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Goldeneye.... fun but with a few annoying flaws.

Yeah i picked ut up yesterday, but wasn't hope to try it till today. It is fun, i do enjoy it at times, but it has a few flaws...

Mostly the flaws are with the multiplayer aspect. First off, and this could only be me i don't know.... the game likes to freeze on loading.

Lets say i pick a mode.... goldeneye.... after a pick it, a few moments later the game freezes... now i don't really care if it does it once or twice... but i have had it do it back to back to back. It's very annoying and it seems to do it when it feels like it. Not really sure what the cause would be.

Another thing... people are already cheating. I enjoy the multiplayer when it works, it's very solid online. But when i get a team match and the other team has a cheater with never ending grenades.... yeah suddenly it's not so fun. Im worried that if the cheaters are already starting.... it's just gonna grow into a bigger issue.

I was a little bumed that i couldn't get whatever weapons i wanted.... first goldeneye you started with the PP7? pretty sure... hey it's been a decade don't hate me for not remembering.... anyway.... you start out with a few guns, but you really can't get more unless you play a lot and *level up* . pretty much doing well in a match gives you exp, the more you level, the better gear and gadgets you can get.

It has a good selection of modes to play and maps to fufill your bloodlust wants on, and each of em are different enough that you won't feel like your playing on a few generic maps, thought some maps really aren't good for a few of the modes.... and the spawn point camping.... you don't start off with a few moments of invincability when you spawn, your more or less free game right at the get go. So if you just suddenly end up dead, yeah...

The main game is decent, it takes me about half an hour a level, so it will keep you busy for a few hours. But in all honesty, people are gonna get goldeneye for the multiplayer, I know that was the main reason i got it.

I would give it an 8.25 out of 10. It's good, not flawless.

Anyone able to make a banner?

Yeah i wouldn't ask, but im on a new computer, a laptop and i don't have any of my old picture, banners ect so.... does anyone have an artistic ability? i know i sure don't. Can you make a metroid themed banner? or a pokemon themed one with leafeon? i would really take either, and it would be greatly appreciated. Still need to find a blog header to >.> .... so much to replace and fix.

Slowly getting things back together

Yeah... gonna take awhile, really smart how i locked myself out of warcrafted.... but meh. A fresh start could do me some good, lord knows i was inactive..... sent out about 90 PMs to people... seems a few got them and added me again. Lets see what else.... hmm.... guess i should find a union or 2 to be active in again. For some reason i feel... social, i know it's shocking.

yes you do know this person

If you were wondering why someone added you that you don't know.... you do know em. This would be warcrafted... got tired of the name and changed to one that was more.... fitting? Sure lets go with that. More or less copying my F-list atm so if you would be kind do add me back. Hmm... never noticed how many user from my F-list were banned.... lot of em were good people to. I really made a new account to give myself a fresh start, on top of being sick of my name. So yeah this is my attempt to be active again.