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hyrule warriors is no.6 lol so how the balls has it beaten tlou

not too bright ey?

learn to read what u write. your thread title mentions 'sales aug18-aug24' and your chart has tlou higher than hw for this period so i ask again how the balls has it beaten tlou?

you still cant figure it out? maybe when you become a junior...thats when advanced adding and subtracting comes into play.

haha yep just as i thought, u have nothing. tlou outsold hw during this period, its a fact. now run along and watch anime porn or something ninty fans do


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Nothing much, just having a run through with: CoD: World at War (360)

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All Madden games from Gen 6 and onwards have been garbage imo. I was more of a Sega Sports NFL2K guy on Dreamcast and original XBOX. It was cheaper and better and gave pussy EA a run for it's money, that's why they got pussified and established that idiotic Exclusivity Deal with NFL. I was a Madden (and NHL) guy for the entire Genesis era, because that was THE SYSTEM to buy it on.

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Already planned on getting X1 at some point this year, likely by the Holidays.

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None to be honest. Nothing against Sony or the PS4, I just prefer the X1 for reasons:

  1. I prefer the controllers
  2. I prefer the exclusives
  3. Better Online infrastructure
  4. All Multiplats are covered

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None. Not a single video game gave me nightmares. The first Silent Hill had disturbing levels, but far from scaring the hell out of me.

The Exorcist film was probably the only form of entertainment that scared the shit out of me. Not even the Freddy Krugers, the Jason Voorhees, or Mike Myers or any slasher flix would do any damage either.

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In order:

  1. RE2 (PS1)
  2. RE4 (GC)
  3. RE3 (PS1)
  4. RE:CV (DC)
  5. REmake (GC)
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My money goes to Far Cry 3. Excellent replay value and lots of fun things to do.

Uncharted is great. But you play the games once, you'll likely NEVER EVER play them again, just like most PS exclusives. Unless, you're into the MP portion, which to me doesn't belong in the games in the first place.

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I don't see why anyone should care. If you bought a Wii U to play multiplats, you're doing it wrong.

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@Sword-Demon: Trouble is, this is just a weak excuse. The reason it's not selling is because fewer and fewer people are finding reasons to buy a Nintendo console and it's stuff like this which matters to people.

I've heard all the usual fanboy cliches used in this thread so far. "Water makes you wet" and "pretty predictable". As if this is so obvious. Nintendo has many CODs going back a while, so this IS news. Even on the underpowered wii they had a version of Call of Duty Modern Warfare. As this is another cross gen title this is doubly surprising as they could port it if they wanted. There's no real barrier other than the cost vs reward.

"I never wanted it anyway". Just like you never wanted Assassins Creed. Or Batman. Or FIFA. Or GTA. Or The Witcher. I could go on and on. This is said every time a game is announced for all platforms other than wii u. It's a face saving lie.

"This is trash anyway". See above. Just like Assassins Creed. Or Batman. Or FIFA. Or GTA. Or The Witcher are all trash. Every game in a similar position is trash, no matter how valued the series or credibility it has, suddenly becomes "trash" because presumably, instead of buying FIFA you'd rather have another Mario Strikers.

"Exclusives are all that matters". NO. This one is hilarious. Exclusives or multis only matter between consoles of two similar libraries. If you're talking about a console you own, only the whole library matters. All my fave games of the outgoing gen were multiplatforms. Because some of the biggest names in the business like Rockstar put lots of money in and want to justify it by spreading their incoming revenue about. Nintendo being the only developer who matters is another lie you tell yourself to save face. It's not remotely true, it has never been true, and it has never been close to the truth. And a game is a game no matter what the origin. Multiplats, exclusives, just words. Doesn't matter when you fire a game up. IF you can on your console.

"I'm not missing much". Oh, you are. Because this isn't the only game you're missing. Nintendo gimped the system, the fans never supported the games they needed to, and now it's getting a release a month and a half if you are very lucky. Not exactly what I'd call a savvy investment for the price they charged for the system. You're missing a lot. Shadows of Mordor, which you don't want, AC Rogue/Unity, which you don't want, Dragon Age Inquisition, which you don't want, Far Cry 4, which you don't want. At least you have Sonic Boom to keep you amused for two minutes.

You seem to be under the impression that the Wii U is the only system I own.. And I like how you made up a bunch of arguments for me, and told me I was lying to myself and missing out.

Anyways, my main point is that, just like with the Wii, gamers won't buy the Wii U as their primary gaming system; its place is as a secondary system used to play the amazing Nintendo exclusives, while another system is used for multiplats.

So yeah, I don't see why anyone should care that a secondary console isn't getting another dumbed down version of a game when everyone would have bought the better version on a more powerful system anyway.

I don't think he was directly talking to you, but more towards Sheep and their idiotic statements. Sure, there are WiiU owners who have other systems, but the main point he was trying to address is how the WiiU is unappealing, the excuses Sheep make in regards to the severity of the lack of 3rd party support on the WiiU, which the console direly needs, the lack of interest in 3rd party WiiU games from Sheep, which repeats the cycle over and over and over and the main problem......recycling the same asinine excuses from Sheep, which is downright sad.

There was a time when gamers ACTUALLY had Nintendo consoles as their primary console and literally got away with it, because, HERE'S A CLUE.....THEY ACTUALLY HAD 3RD PARTY SUPPORT, aside from the top tier exclusives.

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Almost all racing games exclusive to the Xbox platforms have been usually better than any racers offered on the PS platforms. Forza has given the GT series a run for its money, which sadly has fallen off the map for awhile, kinda like Keanu Reeves' career, he was at the top of his game in the 1990s, but after The Matrix series, his career shot downhill from there.