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Do not listen to gamespot, they got it all wrong episode 0002

Mercenaries 2 got a 5.0
I do not even want that game, but the main reason the points were taken off was because it had a lot of glitches.

Okay, Many glitches = 5.0

As far as I can tell, points should be taken off a game when it has bugs and glitches.

SSX tricky is the most buggy and glitched game I have ever played. On every single track there are a 100 different places to ride off the track into oblivion (Just like in Big Rigs, that got a 1.0!) and 10 of those places teleport you right to the finish line, so some tracks can be finished in 15 seconds.

Another thing Mercenaries 2 got bashed was "Awful A.I."

The A.I. in SSX Tricky is practically nonexistent. Sometimes you'll see all 5 racers ride in the same line throughout the race. It's like the same racer has another skin plastered on. When you select a harder difficulty the racers don't get more skilled. Instead what happens is that they'll start moving in impossible speeds. Whenever you get past them they go "SWOOOOOOOOOSH" in front of you and then they start crawling again. Especially funny to watch in replay.

Mercenaries 2 got points taken off for "Repetitive missions"
You have to ride through the same track 3 times in SSX to get a medal. That is repetitive. You'll find a shortcut here and there. That's no excuse.

Also, "Lousy story"
SSX has no story at all.
"It's a racing game, it doesn't need a story" you say?
Mercs 2 doesn't need a story as well, the game is about blowing things up.

I know times and standards have changed, but this is ridicolous

PS: SSX tricky is great, play it NOW if you havent already. Play it in short bursts, so you wouldnt run into glitches like:

* Seeing the arm of your character grow 10 metres long.
* Falling of your feet and humping the ground until you reach the finish line.
* If another character is too close to the camera, you can look inside him/her
* Jumping at a road sign and falling through it.
*Jumping at a tree and falling through it.
* Jumping at another thing on the track and falling through it.
* Jumping, hitting nothing, and falling.
* .... and falling through it

and much more!

A fresh new start.

I noticed my profile kind of sucked. So I deleted every single sucky review and every single sucky blog post I have ever made. I am going to try again now. I am also going to shut up now to avoid making the first fresh new blog post sucky.

First change that I am going to make is my current way of rating games. It is all wrong now.