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Pre-Order Bonuses and DLC Problams

It seems every hit title is now bound to have a pre-order bonus but only if you order from a particular game store like Gamestop. I hate how this is becoming more and more part of games lately. There is a problem that is really bugging me though. Different stores offer different content, so you will no matter what be denied content depending on where you buy the game. Most of the times pre-order bonuses dont become downloadable, forcing you to go websites like Ebay and buy it from there if you really want it and that is asinine. As much as I would like to have it I wont pay some extra money for it and I shouldnt have to. Its not worth going through all that trouble and while I'm already talking about such things as pre-order bonuses, let me tell you something about DLC.

DLC or Downloadable Content has been growing more into gaming for a while now. I dont mind some of it but the way things are going, I'm never going to get DLC again. The prices are getting insanely high and dumbed down. As for a example, Modern Warfare 2's Map Packs. Go online, check it out, and tell me thats a good deal....

Thought so, now I dont like Modern Warfare 2 or those kinda games but its ridiculous to charge for something like a Map Pack such an amount. With that money you could get a bunch of good arcade games. But sadly even arcade games are getting overpriced now, games that should be a couple dollars or less are being charged for way more then what they are actually worth. With some arcade titles just utterly being bad I could of got a good PC game for that.

On another note about DLC, lots of it is now coming out that should of been just part of the actual game and not been sold as DLC. Its just everyone trying to sqeeze a little more money out of us while their neverending greed continues.

Moving on we have games on demand. These games are overpriced, I have compared it and I find this to be totalBS They charge so much more for just a digital copy, games can be aquired for less online.

Im mostly talking about Xbox Live here but the thing is its getting worse in the industry. PSN has alot of the same problems.

This industry will continue to increase prices and charge more for less. Why? Because everyone seems to buy it no matter what. Soon its going to get so bad that gaming will charge you for even more. Especially if people like Kotick get their way, everyone needs to say: "NO, we wont pay this abusurd price for content and NO, we want full games without portions missing and having to pay for it.

Im not sure if you agree with me or not but this is how I feel

It never cease and amaze me at how low gaming has gotten

Recently I was called a wannabe gamer and a sellout becouse during my live game cast I was doing the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. The reason becouse I dont want multiplayer in a game like Elder Scrolls becouse I dislike and find it would ruin what was a great game. I mean really are people so obbssed with stupid adding of multiplayer to every game that it canbe this assinine. The only time I play multiplayer is if its a real life game you know like back when we had multiple ppl on 1 system and why becouse its alot more enjoyable for me listening ot idiots online think they are the best or whine and complainis not a fun time for me so becouse I dont like it i am called a sell out and wannabe gamer how on earth dues that make me one it duesnt. People never cease to amaze me at how they can make gaming even more low.

The FANBOY WARS They really need to die they are some of the most pointless fighting iv ever seen if you dont like to play a system thats fine dont try and take everyone who disagrees down becouse your just showing how stupid you are. I happily own pretty much all around gaming im right now working on getting a gaming rig built so I can do more PC gaming but dues that mean I dislike consoles or hate on them no I happily own a 360 and a PS3 both of which I play equaly I plan I getting a Wii sometime in the near future as well. THEY ALL HAVE STUFF THEY ROCK AT AND SUCK AT PEOPLE People need to stop acting like one system is supreme and others are Garbage its utter assinine if people would relize this gaming might be abel to progress some and become better untill then its just getting lower in ruining and showing how lil commen sense people have.

I hate the dicrection gaming has gone

I'm honestly sick of all this crap in gaming now and how gaming has been ruined because of it. The Industry used to be amazing and I used to love game company's like Nintendo but now I just don't know everyone seems to care about stupid graphics and thinks thats what makes a game good and it just ticks me off to no end with that graphics have nothing to do with how good a game is all they are is a after care whats really important is how the game handles and plays. A game without any good controlling or handling is just terrible it can look as pretty as you want but the thing is its a frustration to control or play I want games back when N64 was still the main system. Another part that I hate where gaming is gone is this stupid Achievement/Trophy system I don't bother to get them or anything I really hate them and I have been called a noob and all those other things just because I have a low score or lack of trophies. I really want to know how some stupid virtual award makes you better? Its total BS to think they mater or how games are just getting essayer and essayer I mean really just look at the Legend of Zelda games the first ones where not so easy compared to today I personal find the original Links Awakening the hardest of them. People are thrown off or dismayed if the game has any difficulty the industry just cares about money and greed they don't care about fans anymore why make a Amazing brilliant good difficulty game when a simple easy game sells more to casual gamers and just sucks. Speaking of what sucks games are now getting bad single players or half done ones in favor of pure online or multiplayers I'm honestly sick of it I hate pretty much all online games because of this a game should be abeal to stand on its own without a multiplayer or co-op. Some games its good for but most its just terrible or they just throw in with a amazing single player I just hate just like the QTE feature thats been thrown in more and more games it seems developers are just getting lazy now and instead of putting a boss fight or gameplay for something they just throw in a QTE instead a example for this is Wet a boss fight being QTE is just stupid.

Well thats some of the stuff as to why I mostly explaned some features as to why if you dont agree then thats fine becouse where free to think what we want this is my first one sorry if its not to good