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My Very First Moderation!

I've been a member here since March 23, 2007, according to Gamespot. And I just got my very first moderation on this site. On Glen's blog, I made a comment to a certain user (I won't mention any names, but it starts with a "T" and rhymes with "HAMK"), and Gamespot claims I insulted this user. Now, I don't remember exactly what I said, but I don't remember making any insults. In fact, I remember always being a kind, courteous gentleman to this person. :( Regardless, I regret nothing. Although it is most unfortunate, and proof that nice guys really do finish last. Being punished for my utmost kindness is not enough for me to change my ways - I will continue behaving as I normally do, even if it may result in another moderation. :(


Watsup everyone! How y'all doing? I'm fine, thanks. :)

And I still don't know what a motherf***in' sedgie is! :x

leik hai


RIP Michael Jackson

Aside from a few songs, I was never a huge Michael Jackson fan. But he was a great singer and dancer, and it's a shame a musical legend like him died so young (like so many other great musicians). Plus, it wasn't something I was really expecting. D: You see, I like to remember MJ as a talented musician, as opposed to what he's become in the last five or ten years or so... :|

In the Process of Quitting Some Unions

I was a member of 30 unions, and only about two or three of which I posted at regularly, so I decided to leave some. I always joined unoins upon receiving requests from people I know, and if anyone remembers that Rapisawesome kid (I think only Glen and Liv know him), he invited me to at least 15. :evil: Also, there are some unions I never posted at, but people I know post there, so I may start becoming active in unions I may have joined over a year ago. D:

New Sig/Banner/Avatar

If you couldn't already tell, I changed my sig/banner/etc. I've been using the Elvis theme since I first joined, and thought it was time for a change. So I changed the theme from Elvis to the next best thing - Tom Petty. Pretty cool stuff man! I did the sig and banner myself, and I feel pretty good about them. Tell me what you think. :o
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