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Level 9

I made it to level nine.... Um, i thought i got a party when that happened? Dang it!!

Not much going on. I started a email group to help ppl get in shape. Its pretty cool. I advice ppl on what to eat and working out. Mainly it's a support group for these ladies. It combines my two great loves, working out and helping poeple.

Guess that's all i got.


My day off...

I am so excited about my day off!!! I have a lot planned for today. First I am going shopping (for groceries) and then I am going to spend a few hours playing FF12. I have had this game since Christmas and I have only logged 6 or 7 hours on it. After that I am going to wok out all day. I am rather disapionted that I have not gottern back to the leveel i used to be. Working out 3 or 4 hours a day used to be really normal for me, now I am topping out at 2 hours. I feel like a lazy crumb.Anyway, gives me a goal.

My friends and I were talking about the kind of women we are attracted too yesterday, and they were giving me a lot of flack. My friends are all about stick thin and model pretty and thats it. I have dated those kinds of girls, but I don't like them. I personally always look at a womans smile first. A warm smile is attractive. I guess after dating a lot of empty headed "perfect 10s" (when i was in my early 20s) I am more into personality now. Of course there has to be attraction there, but at the end of the day I want a woman who will stand beside me,be my friend, and make me laugh.

I had dinner with a friend last night and it was half raw. Blekkk!! I ate it so as not to hurt any feelings, but I got so sick when I got home. Moral of the story: just tell them it needs some more cooking!!

Guess thats all I got.


Ahhhhhhhh, Monday!!

Whats up my loves? This has been a pretty sweet Monday for me. I got off from work early, and my day was simple. now i did set aside some paperwork to do that, but...

Today is a full work out for me. That means I lift weight for about an hour (doing 1 minute cardio burst on the bike between sets), and I do 30 minutes on the eliptical and 30 on either stair step or bike. I am pshyked. I LOVE working out.

Nothing else going on. Love ya guys.


Random Thoughts

Hello my loves!! How is everyone today? I am very well, very blessed. Not a lot going on here, just chilling. Just a few randon things for you...

1. Tomorrow is church and I am excited. I haven't been sense we got back from our cruise. That means I missed two in a row. I miss my friends, and my pastor. :-(

2. I can't jog with ym dog anymore. She is just to lazy.

3. I think my dog may be a tad slow in da noggin.

4. I ended up working only 46 hours this week, so I am happy.

5. I worked out hard all week, and I am going to be a lazy boy today.

6. BASEBALL!!!!!!! Spring training is nearly here.

7. Went and saw Epic movie last night. I about died laughing.

8. I love diet blueberry tea.

9. My bench is at 250. I want to get bak to 300.

10. I love you guys!! You rock!!!



And tomorrow is my day off :-)

Today was a really good day. I only worked 9 hours (I had projected 10-11 hours), I got to hang out with my wife, and we watched AI together. Before and after I played FF 12 and Transformers (hehehehe). As terrific as all of that is I really look forward to my day off. I am going to work out for a couple hours in the morning, have lunch with my wife, get a haircut and do a little grocery shopping. Than some more working out or games. I know that sounds boring but that is just my kind of lazy day.

I'm outies my friends.


In the Army Now??

jsut some news and ramndom bits of info...

Well, me and my wife have come to a decision... I will go into the army 9as logn as I cna pass the physical). I took my ASVAB back in October but I didn't take my physical because my wifes Dad passed away. It pretty much freaked her out and we put off the idea of me going. I scored a 91 on the ASVAB (a 99 is perfect), so I can have my choice of jobs. I let up a little on my running and stuff so i better hop back into it. I was working out 3-4 hours a day, and the last couple of months I have only been doing 30 mins or so a day. It's all good I love working out.

On a diff subj, I am completely zoinked at work. I had a stack of paper-work the size of a puddle to catch up on (from when i took vacation). I got through most of it, but I still have a ways to go. I am trying to cut back on working so many hours. I have been working from 4:30 am till 3-4 pm. I want to change that to 5am till 2 pm.  :-P

I have been playing a lot of Brain Age & FF 12 the last couple of days. I am really loving FF 12.

Smurfs rock!

I haven't really been attening ministry group much. The group is all 22-27 and I just hit 30. I feel a little out of place.

Guess thats it. My wife is playing the DS, and I am going to read a little bit.

Later Tators.


Snow Days!!!

Well, well, well, it looks like winter has come to Texas. We haven't had real snow here in years. I don't like it. I want it to be HOT! It sucks to work out when its 30 and below outside. On the plus side it does give me some extra time with me wife (neither of us went to work, though I didn't because I had the day off), so theres that. I still wish it was 90.

Nothing else is really going on. I am just surfing the net looking for game and baseball info. I also played some singstar rock with the wifey earlier, but she always kicks my rear. She is a pref singer and I most def am not. She even has a CD out.

Anyway, it's just a boring snow day.


I just got back from my cruise yesterday, and what can I say but WOOOOHOOOOO! I had so much fun it was unreal. The only downer is that my wife got bad, bad sunburn (I felt so horrible for my darling) on La Playa Mia beach but she was so cool. She is not that into dancing so she let dance with like dozens of girls. At one point I had six girls bumping and grinding all over me (on the party boat we took). We both got wayyyyyyyyyy drunk to, which was cool cause we never drink at home. The day before in Progresso I actually got to salsa, but these 4 skanky girls kept trying to get me strip for them and go off with them. I said no way. I still got drunk that day too. I was drunk 3 out of the 5 days actually. Hehehehehe.

All in all it was the best trip ever.

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