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Hey conkertheking1, speaking of the X series... I liked the "X Hunters" in X2. I thought that was pretty cool, especially Agile. And Vile in X. Who would've thought he would be back in X3?
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Ninja Gaiden Sigma. And let me say... I HATE THAT GAME!!!!!!!!
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1. Xenogears 2. Final Fantasy VI 3. Final Fantasy VIII 4. Final Fantasy VII 5. Chrono Trigger 6. Terranigma 7. Final Fantasy IX 8. Dead or Alive 1 9. Final Fantasy IV 10. Super Smash Bros Brawl
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Xenogears, all the way!
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So I tried to hook it up to my HDTV earlier. My HDTV is less than a year old btw. On the back of the tv all it has is one yellow input for video I guess and one green input. The av cables with my n64 slide right out of them when I try to insert them. Should I buy some kind of an hdmi to av converter or just grab an old tv? This is kinda frustrating.

I would say your best bet is get on Ebay and get an RF Modulator for N64. I'll give you a link. $8 isn't bad...
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Ah yes, I totally forgot all about that!
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I know this is a PS3 forum and this game isn't a PS3 game. However, I do play it on my PS3. Xenogears, for PS1. Great story, characters, battle system, etc. For $10 on your PS3's Playstation Store.
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Mine was downloading slow over WIFI also. I hooked my PS3 directly into my router via Cat-5 cable and it's now blazing fast.
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Go on the Playstation Store and buy either of the following games: Final Fantasy VI or Chrono Trigger. The graphics were mid 90's and 16-bit at that, so don't expect an extremely visually appealing game. They're old and you should expect that. What you will find in these two games is a great story. That's the main purpose of the JRPG. You will also find very interesting characters who develop and deepen over the course of the game. There will be fun fights and battles, and lots of optional side quests aside from the main story, merely for your entertainment. These two games are very simple and straightforward. Final Fantasy VI was my first RPG and to this day it's one of my favorites. Lots of people will recommend Final Fantasy VII, VII, IX, X, and so forth. They're a bit more complicated so I believe you would do well to start out with VI. Xenogears is probably my favorite game at the moment. It's $10 on the Playstation Store. It's a bit longer to play than many RPGs but it has, in my opinion, the best story. It has a little more of a learning curve but all RPGs do. You also might want to give it a try.
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If you don't love it, I will shave my eyebrows and glue caterpillars above my eyes. That's how confident I am...
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