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Current/Future Nintendo Consoles = No thanks.

I forgot I even had one.

Honestly,this gimmick is boringas hell even with the motion controls.

The controls werent even good. the cursor weas waaay too sensitive. I would move it up by 0.25 cm and it would go 4 inches up.

Honestly, I think the wiimote controls just put a huge obsidian wall between its games and itself.

The graphics are pretty damn bad. and yes they do matter in this case..

b/c the resolution is so low and quality is so unclear and unsharp that it makesmy vision blurry after about an hour of gameplay.

The 1st party games are decent or good yes.. but how many are replayable?

most heavy hitters go for Sony or Microsoft.

I only used my Wii for SSB: Brawl and for gamecube backwards compatability.

I'm not going to bother with the Wii U.

It appears Nintendo is going for gimmicks again.. but it looks like a step forward since the controller reminds me of the DS and 3DS' doule screen feature.

You say Wii U has better graphics than 360 and ps3? Well, of course.. it's for the nex-gen. What did you expect?

Odds are that the new xbox and Playstation willoutdo it in termsof power and graphics anyways.

the 3DS is great so far and with a huge library made specifically for the handheld though. I amloving the 3DS andwillpurchase a 3DS XL for sure.

/end rant

What are Game Devs/Companies Thinking?

Wtf is happening?

1. Capcom -

Cancelled Megaman Legends 3 b/c they thought it wouldnt sell? Why would they think this? Then later,they blame the fans for a lack of support.. *slams face through desk*

They completely sh*t on their mascot that helped make them successful bymaking him a fat couch potato lookinga m*ther f*cker in SF X Tekken. Did they genuinely think they were being funny and edgy?

DLC (Disc Locked Content).. their excuse was such baby bullsh*t.

Unnecessary reboot of DM.

2. Square Enix

They must think the Western World is frickin' stupid. Apparently, if they destroy Final Fantasy by removing any sort of NPC interaction, towns, a "spam one button" Battle System, and a straight path/hallway, it will make the game more fun and appealing. Casuals? Why appeal to them if they will not even buy an RPG game in the first place?Final Fantasy 13 and 13-2 were not only the worst FF games ever made. they were probably the worst rpg's any rpg fan has ever played.

FF7 Remake? Nah, we gotta make something better! You mean something like FF 13? Do you seriously think ppl will not buy the crap out of ff7 remake, Square Enix?

Also, I had almost forgotten completely about that Versus 13 that was announced 2000 years ago.

3. Activision

Activision, how long are you going to depend on your childish ADHD-diagnosed wannabe gangster COD fanbase? Even they will start to grow tired of the same trash. Heck, they'll probably even be enlightened when they play actual games!

4. Stop with the motion controls and gimmicks.

Touch screens for handhelds is just fine, because it WORKS and does not rely entirely on that touch screen!

Kinect? I dont know how you're doing it,Microsoft.. but this seizure simulator is making u crazy cash!

Playstation Move is dead, basically.

The Wii does not exist in most core gamers' eyes anymore. The wiimote controls were more impractical than an actual gamepad/ controller.

Well, that's 3 I can sum up.

What the hell is going on with devs minds?