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How much longer

As we all know, every gaming console has it's own dusk and dawn moments. Between these moments is the period when the gaming platform may prosper or may not, depending on it's popularity and games released for this console. It's not a secret that the dawn of PS2 is not far away, since the next generation consoles, such as X360 and PS3 are currently leading in gaming industry (I'm not talking about PC), although it was and still is a popular gaming platform, games are still released and there are many gamers (including me), who still tend to play PS2 games. Therefore, I would like to hear your predictions on how much longer will the games be released for PS2 and when will it's dusk come.


I am sorry...

I am sorry to all leaders and members of the unions I have declined to join or have resigned from. The point is that I was a member of more than 20 unions and just couldn't handle posting in all of them. I hope you understand my situation and not be mad at me. I don't feel good at all.

Is it worth it?

I know that many of you are happy owners of PC and perhaps multiple consoles as well. So is it worth it to purchase, for example, PS3, PSP, Wii if you can simply do something else besides gaming - reading, hanging out with friends, doing sports activities and so on. Also video games are expensive.

I don't say that you or I should stop playing games, just do it somehow when you don't have anything else to do. What is your opinion?


, or simply ??????

Remember to consider this question from the logical point of view.;)

A Total Frustration

Today was a day when I got my money and decided to buy Metal Gear Solid 3:Snake Eater. And so I went to the nearest shop to buy that game( actually, I wanted that game for a long time and it has been in my wish-list for about two months). The point is that it was the only place in radius of about 2 miles, where I was able to buy it.

When I picked up the game and was going to pay for it (42$), the little thingy on the top of a tight plastic case in which the game was in, happened to be broken and sails-women couldn't open THAT DAMN CASE BECAUSE OF SOME MORON WHO BROKE IT!


One of the sails-women gave me an "advice" to buy a different game. I wanted to tell her that I WANT THIS GAME AND NO OTHER. PERIOD!!! But I calmed down and didn't say anything.

I was frustrated not only because of that but also because I had to wait in 2 queues for my turn to pay for the game.

Luckily the sails-woman allowed me to pay for the game and take it with the whole case. When I came home, I tried to open the case and with some effort I succeeded. Now I will keep the case as a souvenir for this little frustrating shopping adventure and put the MGS3 game in it!

Outstanding performance

It was a couple of months ago when I watched the movie called The Dark Knight and it completely blew me away. I thought that it will be an average movie based on the famous comics about the adventures of Batman, but I how wrong I was!

1. Special effects

Nowadays everybody including myself loves special effects, but those effects require a large budget and you can be sure that this movie surely has it. Therefore the "spec - effects" were executed tremendously. You know - all these explosions, expensive Bat -mobiles, suits and crashes of those "mobiles" are all there in this movie.

2. The pressure

As this movie's genre suggests, it should grip your attention from the beginning till the end. And it succeeds in this aspect as well! All these plot twists that you don't expect make the observer be in a constant excitement all the time.

3. The acting

Here comes the main part of this blog. As you might or might not already know, the most talented actor of this movie is considered to be the Joker which was played by Heath Ledger. The mind of this bad guy is twisted so much that I can't come up with other such bright examples of evil villains like him. He is the villain of all villains!


This is one of the best movies I have ever seen! No, truly. I gave it 10/10.( I always rate movies when I see ones). So if you happen to see this spectacular movie, you definitely should see it. Don't miss it. I hope it will satisfy your expectations as it once satisfied mines.

Olympic Games

Olympic Games are over. All sportsmen have shown the world what they got. How do you rate the performance of your country's athletes?

P.S. Chinese athletes are tough, they even have beaten Americans which regards the number of golden medals. Americans are shocked by this superb performance of Chinese sportsmen. Post your comments.

It's finally over!!!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, today was the day when I wrote my last exam, so everything(school) is over for good. And now -summer awaits me.

Oh, by the way, a week ago I received my mark table(I don't know, how it is called in English) and guess what! I was the best student among all 12 th grade students. I even got a diploma with a signature of a Prime Minister of Latvia!!! Yeah, and also 2 books for very good marks.

Playstation 2 is my!!!

Today is the day when I finally got PlayStation 2! I have been waiting for almost 2 months to lay my hands on this wonderful console! I know it's nothing special to you and everyone else, but I am so excited.

Wish me luck

My final exams start after 3 days till the 13 th of June. I have to pass 4 exams and 1 IMPORTANT test, so wish me luck.

I have to study hard and prepare well.

Today was the day of the last bell at school, so it means that regular studies are over and now only exams await me.

See you someday!!!;)

Bye, bye!

Today is the day of my departure to Czech republic. This means bye, bye for 5 days! See you after 5 days then!:)
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