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I won't be here for the week I going to florida

And dont start to kill me in hurt and heal :?

My Activity

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:oI am going to start trying to be as active as possible from here on out i've been so busy:o

Errrr Umm Hey Everyone

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hey everyone I kinda disappeared i got my internet shut off for a while but now I'm Back(I wonder How long it's been)

I'm Back

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Vacation was a @#$%* I had to read like 5 Books, 9 Packets, 14 Essays, And 2 Presiontations due anyways i'm back and I'll resume my duties( HAHAHA I said DUTIES HAHAHAHAHA)

I'm Busy

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Hey I'm just telling everyone that I've been busy so to those who asked for banners they'll be here soon and I also won't be as active for a while:(

If you want a banner made comment plz

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I gonna start making banners so any ideas plz ask tkx

:roll:i'll try Sigs too:roll:

:evil:and avatars*gosh*:evil:


My Wii

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Oh the agony...AGONY I'll start from the beginning one day I was playing my Wii and I was playing my Wii Sports and my brother and I were playing tennis and it was going back and forth but anyways I guess he wasn't wearing his wrist strap and next thing I know the controller flies out of his hand and hit the Wii off my dresser and then ***BANG*** it hit the ground and I was in such emotional pain that I started crying and now I have to repeat the process of taking daily naps and standing out in front of EB games ALL NIGHT Oh The AGONY and my brother didn't even get in trouble OH The AGONY.............................................AGONY:cry::evil:

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