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Updated My Journal

Sorry for the lack of entry lately, or at least lack of interesting ones. I've been kind of busy the last week or so. I've been around, but at random times. Last week was my Spring Break, it was pretty fun. I mean, I didn't really do a whole lot of interesting things, but I still had fun. I didn't go to Cancun, I didn't go to Miami, but instead, I went to Duluth, Minnesota.

My Grandparents live up there, I don't have any recent pictures, but here's one I took in winter of 2003. As you can see, it's pretty nice, a hell of a lot nicer than what I'm used to anyway. But they're out of town right now, from last week to sometime in mid-April. They're vacationing in Hawaii. So on the first day of Break my friend and I decided to go up there. We thought it would be pretty fun, because there's no parents and stuff. But to our surprise it was way lame. Duluth is kind of a boring place on Monday nights, remember that in case you ever want to go up there sometime. It's right on the coast of Lake Superior for geographical reference. That kind of sucked, but whatever.

The rest of the break I mostly just spent hanging out with my friends and working. Nothing too cool. Just basically how I expect Summer would go in June. I'm actually kind of excited for Summer because of it. It's like I go to work from 3-11 or something, then go out after that. 'Cause nothing really goes on during the day, that would work out perfectly.

So anyway, recently we got HBO on Demand for the next 6 months as a reward from Comcast or something. It's pretty bad ass. I watched that one movie Falling Down with Michael Douglas. I really liked it, a lot actually. So much that I went out and bought it after I saw it. It's pretty sad though. I saw Man on Fire earlier this week, and I saw You Got Served! as well, I liked both of those. Even though the acting sucked in You Got Served! it was still a pretty cool movie with awesome dancing. Last night I watched Gothika, because I didn't do anything except homework and work all weekend. That movie was actually pretty lame. Not surprisingly though.

The last two days I've been working on a big project for Creative Writing Drei. Three friends who are in my class and I have been working on this movie, which we finished tonight. It's so stupid. If there's any way we can put it up on the internet I'll try to do that so you guys can see it. I think you might like it, maybe. It's really lame though.

So that's been my last two weeks. My car goes in for Brake fixing tomorrow. Gonna cost me a pretty penny. Yep yep!