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G.A.M.E. Over...

I was very excited about attending the G.A.M.E in San Francisco to play for Gamespot.

I was looking forward to doing a live Quake 4 event. I flew in for the weekend from LA and I was ready to begin... In the beginning I was nervous as usual. The familiar adrenaline rush always makes the first few matches a little scary for me.

We had a relatively short timeslot for the Kornelia Challenge. I would have liked to be able to play more people that lined up to compete.

During the one and a half hour event I was able to play against fifteen people. Six people were able to get one frag against me. (In the majority of the cases we ended up killing each other.)

The cumulative score of the event was 109 frags to 1. (A few players finished in the negatives.)

The crowd and the challengers made this event a lot of fun! I really enjoyed being a part of this show that had such a unique fusion of non stop gaming and music.

I will be adding a wrap-up of the event with pictures and video to my gaming site at: www.purgatory.net/kornelia