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I love it.

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DANZIG comes to mind.

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In order:

  • Halo: CE
  • Halo Reach
  • Halo 3: ODST
  • Halo 2
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They look nice, honestly. I wish they had silver or white colors as well.

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That's crazy. For me, I'm not a collector, I buy games I want to play, if it looks interesting to me, based on reviews or research, I buy it or rent it. I usually buy about 2-4 games per month, old and new, and rarely buy new on release, depending on what type of game it is or if it sparks my interest. I spend about 2-3 weeks on the games I bought, depending on my free time, which isn't a lot. After I complete them, I usually go back to my backlog and see if any games spark my interest, to be completed. After that I take a break, search online for some games that interest me, which is a hit and miss search. If I don't see anything remotely interesting, I don't buy any games at all.

I also never buy the same games twice for another console, like that dude on the video, that is such a waste of money and space. Buying CoD4 for both Xbox360 and PS3 is just down right ridiculous, in my opinion. It only causes more clutter, the way I see it. Luckily, I have very few friends who play online. Most are on Xbox 360.

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@thehig1 said:

Yeah I like pretty much all their music

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I think you need to either see a professional about OCD and/or take a break and re-evaluate your priorities.

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Of course. Mainly the 360.

PS3 is now a dust collector. I have a stand alone smart bluray player, so that covers all video entertainment purposes. I might go back and play Resistance 3 for the hell of it.

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  • $299 price point
  • strong 3rd party support
  • Powerful hardware
  • Gamepad utilized properly
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Nothing much, just having a run through with: CoD: World at War (360)