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So after being a member of Gamespot for more than two years and never posting, giving reviews, and all the other fun stuff, I thought tonight would be a good time to start.

It has been almost four weeks since I moved into my first apartment away from home and with the woman who will soon be wife next May. Not only this but it has been almost that same amount of time since my Xbox 360 red ringed on me while halfway through deadspace and during a time in my life where instead of forking out a hundred dollars to get it repaired it had to go to rent......stupid responsibility and adult hood.

I came to an understanding during this duration without an xbox, I miss my friends. Most of my closest friends from school, college and high school, I kept in contact on xbox. It was the time we all could sit down together all across the country and play and talk and joke. Without my xbox though I have actually missed out on this and have come to realize that xbox has literally become my only thread of connection to those I still talk to....through a box that connects to the internet.

So, am I just weird or is this natural? Do I need to make other friends where I can meet them at a bar instead of the dashboard? Go paintballing or shoot a spartan with a laser?

Maybe it's both, I have friends here at college, but summer blows when all those you know during the school year move back home or are friends of your fiancee.

Regardless, I'm happy to keep talking to those who I lost saw more than four years ago just to keep that one little connection alive.