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Kingdom_fighter Blog

Only took me one week

Okay so I got Kingdom Hearts 3D the same day it got out and I just finish last tuesday and it saw only took me a week I feel sad but happy because of the now hopefully we could get Kingdom Hearts 3. Okay so the whole game was great even more the ending wish made me cry of laughter :lol:. Man I starting to like Axel sorry I mean Lea :P :lol:. So yea I love the dream eater idea I think it was cool also the flowmotion idea awesome there a lot to like in this game hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did. Well write to ya again later see ya.

Finish More than I Listed

Okay so if you reed my last blog you guys saw all the list of games I had to finish. I finish all but FF13 still working on that but anyway I also Black ops I few weeks back and finish that to and I like that whole story it was cool. Also I just got KH:COM from my friend sadly I had to restart it like 3 or 4 times now because my little brother wanted to play it and he wasted all my cards but it doesn't matter I'll keep working on it. Hope I didn't bored anyone to death if you reed this and thank you for reading. :D

Games I Need to Finish and Want to Get.

Okay now so far school is almost over and I stil have a list of old games I need to finish. I need to finish Final Fantasy 13, Call of Duty MW2, Kid Icarus Uprising, and Tales of The Abyss. Yea there not much and I could had beat them all fast but school got to me. To much homework, projects, studying, and I'm trying to get my driving license but man that but guide thing is boring.

Anyway I want to finish all those games before I start buying more. The games I want to get are Kingdom Hearts 3D, final fantasy 13 -2, resident evil revelation, Theatrhythm final fantasy,Call of duty black ops 1 and 2. So yea its a lot anyway fisrt I finish those 4. Then I get a job and buy that list a games I have. Oh yea I almost forgot Happy mother's Day! :D