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Little things can make your day......

.... For me, its comming home to a happy family, and espically hearing my boyfriends voice on the phone.

Happy new year!

I think im feeling the effects from last night about now, ugh, and i had work this morning, it was so unbusy, then when i left my poor mum had to deal with loads of people.

Another thing which made my day was, i heard that pokemon HG/SS is comming out in March, roughly around the same time as FFXIII, and i think March, and this year actually will be a good year for games, there is such a good line up this year, im over the moon.

Oh, i got a car for late christmas present, that was definately unexpected, i never ask for much, and this yea i hardly waned anything, but a car, bloody hell. Santa must have thought i was a good girl this year ;]

Hope you all had a wonderful christmas and a great start to the new year.


The Third- My Computer

Oh how I hate my computer at this moment in time, it just doesn't seem to want to play any of the game I have installed, and it espically hates the Sims.

The Sims 3 worked fine, and then it started to blue screen, so we brought a new graphcis driver, and it really seemed to like it, apart from the fact whenever i played the game, it would crash to desktop >.< I have all the recent downloadable patches for it, and still nothing. So I wanted to play the sims 2 and oh I have alot of expansion packs, I installed it, and AVG went funny on it, and removed some files I was like WTF? And that didnt work at all what so ever.

Oh and it gets better, I now have Age of Empires 3 thanks to my lovely boyfriend :] ♥ and it plays really well, until, my computer fully turns itself off!

I hate it, I hate it, I hate it.

The Second- SA Holiday

Hey Guys. Guess what, KizzyCHU is in South Africa :] Oh yes, its hot over here right now, but when me and my mum first got out here in rained. My Dad was doing a charity rided called Enduro-Africa with Cherry Tree Adventures, and its were they would ride a trails bike across the African Scrub, it was really cool, loads of people went, but sadly, they didnt get to give the trials bike to the health workers this time, but still its a really cool charity, and near the end of it, they help build a school in the middle of no-where for some cute kiddies. There were hard and easy terrains, but made Dad being a bit of a loon broke his back in a motorbike accident, but that was her fault, she skipped a red light and he went flying over the top, so it has taken him 3 years to recover and to finally do this. So he rode of Durban to Port Elizabeth (P.E) and me and my mum met him in P.E, first we went to Heathrow, then an 11hour flight to Johannasbeg and then an in-flight to P.E, that flight was cool, lots of turbelance, and then when you looked down you could see all the frieght boats and all the whales and the dolphins around them. After we landed it was hot, then within a matter of seconds it went to rain and pretty much it was like seeing a hurricane, fork lighting thunder high winds, terrible sea, but it was beautiful. We stayed in a place called The Beach Hotel, and right next door was like Wuro-Disney, me and my mum walked in and it was like, a few shop then an open area where there was a huge stage and a singer was singer loads of Elvis Presley songs, it kind of felt like a Sunday Car Boot Sale (if you have ever been to one, you know what i mean) Then we met my dad in a place called The Raddison Hotel, its newly opened 4 stars already, and some Enduro-Africa guys were already there, so we went to the bar, was fun, and we talked to the bartender about the money over here, wow, what a shock, the Africa Rand is very poor, but it looks pretty it has animals on, but R450 is about 45.00 pound its not alot really. After 2 nights there were went to Knynsa (prounouced Ny-S-Na) thats cool we stayed in a nice hotel The Rex Hotel and we went to small cafes and went to Moneky Land and Birds of Eden, after that we came to the Pumba Msenge Game Lodge, and within the first days worth of Safari I have already seen the Big 5. Lion (Panthera leo) African Elephant (Loxodonta africana) Cape Buffalo (Syncerus caffer) Leopard (Panthera pardus) Black Rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis) Was so cool, and we spent 3 nights here, then we go to Sedgefield, (Sounds awful right) we stay one night there, and either we are going to do the Tenikwa Cheetah walk or the Knysna Elephant park (you can ride one) then we go to Cape Town, and hopefully going to the Table Top Mountains there, and hopefully going to a Theme Park there (aparantly) Beginning with J. After that we come home to England again, and travel about 16-17 hours to get back home to Devon! Already caught mega-sunburn, but brought loads of small things its nice here, I recommend a Holiday here, we got our Holiday through called Unwund Africa, its amazing, and if you do go tell me about your experience. I know this sounds funny but when I think of Africa I think of TLK, but its nothing like that unless you go further inland, else its like Scottland/Wales/Dartmoor, its really green, but so pretty. We did the Garden Route, so thinking about it, I can uinderstand why it would be so green (Duuuhhhh Blonde moment there eh?) Anyway hope you like what I wrote and if you want to see some picture, just ask. KizzyCHU-X

The First- Me, Myself, I

Hey guys, I'm Lauren also known as (KizzyCHU) dont ask me were the name come from seriously, I think it was more STH related then anything else, but anyway. I joined, because i pop on here every now and then to get patches and cheats and hints&tips and whatnot so i had an account, then my boyfriend joined defenestrator17, so I thought i would become more active. I do like to play games ALOT, im going to admit that freely because I love gaming, I really do, countless nights of all hours gaming and anime watching with your best friend, nothing more fun really. I do have a few consoles yes, but some I think I would be shot for. But the console I loved would have to be the N64, dont ask me why, but, I think it was because of Banjo Kazooie and Conkers BFD, they were 2 amazing games, but I think i plau CBFD alot more, most probably because of the bad language and the funny clips. Well, I think thats all i can really say, not too much, too not less, so any questions ask away :] KizzyCHU-X