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My Sob Story.....

Its been a long time since blogging. Diabetes has taken a turn for the worse and resulted in me having to give up my job due to having lost vision in one eye and having to start dialysis. It all came down to my kidneys failing last Xmas, On a brighter note I have much more time for games like LA Noire & Mortal Kombat yey, I also ditched my Xbox for a PS3 so add SolanumInfected if your on the PSN!!!

Where Have I Been?

Nowhere to be honest lol. I've been busy and I mean very busy at work and just really haven't found the time for posting much, my apologies folks. Gaming wise it's been helluva retro with the VC titles, I downloaded Mario Bros, Mario World, SMB3, DK Country and SF II Turbo which have all been fun (and difficult) I got PES on the Wii which is more fun than I'd like to admit. On-line is a bit laggy tbh but it doesn't bother me that much (btw friend codes would be nice) :)

I had few ranked matches on Mario Strikers. Ranked my ar5e I'm ranked about 4000 something and I get pitted against 35?? What's up with that? Safe to say my rear was gifted to me via post. Apart from that nothing much else checked out NMH which is ace. No kids or marriages as of yet plenty time for that tom foolery later lol. How has everyone been keeping?


Humble Apologies...

I'd like to start this blog by noting ol' Koop's not dead lol, but instead has been flat out like a duck's foot in water, work has been really busy by work I mean the new job. Yeah I started it a bit premature which is a good thing! But I'd like to apologise to those for not being active and posting in your blogs (you know who you are) over the past month; I try my best to get on here but when I''m not working I'm well gaming or sleeping. I've recently found that playing games is as good as talking about them!

So what's new?

Not a great deal in my personal life I've a new niece called Amy (much to my GF's joy which was scary) who was born a week after my birthday which I forgot to mention in my last blog :( The job is good and it keeps me busy as well as paying much more which is alaways a bonus. I noticed there is a legacy platform forum now, so expect to see me on there ranting about the days of past FF ventures and what not. Gaming wise it's been tough but I managed to complete Dead Rising completely I mean literally there's nothing left for me to do, I achieved all endings reached lvl 50 and maxxed all stats which was cool. Looking forward to picking up Bully & PES on Wii next month. Aprill 11th will be a pinnacle point in 2008 why? MK: Wii is finally released!!!! Thank you Nintendo!

Anyway enough of me cos' I've missed so much blogging how has everyone been? Anyone been married, divorced? Kids perhaps? :D

Peace for now folks catch you all soon! ;)

A Few New Things...

Hello folks.... How's everyone been keeping? A few things have been changing in my life of late being the reason I've been away from here for a week or three. First off it was my birthday last week (16th) which I turned a ripe old 22, I don't feel wiser or older tbh dunno what all the fuss is about birthdays. I did get a few new things I finally got round to getting a new PC from my Dad. I wanted a Dell XPS Gaming Tower but to no avail it was a bit pricey for ol' Pops.

I ended up with a shiny new Packard Bell IXtreme which is just as good I'm sure, due to the new PC I'm back playing Battlefield 2 which has been tough a few time thanks to some German Clans lol (if you play my username is old8oy) I also got Mass Effect from my GF solely cos she wanted to play it I think cos' I've hardly got a look in. I've been playing countless hours of Crackdown as well for the first time which I really like, I think this game was really under-rated IMO. Happy Days.

Now the real reason I posted this blog was tell you about my work. On the 18th of this month my Boss and I had a large dis-agreeing which basicallly ended in me quitting my job. Before I knew it I was left unemployed, stupid I thought and it was I mean I thought crap what about my rent? my car? my additions? I took a few days off and never did a lot. Now I'm not completely skint I do have a savings account for such an emergency, but luckily yesterday I managed to land a job with an Offshore Company which involves me selling and buying parts of oil pipes (sounds boring I know) but the money is sooo much better and the people seem nice. Thing is I don't start till middle of next month. So I'm going to have to keep myself entertained till then, maybe the time off will be nice. So it's been an eventful couple of weeks for me!

Till next time ~

KingKoop vs. Technology

Well I thought this year was going good (and it was for about 9 days) until my PC at home I think is dying.... As soon as I boot it up it reads "DISK BOOT FAILURE PLEASE INSERT BOOT DISK" ahh crud I think it means my Windows XP disc but I don't think I even have one? Any PC tech guys out there know anything bout this? I was also warned my HDD and/or my Motherboard are almost giving up. I can't afford to buy another PC so I give up..

Technology wins that one :cry:

Now that my Wii warranty is finally up with Nintendo I was thinking about purchasing one of these -:

Cool huh? What do ya think? You can find a whole lot of different one's here.

Nothing else really new with me, well it's my 22nd birthday next Wed but I'll blog about that later :)


First off I've vowed not to make any, I can't keep them and anyone who says they can for the whole year are lying :P

Secondly I'd like to apologise for not being very active on everyone's blogs I've been well.... let's just say merry!

I hope everyone had a good Xmas & New Year? Mine was quite fun I managed to meet up with friends old & new which was fun we mostly was in the pub and had a few games of Mario & Sonic at the olmypics and a few drunken games of Twister which was an expierence! I spent Xmas day with my family including nephews and nieces and got my Granny in on the Wii Sports (she's 80!) I managed to get dragged around the Boxing day sales by some friends which was boring, speaking of boring I went to see "I am Legend" which I was quite disappointed with :(

New Year involved me staying in the pub till about 3am and me being not content enough carried the party back to my flat much to the annoyment of my better half and neighbours (well only the neighbours that weren't invited) so all in all the holidays were fun and I hope 2008 is a great year for us all especially gaming wise (roll on RE5 hopefully getting released this year!) So I'll be back invading your blogs from now on!


My Fair Dues To 2007...

Well 2007 draws to a close for us all so I thought I'd finish off with a blog with some highlights of the year for me (both gaming related and not) way back in January I turned 21; which we all know is a landmark age, I had a surprise party held for me which was a lot fun for what I can remember. After that it was pretty much solid working until May which is when my sister got married in a place known as Paphos (Cyprus) I was in Cyprus for 10 days which was nothing but sun, sea, sand & sun (oh and a wedding) The day I landed home I picked up Mario Strikers on the Wii :P

In August my (other sister) announced that she was getting married next year in Cancun (Mexico) so next June ol' Koop is off to the southern side of America, btw anyone whoose been to Mexico what's it like? The following few months were also quite eventful I lost two dogs which was really quite upsetting for me as I tend to get quite attached to my furry friends, Sasha & Haggis will be sorely missed. I also managed to tell my girlfriend; who at the time was only my flatmate & one of my closest friend how I felt about her. I expected her too fall out out with me and probably move out, but lady luck was on my side and she felt the same way I did, which is one of the highlights of my year (I'll try and get her to sign up to as it's more appealing to her) so now both Lucy & me are very quite happy we now see each other in a different light.

Gaming wise, the last few months have been a complete gem for myself (and many others) it all started with the announcement of RE5 been slated for the X360 way back @ E3, then I got my grubby paws on a title I call...


I'd read so much about Bioshock I slowly grew in love with it and coincidentally everything about it & the Big Daddies are one of the greatest character designs I've ever came across in a video game. I cannot wait for a Bioshock 2 and I really hope this wins Gamespot's 2007 Award it truly deserves it. Amongst other great titles there's no denying COD4, Mario Galaxy, RE:UC, Super Paper Mario, Forza 2, GOW II & PES2008 have all joined my great gaming moments over the past 12 months. Sports wise my favourite football team Arsenal have been doing phoenomenal since the start of the season, especially with the sale of Henry; I just hope it continues into the new year and will result in a Premiership title or cup of some sort by July next year. Just to wrap up here the biggest and by far the best highlight of the year for me has been coming onto Gamespot and talking, arguing, discussing and meeting all you guys (I'm not gonna single anyone out but you know who you lot are ;)) it's been truly awesome and for that I thank you.

Anyway I've gone on long enough, I hope you guys all have a great holiday whatever you're doing and if I'm not on in the next few days (with the Awards exception) I'll see you all next year.

Koop :)

R.I.P Haggis...

While sifting through the lustrous world that is Gamespot I got a phone call from my Mum about 10 mins ago telling me that one of her dogs had died, my Mum left my Dad, 3 sisters and me about 15 years ago but I still go and see her from time to time (she only lives a few miles away) but she bought a Basset Hound for me and my sisters to keep at hers (she has 4 in all)

Here's a photo I took on my phone a while back of Haggis


Recently one of my sister's dog's died I didn't blog about it cos' I didn't think it was really anything that people wanted to hear about, but now I've lost 2 dogs in 3 weeks it's time some people knew. Sorry folks bit of a down hearter from old Koop but I loved these bags o fur. No animals for me for a while I get too attached. :)

My Super New Girlfriend...

Well I have a very exciting weekend with a very sexy lady, some of you may know her Lara she's called? :lol:

Yeah I grabbed a copy of Tomb Raider: Anniversary this weekend because I was a big fan of the original on the PC, I couldn't decide between the Wii version or the X360 version, but controls and the "extra Wii features" swayed me toward that version.

Also I rented out Hostel Part II this weekend, not as good as the first but still decent all the same; however I do feel after seeing the ending there will be a third one, hopefully Eli Roth will leave it as a trilogy and not follow same suit as Die Hard and Saw.