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I'm gonna make an RPG. anyone wanna help?

I will make an RPG called Gangland. there will be quests, and graphics will be like runescape.

it'll be an mmorpg.

there will be different gangs you can work for, with different codes and ethics.

for example, if you are in the Italian Mafia, you have to get permission from your boss to kill someone. ifyou are in a street gang, you can killthem for looking at you funny. that's the advantage of beingin a gang.

the advantage to being in an organized crime group is that more ppl in your territory like you, as opposed to them being afraid of you. the other, more important advantage, is that you make more money, and if you are smart, you can pay offcorruptcops to look the other way, or if you pay them enough, they will kill someone for you.

there will be more later.

My colletion of Death Metal Bands

Hey I'm fairly new to the whole Death Metal thing, so tell me if you find any other good bands I haven't listed yet.

Job for a cowboy



Cannibal Corpse



Lamb of God

Visceral Bleeding

a new fanfic

Devil May Cry 4

The Two Opposing Heroes

A young boy, around 17, with white hair, is working on uprading his sword. there is a busted up motorcycle missing one of it's accelerators. Nero puts the upgrade on his sword, when a scarecrow-type demon with blades attached to his arms comes through the window.

Nero simply remarks " you ain't in Oz anymore", and picks up his sword, the Red Queen. He runs at the demon, and tries to cut it, but it blocks the sword with one of its blades, and raises the other to cut Nero down. Nero pulls out his Blue Rose, a double-barreled revolver, and blocks the demon's blade. suddenly, 3 more of the same demons jump through the window behind him. Nero says a small "Damn!" under his breath, and decided to resort to drastic measures. He pulled the new accelerator on his sword, and and red aura surrounds it. Nero breaks off from the demon that was holding him down, and turns around, and lunges at the 3 demons, and lets the aura turn into a wave of energy, which disinigrates them into dust. The last demon runs away, and Nero shoots it in the back of the leg, pauses with a smirk, and continues blasting it back to Hell.

Dante is sitting in his Devil May Cry office. Dante is a renowned demon slayer, who beat back the Dark Armies countless times. He even defeated their Emperor, Mundus, just as his father, Sparda, did before him. Trish was out on a job, and Dante had the place all to himself. Suddenly, a demon on a horse came barging in the door, sporting a golden bow and a sparkling crown.

Dante says " who the hell are you?". The demon replies in a booming, echoing voice, with black air spewing out of his lungs, " I am the leader of the Four. I am your new messiah. Forget the son of a false God, and instead, worship me, the son of the almighty Mundus!", to which Dante mocks, " Oh you mean the asswipe I sealed in the underworld? heh you aren't anything but **** to scrape off my shoes!"

Dante grabs Rebellion, and attempts to slice through the white knight. Dante hit nothing but air, however. A demonic laughter can be heard throughout the office, and then a split second later, Dante feels a a giant force knock him of his chest. Before he can react, he feels a sharp pain as the knight's arrow punctures his chest. Dante then passes out from the pain.

for Devil May Cry fans : Boss fight ideas ( post your own)

Boss 1: Dante 1 (playing as Nero)

You cannot win this battle. You cannot damage Dante, as he can regenerate. You do not have devil bringer yet either. Just survive 5 minutes.

Boss 2: Agnus 1 ( Nero Again)

you have the devil bringer, and he tends to stay away from you. use the grim grip to pull him towards you, and slam him down to damage him.

go ahead and post your own. I'll postsome more of mine later

how I think the god of war movie should go

It should show Kratos being born, without revealing the father ( to avoid spoilers). It should also reveal Krato's brother, and should show a sparring match between the two, with Kratos winning, to show that Kratos was indeed the better fighter. this part is about 10 minutes long.

Then there is Kratos' teenage years, where begins to discover some of his abilites as a warrior. He meets his future wife during this time too. This part will be 5 minutes long.

Then they should show Kratos' ascent through the Spartan ranks, eventually becoming a captain with thousands of soldiers under his command. They should also show the growing relationship between Kratos and his new lover, their marriage, and their daughter being born. this part is about 20 minutes long.

Kratos then decides to make himself the finest general since Alexander The Great, and begins conquering everything in sight. Kratos' wife realizes her husband may be changing, and tries to tell him to stop. His daughter becomes terrified of her father. Even this does not stop Kratos, and they are forced to sit back and helplessly watch. Here is about a5-minute scene

Then comes the fateful battle with the Barbarians, Kratos and the Barbarian king have a short duel. However, even Kratos' skill cannot match that of the Barbarian King's, and Kratos is quickly defeated, but not killed. His Spartans, however, are not as lucky, as they are being slaughtered by the hundreds.

Kratos realizes this is a battle not even he can win, at least not without some help. He cries out for Ares, the God of War, to help him win this battle. Ares sees Kratos' potential, and desends from Olympus. Kratos surrenders his soul in exchange for great power, and that is when Kratos recieves his Blades of Chaos. The battle takes about 15 minutes.

The Barbarian Army is easily defeated by Ares' divine power, and Kratos kills the barbarian king. This begins the series of conquests that lead the the small Village where Kratos regains his humanity at a great price.

Kratos' army easily massacres the small village, which does not have and soldiers, mostly elderly people and women. Kratos does not realize what he is doing until he busts down the temple door, and kills everyone inside. His last two victims bring him back to his senses, when he sees his wife and child at his feet.

Kratos mourns, when Ares appears, and tells him how powerful he will become now, without any feelings. Kratos swears revenge, and the scene where Ares tells Kratos' family to go to this village, to escape Kratos, is shown. these scenes, combined, are about 20 minutes long.

There are some scenes of Kratos doing work for the Gods of Olympus, for 10 years. He becomes a champion of the Gods, which is an enforcer of sorts ( in the game, anyway). Just a short narration scene, abotu 2-3 minutes long.

There is a scene of Kratos killing the Captain and the Hydra, then Kratos hears about Ares' attack on Athens. Kratos sees this as his chance at revenge, and goes to the great battle. 5 minutes.

Kratos carves a bloody path through Ares' minions, and eventually reaches the oracle. He saves her from falling to her death, and she tells his of pandora's box,one of the greatest weapons ever created by the Gods. It has the power to kill even a God as powerful as Ares. This part takes about 25 min.

Kratos makes his way through the Desert of Lost Souls, and the next hour of the movie or so deals with Pandora's Temple, including a 10-minute battle with the minotaur.

Kratos reaches the box, but is killed by Ares before he can use it. The next 20 minutes of the movie deal with Kratos getting out of Hades.

The last 15 minutes of the movie deal with the battle with Ares, it starts off with Kratos using Pandora's box, which he stole back from Ares. Kratos uses all his might, but the all-powerful Ares is too much. Eventually, Kratos knocks Ares back with a mighty tackle, and Ares sucks him into his subconsious. Ares summons an exact replica of the time when Kratos killed his family, to destory his fighting spirit. Kratos defends his family with all his power, and Ares soon gets frustrated, and takes Kratos' blades back, and uses them to kill his family again. Kratos returns to the real world, as Ares is about to kill Kratos, and Kratos sees his last hope for victory, a great golden sword. Ares, weakened by the last battle, is no match for the completely rejuvinated Kratos, and is defeated and killed.

everything else happned exactly as in the movie.




my cast for the God of War Movie


Gerard Butler, because he did 300, which means this wouldn't be too big a jump for him, plus he looks the part already.

Ares: Liam Neelson

He can make a good bad guy, like in Batman Begins, and he kinda reminds me of Ares in Star Wars The Phantom Menace, with the long hair and the beard.


 well since this is for the first game only ( GOW2 cast will come in next blog), we can use special effects, since she never appears in true form until GOW2. They should just use her voice actor and use computer animation.


I would give this one to an unknown actor, because I cannot think of anyone else. Or just use his VA, kinda like Athena.


The guy who played Dumbledore in the new Harry Potter movie. they look alot alike. I just hope he is in good enough shape for the fight scenes in GOW2.


VA and special effects again.

Kratos's Wife and Child:

unknown actors, they won't have much camera time.