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Hard to believe that it was genuine game footage, but i`ll take your word for it. Im so nervous though, getting my hands on something that could potentually be so mind blowing, that the human brain simply cant comprehend it. I tried downloading the game, but my hands shook too much that i couldnt click on the icon. My body went crazy being so close to complete awesomeness. I havent felt like this since "Street Cleaner" came out.
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Howdy guys

I was cheking out this game and after seeing the review, i got interested in the game. It seems like a real good bike simulation game. But after seeing the video i believe that what we saw was C.G.I footage because those graphics blow everything else out of the water.

Can anyone confirm if those are actually the real graphics? And is the sound as realistic as it is in the video?  I was gonna spend 60 bucks on the last of us, but after seeing this i think i`ll just buy 3 copies of this game instead.

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Thanks for the many replies. I can run the game with max textures and animations, just fine. Shadows, lighting etc etc has to be very low or even off, but thats no problem. I do have one problem though. When i move the mouse around(camera) it gets very blurry, but when i dont move it it gets normal again. Do anyone know what causes this? I have tried lowering some settings to no avail.

Any help is appreciated.

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Im glad to hear that. As long as the game still looks alright and can run fine, im happy. Thanks for the replies:)

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Okay thanks for the reply. I was hoping that if i turned off certain options like shadows etc, that i might be able to run it on medium graphics settings.

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Hello there.

I have done a test on the canyourunit website. I pass easily on pretty much all parts except the graphics card. I do meet the minimum requirements, but i dont understand why it says my card aint good enough. I was hoping if someone could tell me if i would be able to run the game on at least medium settings? Here are some of my specs:

Windows 7 64-bit

Intel (R) Core (TM) i7-2670QM CPU @ 2.20Ghz ( 8 CPUs),~2.2Ghz

8192MB RAM

DirectX 11

Nvidia Geforce GT 540M 1GB

I have a ASUS Laptop.

I apologize if its a stupid question, but i dont know much about computers.

Any help is appreciated.

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Did exactly what you said. No improvement. I think the problem has to be my graphics card. Maybe the beta driver did something to it. My HD video quality in 1080p used to be crystal clear. Now its a bit blurry. Basically 480p.
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Didnt find any codec packs. I guess it must be a hardware failure. Perhaps because of overheating. Or the new driver changed something in my graphics settings even though i feel i have checked everything.
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How do i find this codec pack? Im not very good at this as you can tell.
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I have now tried everything suggested here. Its still the same. Maybe its a heat problem since my power supply gets very hot when playing. On the other hand, if it was a heat problem then i would asume that once it had been cooled down, the videos would be fine again.

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