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Im looking for PS1 fighting games

i own an American PS1, now usually i dont order games over Amazon because they arnt converted into the Australian system but obviously this is different.

Please suggest some games to help me. I have plenty of money and i plan to spend it on this.

Games Im Looking At

This News article covers most of what im looking at from E3, which compared to last year lacked several big names. Few new announcements for games such as Dragon Age, Halo 3, Killzone and Devil May Cry 4 occured, while some games announced details and produced trailers before the main event.

FFXIII is looking great, i really should update my tracking list. FFXIII is very impressive, they seem to have gotten the fighting system down like they did for FFX. They were experimenting with different techniques for quite a while before they got this real time thing right. Im very curious as to how the leveling up will work.

Supreme commander and Medievil: Total War 2 are the only two PC games im keeping an eye out for at the moment. Looking to the future i see Dragon Age and NWN 2. Bless bioware.

Naruto looks like crap. So does Ninety Nine Nights. As well as Chromo Hounds. When will people learn that with the common availiability of trailers on the internet you cant just pretend a bad game is a good game. People see through that.