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Japan Disaster Recognition

The Koopakorps was devistated. We just decided to make a quick post saying we feel for those affected by that horrible chain of events. Bless their souls, and may those done out by the disasters have salvation.

123Lightning Speed Technique for SSBB!!

Hey Gamepsot, important announcement from Koopa.

I have devised a technique that is easy AND let's you go literal lightning speed!!

Requirements : Wii, Super Smash Bros. Brawl game disc, Unlock the character Sonic the Hedgehog

1) Select Special Brawl

2) Turn on Curry, Bunny Hood, and Fast motion options only

3) Select Sonic and begin match.

Lightning Speed.

The 123Lightning Speed technique was created by Koopa as a part of Koopakorps, do not claim this technique as your own. Re-posting on your forum/page etc. without permission may result in copyright infrigment.Please ask permission to re-post this technique.



Top 5 Nintendo DS games!

Hey Gamespot, it's us again. Here is our rankings for current DS games.

5 ) Star Wars : Lightsaber Duels[Battles]: This game was a good amount of fun letting you pair up with your favorite Jedi, but the game consisted of a very long process of fighting etc., then after an hour or so it lets you save, that's probably the only downside.

4 ) New Super Mario Bros. : A wonderful jump in the Mario series, 3 new power-ups, improved grpahics, just what the doctor ordered.

3 ) Pokemon Black/White : Very good games, though the aspects are becoming a bit lazy...the Pokemon are very cliche and lazy. The graphics and storyboard are intact though.

2 ) Mario and Luigi : Bowser's Inside Story : A wonderful RPG game for the DS, very silly and creative. You can play as Mario, Luigi, or Bowser at times. Good challenges and epic battles sure to keep you wanting more.

1 ) Tie between Mario Kart DS and Mario Party DS...we couldn't quite decide, they are both great games though. So in comments, tell us which game should be number one, Mario Kart DS? Or Mario Party DS?

Top 10 Nintendo Wii games!

Hey Gamespot, we decided not to wait on the rankings so we went ahead and posted them now, here they are. By the way, we narrowed it down to the top 5 Wii games instead.

5 ) Animal Crossing : City Folk : We found this game to be creative as well as fun. Meet new people, go to the town, get a makeover, watch a show, or even visit the furniture store! This AA game really upheld it's place as silly and fun.

4 ) Lego Star Wars : The Complete Saga : Another great LEGO game made by Lucasart, this game is literally twice what the original LSW was. More than 50 characters and all episodes to play through.

3 ) Mario Sports Mix : An incredibly fun multiplayer that has 4 different sporting events, Basketball, Hockey, Dodgeball, and Volleyball. Some characters are more like fillers, such as Slime and White Mage, but we'll make due.

2 ) Super Smash Bros. Brawl : Another astonishing addition to the series, but players find it just doesn't have the nostalgia of Melee, along that some favored characters were removed. Otherwise it's a great game with the new Adventure Mode and Stage Builder.

1 ) Super Mario Galaxy 2 : Yup! You read right, Super Mario Galaxy 2. Astonishing creativity, intuitive gameplay, and pretty good graphics. The storyboard could use some editing, but new power-ups, a whole new 6 Worlds to explore and action-packed challenges. Nintendo made a sequel that actually upholds it's previous game. SMG2 has recieved our highest honor.

Well, that's it for the rankings, tell us what you think about how we did and if we should change anything. We'll soon be adding the Top 10 DS games!

Top 10 GameCube games!

Me, Aaron, and Darren have composed an official Top 10 GameCube games.

10 ) Sonic Battle : We found this game amusing and at times fun, but there are a few complications that you will need to sort out later in the game.

9 ) Pikmin : A great game filled with challenges and thrills, as well as good creativitybut the time limit is a bit frusturating at times.

8 ) Mario Tennis : A good variety of characters as well as great gameplay.

7 ) Mario Party 6 : One of the best Mario Party games of it's time, over 50 minigames, about 12 characters and 5 boards filled with action. Great multiplayer game.

6 ) Sonic Heroes : The graphics are nothing to brag about here, but the gameplay is fun as well as challenging. It really gets you into the game and upholds the need for strategy.

5 ) Lego Star Wars : Another great 2-Player game with all playable characters from episodes 1 and 2. Most of which are unlocked by completeing levels and buying them.

4 ) Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 : A cliche name, but the gaming is surprisingly decent, though it mostly of play and go game, your friends would enjoy battling you head to head. The story mode isn't very long, however.

3 ) Pokemon Colloseum : An incredibly fun game with the full afect of the games on previous handheld systems brought into 3-D design. Surely supplanting Pokemon Stadium for the most part.

2 ) Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness : Great graphics for it's time, outstanding storyboard and gameplay, the creativity here is vivid. Capture and purify Shadow Pokemon, that's your goal, as well as taking down bad guys in your way.

1 ) You guessed it, Super Smash Bros. Melee : Possibly THE best game for Gamecube ever made, with about 30 characters, more than 20 stages and tons of trophies to collect, you'll be busy. Don't forget this vital piece of information : It's an incredibly fun and outstanding Multiplayer game, the controls are easy to learn but hard to master.

Well, that's how us here at KoopaKorps see GameCube game rankings, seeya next time when we name the top 10 Wii games, and eventually DS games!

My Pokemon Diamond FC

Hey GAMESPOT, here's my [Koopa] FC for Pokemon Diamond, if you want to trade, send me a PM with your FC, pokemon wanted and Pokemon you're offering. The only shinies I have are 3rd evolution Starters. Also send me the time you want to trade and date, Ex.: 8:30pm, Tuesday, and I'll need to know what state you live in so I can tell the time difference. Because I'm in CA, you may be in VA, and you say 7:30 and I'll go to Wi-Fi at 10:30 because it'll be 7 here but 10 there. You must let me know atleast 3 days in advance so I don't miss your message. Thanks!

Name: S.R.

FC:3482 0448 3476

Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire A-OK Team (Elite)

This team is for people about to battle the Elite 4.

Salamance Lvl 58-100, Dragon Claw, Fly, Crunch, ???

Altaria Lvl 58-100, Dragon Dance, Dragonbreath, Fly, ???

Kyogre/Groudon Lvl 61-100, (Kyogre)Waterfall, Sheer Cold, Ice Beam, Thunder (Groudon)Fissure, Fire Blast, Earthquake, Flamethrower

Swampert/Blaziken Lvl 65-100, (Swampert)Surf, Earthquake, Strength. ??? (Blaziken)Blaze Kick, Sky Uppercut, Flamethrower, Overheat

Metagross Lvl 65-100, Meteor Mash, Earthquake, Psychic, ???

Dusclops Lvl 65-100, Shadow Punch, Shadow Ball, Curse, Psychic

??? = Any Move

Hope this helps!

Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire Gym Leaders Pokemon & Elite 4

Here are the Gym Leaders Pokemon:

Roxanne, Prize(s):$1500, TM39(Rustboro City)- Geodude Lvl 14, Nosepass Lvl 15. Badge allows Pkmn up to Lvl 20.

Brawly, Prize:$1800(Dewford Town)- Machop Lvl 17, Makuhita Lvl 18. Badge allows Pokemonup to Lvl 30.

Wattson, Prize(s):$2300, TM34(Mauvile City)- Magnemite Lvl 22, Voltorb Lvl 20, Magneton Lvl 23

Flannery, Prize(s):$2800, TM50(Lavaridge Town)- Slugma Lvl 26(x2), Torkoal Lvl 28. Badge allows Pokemon up to Lvl 40.

Norman, Prize(s):$3100, TM42(Petalburg City)- Slaking Lvl 28, Vigoroth Lvl 30, Slaking Lvl 31. Badge allows up to Lvl 50.

Winona, Prize(s):$3300, TM40(Fortree City)- Swellow Lvl 31, Pelipper Lvl 30, Skarmory Lvl 32, Altaria Lvl 33

Tate & Liza, Prize(s):$3?00, TM04(Mossdeep City)- Lunatone Lvl 42, Solrock Lvl 42. Badge allows Pkmn up to Lvl 70.

Wallace, Prize(s):$4?00, TM03(Sootopolis City)- Luvdisc Lvl 40, Whiscash Lvl 42, Sealeo Lvl 40, Seaking Lvl 42, Milotic Lvl 43. Badge allows all levels of Pokemon.

Elite 4 Sidney, Prize:$4900(Ever Grande City)- Mightyena Lvl 46, Shiftry Lvl 48, Cacturne Lvl 46, Sharpedo Lvl48, Absol Lvl 49

Elite 4 Phoebe, Prize:$5100(Ever Grande City)- Dusclops Lvl 48, Banette Lvl 49(x2), Sableye Lvl 50, Dusclops Lvl 51

Elite 4 Glacia, Prize:$5300(Ever Grande City)- Glalie Lvl 50, Sealeo Lvl 50, Sealeo Lvl 52, Glalie Lvl 52, Walrein Lvl 53

Elite 4 Drake, Prize:$5500(Ever Grande City)- Shelgon Lvl 52, Altaria Lvl 54, Flygon Lvl 53(x2), Salalmance Lvl 55

Champion Steven, Prize:$11600(Ever Grande City)- Skarmory Lvl 57, Claydol Lvl 55, Agron Lvl 56, Cradily Lvl 56, Armaldo Lvl 56, Metagross Lvl 58

Hope this helped!

Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire A-OK Team

Here's a good team for before battling Wallace(8th Gym Leader)

Mawile Lvl 40 - Vicegrip, Strength, Crunch, Rock Tomb

Camerupt Lvl 40 - Earthquake, Rock Slide, Fire Blast, ???

Dusclops Lvl 40 - Curse, Shadow Ball, Strength, ???

Altaria Lvl 40 - Fly, Dragonbreath, Dragon Dance, Ice Beam

Pelipper Lvl 41 - Surf, Shock Wave, Aerial Ace, ???

Blaziken Lvl 42-45 - Blaze Kick, Double Kick, Slash, Sky Uppercut(When Available)

??? = Any Move

Hope this helps!

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Tip

Hey, it's me Koopa, I've got a good tip on how to get easy star bits and an easy way to get 1 or more 1-ups everytime you complete a galaxy.

Star Bit Tip) When on the Spin-Dig Galaxy, where it first shows you how to use the Drill, pick up the drill and a green TV will appear. Watch the video hint and return to play, spin and break all lights then collect the star bits, pick up the drill again, walk around for a bit, then the TV will re-appear. Watch the tutorial and notice that the lights and enemies have respawned, giving you an oppurtunity to collect more star bits! You can do this as much as you like, also take note that the 1-up on the opposite side of the platform will respawn as well. Take note that you can do this around many other galaxies, like the Hightail Falls galaxy and others.

1-Up After Mission) I'm sure most people have noticed this, but everytime you complete a mission on a galaxy, depending on how many stars you have obtained, you can use the Warp Pad to get to the Starshroom and collect the 1-Up on the top of the ship. Complete a mission, then come back and there will be another 1-Up on the starshroom! Be sure to do this essential task after every new galaxy to recieve a good income of Lives.

Bonus Super Jump Technique) To jump super high, to a backflip by holding Z then pressing A, when in mid-air, shake the Wii-Mote to spin and go a little higher! Or do a side-somersalt, then in mid-air, do the same and shake the wii-mote to spin a bit higher!

Hope these tips helped!

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