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Sorry Again

Well...yeah, sorry about the lack of activity again -___- I sort out one problem and another one comes up and I didn't have a chance to get online to tell yours.

I shall be back now.


Gonna Be Away For A Bit

Yeah, stuff's happening in my life at the moment that needs serious attemtion so I'm gonna be less active - if not completely offline - for a while. Hopefully not too long but I promise I will come back. SHouldn't be longer than 2 weeks maximum, but if it is going to be then I shall come back and post another update.

Sorry people, but it's gotta get sorted.

Well, Last Night Was Fun!!! :D

Well, it was my boyfriend's 18th birthday yesterday and he wasn't planning on doing anything but that suddenly changed. Soon, we had many people out all saying happy birthday. Anyway, both his parents were out at work and it was only his older brothers in so we dragged everyone back to his. All 30-odd of us.

At first it started as just a social gathering, then we found our way to the music channels, then the 18+ year ollds went and bought whiskey, then went again and bought more whiskey, rum, and Pepsi. It was only meant to be the people going camping having a drink because some of the guys, including my boyfriend, went camping last night. He's still there as I write this actually because he's coming to mine to get himself sorted out (it's closer than his to the camping spot). ANYWAY! Back on topic...

But yeah, everyone started drinking (yes, even me) and everyone got a bit tipsy (me off a small tumbler glass of rum mixed with Pepsi. Darn alcohol intolerance! It was a nice drink and I could have more! =@ ). This then led to mass song singing as we had the TV on Scuzz (a rock and metal music channel if some people don't know what it is). This included Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi and One Way or Another by Blondie and many other well known songs.

Then the PS3 and Guitar Hero: World Tour came out. Drunken GH is rather funny to watch actually, but annoying for the person using the slightly broken guitar xD poor guys. Then out came Call of Duty 5, with its "Nazi Zombies" and that was all that was getting yelled through the house. Then Dragonball Z went in, and that just topped it off xDDD The amount of people yelling "It's OVER 9000!" was ridiculous in that room (there were lots of DBZ fans in that party)

So yeah, everyone soon went home and the campers went camping with EVEN MORE alcohol. It's gonna be funny to see that state of them today, considering they did it from Sunday-Monday overnight as well. Geez....I feel sorry for them

But yeah, it was fun, fun, fun! And mine's the next 18th to come along. Wonder what everyone will be doing for that xD

I Got My Exam Timetable

And it looks pretty grim. 7 exams in exactly 1 month, from the 11th May to the 11th June.

General Studies - 90 minutes

Maths - 90 minutes

Law - 120 minutes

Maths (again) - 90 minutes

Biology - 105 minutes

Chemistry - 105 minutes

Maths (again again) - 90 minutes

And, for each exam, I've gota know -EVERYTHING- because absolutely anything could come up. Not one single idea from the teachers becasuse of a brand new syllabus. Crap.

So yeah, my apologies if my activity decreases slightly over the next few months. Blame the people who invented exams, not me! ...or just blame me for being super clever xDDD ....

Monday -Was- Actually Quite Fun....

....Because I didn't go!

My boyfriend isn't in college all week so he couldn't take me, unfortunately.

I went into college for 1 lesson out of the two I was meant to have before pulling a sickie. Sorry, but I wasn't gonna wait around for 5 hours until last lesson when it takes me about 1 and a half hours to get home from there.

So yeah, Monday was fyn. Didn't have to worry at all after all.

Monday's Gonna Be Fun! -_-

I hope you all noticed the sarcasm there. It's gonna be far from fun.

I have a college trip to the Wigan Magistrates' Court for Law in the morning and they're not very useful in telling us how to get there. I can get ino Wigan just fine, and the court is only a 10 minute walk away from the central bus station, but I have absolutely no idea where it is. I've tried Googling the map, but it's telling me about streets I've enver even heard of.

My boyfriend knows where it is and said he'll show me where it is if he has time before college (he goes to a college in Wigan, you see, and he needs 10 minutes there, 10 minutes back, and 5 minutes to get to college and to lesson) so I pretty much doubt he'll be able to show me. I can't ask for directions, either, because I can't follow them. I know it's at the end of a place called King Street, but how to get there by foot is another story. If only I had a full driving lisence at the moment: I know the car route, just not by foot and there's no paths so I can't follow the road, especially since you've gotta be suicidal to walk at the edge of the road in Wigan.

I'm -so- gonna get lost.

French Sticks, eh? xDDD

Walking through a shop today, I heard the weirdest thing in the world.

There was a guy and a woman stood in the frozen food section, and the guy was obviously trying to hit it off with the woman. He kept on cracking jokes and making occasional comments about the contents of her trolley, such as the frozen peas she had just picked up. As I walked past, I heard one thing the guy said veryclearly, that almost had me in stitches.

Guy: *glances into trolley* Ahhh,I see you like French sticks, eh?

Woman: Why yes I do.

Guy: That's too bad: I'm from Blackpool. *winks seductivaly*

I made a hasty retreat from this aisle before bursting into fits of hyseterical giggles and proceeding to share what I had just heard with my friends. Oh, it was funny.

College Ponderings #1 -> The 5-Hour Free and Various Other Things

Great. In my college we have 4 lessons a day. My middle two lessons tomorrow are cancelled, which leaves me with the dreaded 5-hour-free, which people love to hate, yet hate to love. It's perfectly fine as long as you've got work to do but if you haven't it is the most boring experience of your life. Just sat there in the library with nothing to do, twiddling your thumbs, watching your friends come and go between their lessons. Yep, that's me tomorrow. Oh, the joys!

Then Wednesday, I've got no lessons because all my tutors are Personal Tutors, and it's a meeting day so they have to meet with their students. This means the only thing I've gotta comein for it my 5 minute meeting, then I can go home. Geez, what's the point? By this point, I'll be sick of free time. I don't know how I can be, but I will be.

Next is Thursday, and guess what? 2 lessons! 2 whole lessons, and then I've got the rest of the afternoon off. Not as bad as the rest of the week because this is the afternoon off, and my boyfriend has the same afternoon off as me so I can go home with him, but it's still bad. Free time, free time, free time....whatever shall I do with thou?

Friday's the worst though. After all that free time during the week, guess what I've got? You're wrong, it's not more free time. I actually have lessons. All four in fact. No freetime what-so-ever and by Friday I'll be wishing for my free timet o be back again. Luckily, I'm not in work on Friday so I've got a Friday night for once. Amazingly.

Then after the weekend, the trend continues. I've got a Law trip on Monday to a Magistrate's Court to watch trials so that should be fun, but then on Tuesday I'm off because it's the Upper VIth review day (they're the year above me) so I get the day off. Then three normal days and then I've got 2 weeks offcollege. Freetime overload! Free time overload!

Seriously, what am I gonna do with myself over these next few weeks?

I Love....

My amazingly ginger hair!!!! :D

I've spent the past few months trying countless dyes to get the red out of my hair from last summer. I finally got it all out and guess what? I get bored of sandy brown and decide to go completely GINGER!

I'm in college and wear a hat when in work so I can do what I want with my hair.

Best. Hair colour. EVAH!!!