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Got it sorted. Had to make a shortcut and set the core affinity.

Set target as

C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /C START "swkotor" /affinity 0x1 "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\swkotor\swkotor.exe"

Now it works perfectly, though slightly stretched.


Thank you for this solution. I just reinstalled it for a playthru after so many years (in light of TOR coming out!) and encountered these very problems myself. The above solution (so far) seems to have fixed it. I have no trouble with it being stretched though, most likely because I've explicitly used a patch to play in 1920x1080 widescreen.

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Thank you again for the replies. In honesty, I thought I had turned my old offline profile into the online one back then, though I can't say for sure. There's no evidence my old profile existed anymore, but I do remember having to pick a different handle for XBL than I'd used for my offline profile. I guess one test would be to start a new game of ME and try to get one I'm missing. Or perhaps I could move all my old saves/profiles associated with it on to a memory card (for safekeeping), erase it all from my 360 HDD and try it that way.

I'd wonder then if the perks different acheivements offer in ME (5% more damage, etc) require that info to be in your profile, or if having the ach. unlocked on my online profile is enough evidence. Such an annoying problem either way, tho I believe I understand how and why it came about. If only there were some sorta 'Reset Locked Acheivements" ability for any given game via the dashboard. It wouldn't affect unlocked ones, just reset the counts of the unearned.

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Thank you for the reply, but I'm not sure but part of my post you're answering 'yes' too :? Perhaps you could elaborate a little? Thanks again.

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Hi all, I'm hoping some folks may know the answer to this. When Mass Effect first came out, I starting playing it on my (new!) 360 and either completed a first playthru or got as near as. During the game I'd unlocked many acheivements but as a 360 newbie, I didn't know an XBL profile from an offline one. In the middle of that play thru, I signed up to XBL Silver and although I kept my save games, all the acheivements I'd unlocked were gone from my XBL profile.

Currently, I'm playing thru again (finishing off a 2nd playthru I left way back when) and despite killing Geth left and right and having 999999999 credits, I don't have the acheivements for those. If I started a totally new game, would I be able to re-earn those I lost in the transition? Or is there a way to 'reset' the count or some such? Would i need to delete my save games?

I'm most grateful for your helpful advice, with my thanks in advance.

PS. I also lost acheivements AND save games from Time Shift. Never picked it up again since :-Þ

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Are you asking about Euro or US servers? I've not idea about state-side, but euro, union and defiant are still very active.
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I bought and finished Braid on the PC., not tried other two though I've heard the first is supposedly quite good. I wasn't particularly impressed by Braid, at least not compared with the hype it received. The only world I really enjoyed playing was World 5 (with shadow tim). Much of the rest was either humdrum or far more difficult than it ought to be. The game seems to almost break it's own rules if I'm honest. Wait for it to become a budget download.