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A Year to Early for Dallas...

All year long I felt like we were a year early. I couldn't believe we were the best team in the NFC. Of course I am shocked Green Bay was as good as they were too.

In 1991 I had the feeling the team was doing things right and preparing for a run. I felt the same earlier this year and I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. When it didn't I thought maybe, just maybe...

In 1991, we qualified for the Wildcard Round with an 11-5 record. We won a 4 point squeaker over the Bears, and then got throttled in the Divisional Round by the Lions. I'll never forget that game because I lost a bet that required me to get the Lions logo shaved in one side of my head and the score in the other and go to work that day without a cap. I was bald the very next day of course as I got rid of all evidence.

Going into 1992 I just had a feeling we had arrived. 2008 isn't even close to arriving yet, and I already feel that way. Just as we weren't ready in 1991, we weren't ready this year.

It was a hell of a fun ride. One I enjoyed and am obviously quite sad is over. But I'm not heartbroken and just like 1991, I am not upset. Well, back then I was upset about the hair. This year I didn't bet my hair with anyone, though I do owe someone lunch.

There will be some changes this off season. Some good, some bad. We have 2 first round draft picks, and most of the critical players are signed long term.

I'm pretty down about today. No doubt about it. I still think we should have won in a runaway. I won't be sure about this team until December and beyond isn't an albatross. That's my focus for next year. Finish strong.

They were better than I hoped this year, but in the end fell short of my expectations. I can't describe it any other way.

From my Buddy Hostile at cowboyszone.com