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The problem with being the leader.

Hi everyone, this is my first journal entry. I'm basically just trying to test it out. But I figure I can discuss something forum-related that's been on my mind for a while.

The leaderboard is one of the many new features that has been brought to us by GameSpot since the forum switch in April or May. It shows the twenty highest ranked forumites on the board, and I happen to be #1. This isn't something I'm not used to, I was #1 on Lithium's forums too, but it's something that isn't all that important. I used to think leveling up was a pretty cool thing. What was the next level? What was the next color? How many minutes did I nee? How many posts do I have? It all seemed so relevant at the time, but at this point, it's pretty much useless. Since we can choose our own colors, it takes the fun out of leveling up. Granted, I suppose the leaderboard is there for forumites to set the standards for newcomers, but why?

I'm a pretty humble guy. I'm not going to pretend and act like I'm some hated or underappreciated guy around these parts, 'cause I'm not. But I'm not ever going to say I'm better than anyone else who posts here either, 'cause I'm not. I don't really see what the ranking system does other than seperate people from others proving their "elite" status. What's the point? Obviously, to the admins, it's no big deal, it's all just fun... which is what it's supposed to be, and what it should be. But it isn't.

For some reason or other, it's a race. I'm not saying I didn't participate in it before, 'cause I most definitely did. I used the old Lithium auto-refresher to gain minutes, I had thousands of posts to back up the time.. basically, I was set. I knew that as long as I could gain the minutes, I would be the leader. But why did I care? Who knows, I certainly don't. Now, the ranking system isn't as straight forward as it once was. It's based off of many things, but not your post count.

I had my post count deleted for a couple reasons in July, the main reason was to measure my forum activity since it had severely dropped since earlier this year. But my rank remained untouched. In fact, it went up every day since then. People managed to catch up when I would go out of town, or not browse the forums for a couple of days, but somehow I'd always pull through. I don't really get it. On average I post maybe twice a day, which is still active enough to say I'm a regular, but in comparison to what I used to do (100-200 times a day) it's next to nothing.

I don't understand the leaderboard, and that's where the problems come in. What are newcomers' obsession with being friends with the leaders on the leaderboards? I know it isn't only me, I hear that a lot of the people on the leaderboard get countless friend requests from people they don't know who want to be their friends. Sometimes they end up to be really cool, and sometimes they become a nuissance.

I feel bad declining friend requests, but I do it anyway. If I've legitimately never heard of you, I usually leave your request in limbo or I deny & block you. It's not personal, it's just what needs to be done I guess. I suppose I could accept requests that I get, but that would defeat the purpose of the list, wouldn't it? Buyt then again, if it makes people happy, I may as well accept them anyway because I don't really care. A Friend list isn't much more than one of those "respect lists" in which you forget to mention someone, they get sad, so you add them to it to appease them.

I don't mean this post here to sound elitist for talking about being at the top of the leaderboard, it wasn't meant to be that way. Just discussing some things on my mind. Also, I want to say good job to GS again for making such a cool feature. I really like it and I hope we see more cool features in the future. I've been a fan for quite a few years now and plan to stay that way, keep up the great site, you'll always be #1. :)