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what up. god of war 2 is coming out tomorrow

im pretty excited about this game. i loved the first one--as you can see from my reader review from like two years ago--and this one looks way cooler from the videos ive seen.

also i just watched casino royale tonight on blu ray and that movie is really great. probably my third favorite bond behind goldfinger and from russia with love. i was really surprised how much better this was than the brosnan bond movies. don't get me wrong though, brosnan was good for the part, he just wasn't in good movies (goldeneye was okay though). this was smart, stylish, and a lot more realistic than any of the ones before and i really appreciated how they changed him to the way he is in the book rather than the ultra suave mack daddy.

im about to be on spring break in a couple of days. i have a total of eleven days off from ****and i took that entire time off from work too. i am full-time at both work and school so i don't get much free time to go out and do stuff with my compadres. theres gonna be a grip of them back in town for break too so we'll be out and about having a good time hopefully.

also ive been widdling away at this alfred hitchcock collection i bought last week that has 14 movies in it so hopefully i can finish that up over break. last break i had--at christmas--i had the whole series of six feet under to work through so this time its a little less! should be fun to do in the spare time.

anyway, whats up with all you guys here in gamespot? any cool plans for spring break? you keeping it real? you better be