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Down the history lane

I grew up with Comoodore 64, Amiga 500 and later on the NES

Its always fun to come along others that have shared those same games from the past.

From Wings, to Pacman

from Stunt Car Racer to Shadow Of The Beast

1943 to marble madness and many many more

Games that pawned the breeding ground for many of todays games actually. sure today we got graphics and DTS surround sound in games.. but do we have that feeling of "fun" when we play? in many of todays games I would say NO!

We got 6 FPS games comming out every week, 1 is fun the others reminds us of all other 10000000 FPS games we played thru the last 2 years.

earlier in gaming life, back in commodore days, that nearly didn't happen at all.. there was maybe two-three games in one genra comming out and they ALL most often were really damn good. Noone had the money to bring out a "mediocre" game.

Sure there were games that sucked like crazy but haha, yeah, they were rather few and kind of fun to play anyhow. The only gmae that comes into my mind of a truly SUCKING gmae of recent times is bigg riggs..If you wanna feel how BAD those bad games were from the past. Feel free to try out bigg riggs on PC.. haha THAT my friends is baaaad!

to end todays blog I would make al ittlel ist of games I wish could be re-made and re-released on ps3,360 or pc anytime soon

1. Wings

2. Shadow Of The Beast

4. Marble Madness in truly awsome 3d! (it was vector graphics back in those days)

5. Stunt Car Racer

Turmoil @ GameSpot

yeah, I guess there isn't a single person at this zite that don't know that Jeff has been fired.

Well personal I think this is one of the worst things that has happened here ever!

This guy was a NERD yeah! but a cool nerd! He was funny, unserious, serious in a good mix that made the reading of his reviews AND his videos very entertaining!

Now Gamespot has lost two awsome persons... gallop and jeff! This zite is feeling like its going dooown! Hope they can resurrect it. and I truly hope those who are left to run this place will continue to actually saywhat they wanna say about games.. good or bad!

I hope you will come back into the gaminag world soon Jeff! and continue your crazyness and make, most of us at least, laugh like hell!

thx for all these years and good luck on future projects!

Is it just me or...

Have the games got alot shorter thru the eyars than before?

I bought Collin Mcrae: Dirt (ps3 version) on tuesday this week and started up career mode.. that mode seems to be the biggest and yet.. I played on and it was finnished by the end of Wednesday.. and I didn't sit and play for 24hrs straight either..

Now some of you that has played Dirt are gonna say: But Hey there are other modes aswell.. yeah I know that. But no more tracks no more cars.. I bought them all!

Heavenly Sword is another game that must win grandprize in being short.. first time thru I got it under 5 hrs.. that is WAY to short for a game! If a game shall be short I think they should also be midpriced! What happend to old games like Metroid a game that yeah of course you can finnish it off in like 40 minutes with some skills and luck, bu the first time throught that game lasted for qutie a while. Super Mario World was another game that had tons of areas to beat.. and so and so on.

Nowdays all the game makers wanna do is to make games play and lok outstanding but the length is being cut away all the time. GEars Of War.. looks awsome on the 360 but is it lengty? not so much no... Please stop butchering down on the games! Do like Capcom did with RE 4 make a awsome looking AND really good playing game with LENGTH!

WarHawk end of summer and other things

Ok, so WarHawk is released around the world.

People are playing like crazy sadly the WarHawk network are acting crazy aswell. Maybe ae bit too many bug for being an allonline game in my opinion. but when it works its a great game indeed! It will keep me occupied 'til Heavenly Sword arrives that is for sure.

Summer is getting to and end aswel, I really feel great about that. Have never been that much of a summer freak my personal season is the autmn it can't be much better than a cold autumn night, rain is smashing on the windows and myself is sitting in the tv couch playing a good game or watching a good blu-ray/dvd movie.

What else is there to say? hmm, Waiting for Metroid Prime 3 to be released here in Europe, October sometime was the last Ive heard. I really hate the fact that Nintendo ain't doing anything to speed up their releases between ameriac and Europe. Shame Nintendo SHAME!

oh well.. time to sleep!

over & out

Wii..the ps3 is finally comming!

Yeah, The Wii is an awsome machine. Thx Nintendo for giving us something that we can enjoy for a looong time!

Been spending many hrs trying to achieve platinum medals in Wii Sports also been playing Banana Blitz and Rayman!

Now, 23rd of March the PS3 is finally comming to Europe. yeah thx Sony for making us wait AND giving us even higher prices in the end! you SUCK sony! But still I will get a PS3, I need one! I wanna have that Blu-Ray player and I wanna play MGS4, Motor Storm and others.

Damn yoy Sony! you SH*T down or necks and still you make us buy your stuff!

ITs amasing!

over & Out

DS, Ps3 and gaming

Gosh, I don't really like the summer due to the lack fo interesting games that.

The only thing that I really have had any fun with this summer is the DS and know up for grabds to the machine is Age Of Empires DS, it seems to be really good so I think I will lay my hands upon it.

oh well, why can't summer be over faster! Why can't time just roll on! I'm sitting here dying to get my hands on a ps3.. I try to tell myself, soon, soon! but really, its not that soon!

Ahh! I wonder if they will show anything from it during the Hi-Fi mässa in Gothenburg next month.. chances are small but they can be there showing off blu-ray I hope so at least!

anyhow.. food is calling!


Hell is Not Freezing Over...

.. Nope not at this hour at least.!

God Damn its hot outside.. a bit to hot for my taste actually

Anyhow.. shall soon take a bath in the lake that lays a few minutes away, shall be nice!

L8r in the evening Im going to watch Final Fantasy: Advent Children (again) and Typhoon the new Korean action movie!

Seems to be a good movie so I think its gonna be a really good evening.

Yeha! I got myself a new job! Finally.. after a long time of "going-home-not-doing-anything-and-even-my-games-are-getting-boring".

I work at Ericsson and its fun as hell! the pay is good.. and life is finally smiling upon me!

I shall go and by myself a PLASMA TV next month.. I have had my eyes locked upon the PV500 43" PLASMA from Panasonic and it seems that is the one I will get..Pioneer has a few good aswell but they cost alot mroe and I wonder if those Xtra thousand are really worth it.. I can't think so actually.

anyhow.. I need to eat something now then go to work...


Really Interesting Year

Yeah, 2006 seems to be a really interesting year in terms of Gameplay..

For me, as an European, I have some games I really wanna play and also the PS3 (which the whole world awaits I guess)

First out is Shadow Of The Colossus that shall be out during Februar this year on the PS2, it seems to be one helluva good game.. after that its time for the latest Zelda: Twilight Princess, its a Zelda game what can go wrong with that? =)

Then ok.. some wating then its time for Final Fantasy XII *wohaa* I just hope they have done at least something to the battle system as it really SUUUUUCKED in the demo... I don't want this game to fail like FF8..

Then anyway its time for the PS3! *YEAHH BABY* I still wonder what games I shall buy.. I will need at least two games to play... but as we all know games released in the beginning mostly sux major bull...

oh well, that problem will be solved later on during this year!

January Comming Up; Sad Month

yeah it is actually at least for Europeans.. there is not many games that are good that comes out at this month of the year..

GAH! I need something new and exciting to play but I guess I must wait till Febrary than Shadow Of The Colossus arrives which seems to be awsome, then the new Zelda is comming and later in the Year Final Fantasy XII, which I hope Square can fix their crappy new battle system that was in the demo otherwise this game will not be as fun as it can be I think.

Anyhow next up is New Years Eve.. not much planned really I guess I will be home relaxing with my gf and a few friends.. eating something nice and drinking something nice *hehe*

Happy New Year To You Who Read This!

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