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Reaction to Crysis 2 bashing

Ok, I'm seeing quite a few people bashing Crysis 2's multiplayer mode, so I am going to comment on it. First, yes, the game does lag some. It depends on the server, and your connection. Second, you may die a lot, depending on your skill and the other players' skill. Third, people will use cloak. However, people that use cloak still leave a shadow on the ground, they are not completely invisible, the die easier while in cloak, using cloak loses energy faster, and shooting or meleeing while cloaked completely drains energy. People will also use armor, if they are smart. A well-placed shot or two can take them down, however. If you use more than one mag, your aim is bad. Finally, the maps are fun. Some are small, some are not. Some are indoor, most are not. Pier 17 and Lighthouse are a sniper's paradise.

Crysis 2 multiplayer

I have 3 words for all newcomers to Crysis 2 multiplayer: WATCH YOUR ENERGY!! If you like getting into a lot of firefights like I do, armor is your best friend. I use armor enhance, which lowers the amount of energy armor uses, letting you use it longer. I only use stealth to search for enemies, and only stay in stealth when I KNOW I can get a stealth kill. Otherwise, when I spot an enemy, I switch to armor mode and fire away.