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Level 20 and AWESOMNESS

Just to let all you guys know, i reached level 20 - "Metal Slime" (obviously a reference to Dragon Quest).

Also, i'm in Disney World RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its so awesome!!!! I love it here i never want to leave!!!! :D If you have any questions BE SURE to comment them!!! I'll be here to answer them!!! :)

Till next time -


Come on guys!!

Really??!?! NO comennts on my last blog post?!!??! not one!!! And it was something interesting too!!!! (at least i thought so) Why??!?!??! I thought at least ONE of you would like to help me out, but NOOO!!! NOBODY COMMENTED!!!!!!! What was your feed blocked up with a bunch of other peoples??!! Yeah I know I've not blogged in a while, but come on!! I hope I at least get 1 from this post...


Dubbing Majora's Mask

Ok guys, so me and my friends are going to be dubbing Majora's Mask. We need some more people though... Thats where you guys come in! If you think you can *dub: Tatl, Tael, The Happy Mask Salesman, Sakkon, Link, or Link in either of his three forms, then comment or send me a PM! I'll get you all set up! :) We're hoping to complete this by spring break...

*dub: to make voices for characters in TV shows, Movies, or video games that have no original voices, or have no voices in your language.

*note: A girl can try out for Link, since his voice is high pitched in MM, we are accepting Cross-dressed voices.

Also, if you think you can dub anyone else in MM comment or send me a PM anyway! I'll see if we have someone you can dub :)

Tell your friends! Anyone is welcome to join :)

Thats all for now,


LISTEN EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah even YOU!!!


Ahem, thank you.

EVERY PERSON (yes even YOU [ @PiscesAnimeGirl ]) NEEDS TO JOIN THIS UNION!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -

If you are already a part of 30 unions, just stop and think... (What would Sora do?) WWSD? I think Sora would join THIS UNION (yes that one right above here. look up there ^^^) because he fights against the heartless!! And he needs to get ALL his KH news right here at the Kingdom Hearts Experience Union!!! (yeah thats it click the link right up there ^)

What if I dont you say????? Sora will come to your house and hack your GS account and FORCE you to join this union!! Though I wouldnt test him!!!!!! While hes there he might see some heartless and kill them in your house! But then destroy all your gaming consoles AND your computers!! (by accident of course) :P

SO GO JOIN THE UNION NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the way heres the link again, in case you missed it ;)

That is all.

Madden 12

So for my brothers birthday he got Madden 12, and I have to say (coming from someone who isnt a particular fan of sports games) it is nice!! Good graphics, 4 different control schemes, and nice playability makes it the best Madden yet! The Franchise is the best of all of the Madden games! Great setup, nice manuverablility, its just awesome. Pretty much the only thing I have to complain about is the soundtrack...first of all why, on all the NFL games is it always just rock and rap?? I mean I Love rock (not a fan of rap) but i mean i like variety! On Madden 12 there are about 3 rock songs and the rest are rap...Not all the rap on there is bad to me though...the rock songs are of nice quality too, since Rise Against is on there :P

Anyways, I finally got around to fixing one of my gaming computers :P Turns out the RAM was just dusty :P So now I can play FATE again!!!!!!!!!! :D

Also I recently picked up Star Wars The Clone Wars Lightsaber Duels...Pretty descent a nice workout too! Nice use of the motion controls of the best Wii games of 2008 IMO...


I AM FINALLY GETTING MY XBOX 360!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D

I know long time right??? But yeah I'm getting for Christmas so I dont have to spend a penny! ;) Except on games that is :P

I'll be going to Gamestop later to pick up The Bourne Conspiracy, Lost Planet: Colonies Edition, and Fracture! Even though I wont be playing them untill Christmas! :P

Ok well I think thats all for now! Have fun guys! :D

No blogs in a while....

OK so everything is in the title for this blog!!!!! I want a LOT of comments though!!!!! Comment on what you think I should do next on GS!! Review??? Huge blog?? Or just tell me you missed me! I dont care just comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

GURPS 4th ed!!!!!

Hey guys so i just found this P&P RPG called GURPS. I've read over all the rules and all that crap and now I want to play and see if i really do know how to play. Problem is, I have harldey any friends and I doubt any of them would like to play GURPS. So all i'm left with is my family, because I don't have the right internet connection to do a chat room how would I get them interested and how can i easily explain the rules to them without sitting down and reading them the 32 page manual? (they kind of have a short attention span) I'll need something exciting and catchy.

Also I figured out what i'm going to do for money. I'm just going to ask, like on my facebook, people if they have anything they want done and will pay me to do it. At least thats my plan until next summer when I can get a REAL job at a REAL place, like gamestop ;) So when I get enough money (i think i'll be doing a job sometime soon that'll pay pretty good) i'm getting myself a BRAND NEW Xbox 360 Slim!!!!!!!!!!! It'll be the console all the cords and an awesome controller! (i'll get some games the day before or the day i get it) Altogether (not including games) for $155!!!!! (I'm getting it before Christmas so I can gets 360 games for Christmas ;))

Ok guys so as always comments are greatly appereciated! :)