one! If nothing else I AM consistent. It's just a few hours shy of being exactly two months since my last blog and here I am again updating you with my mundane existence. So what can you count on me for, I hear you ask? To be consistently tardy!

Hmm. So exciting. Well, actually today was rather entertaining since I went to a seminar today that was being held and I met Sylvia Brown and got my picture taken with her. If you don't know who that is she's a famous (for lack of a better word) "pyschic." You may have seen her during her numerous appearances on the Montel Williams show or even Larry King Live. She's really good and she's not a parlor trick, fly-by-night pyschic. She knows her sh*t and her message is very altruistic. But I digress. That's about all that happened to day. Now I have to go to F-ing work tomorrow but at least I get out early.

That's about all. Till next (month or two) time :D


31.08.05 - 1351 hrs

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Got the day off again. I'll probably go out later to check out this comic store and to get out of the house. It rained a little bit before. I'm just sitting home now watching Sphere and browsing on-line at the boards. I was pleasantly surprised this morning to log on and see that I was made an officer of the Initial Shooters Union, so that was pretty cool. I thank Spartan Zero for doing that since I wasn't expecting it at all.