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This redesign looks great though. @Randolph weren't you a mod at some point? Any of the original mods still around? You and Shame-us look like normal old users now.

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@Randolph Now that you mention it, I think I got the idea from Frizzy too. I think I was into the idea of having a really high level but no posts, haha. My level's basically chump stuff now.

I was still talking to Frizzy every once in a while on AIM up until a few years ago. EvilTaru, Frizzy, Phreak64, all those dudes are legendary.

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@c_rakestraw, Yeah man! That's like, how I learned to write. Were all UCB's destroyed or something?

@Randolph Heh, good eye, I actually requested to get it deleted a while back...I don't even remember why lol. I think I had 25 or 30k, somewhere around there.

@ZZoMBiE13 Good man, I'm onto bigger and better things. You still drawing away over there?

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This forum used to be called "General Games Discussion" I think

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Whoa what's up guys, does anyone remember me?

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cool one

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Diablo III

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Nah, I like going to the movies alone during the day sometimes.

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I think I discovered GameSpot in 2004 when I typed "videogames.com" into my browser when I was looking for game news.

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The Strokes own.