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Me & My Sim

Yesterday when I got home from my Mom's house I got my package containing The Sims 2. That's the sequel to the best selling PC game, in case some of y'all didn't know. Well, I'll let you know how it is. First off, my experience thus far is pretty limited, but I've played the full retail version so these impressions might be worthwhile to some of you.

Anyway, first off, let me say that the game hasn't really changed that much from what I can tell. There are probably more things to do in the long run, but as of right now it seems even more stripped down than The Sims + the expansion packs, I don't know if that's just 'cause I haven't explored enough or what.

First off, I didn't really do the tutorial which would likely explain all of the new components of The Sims 2. Instead I just tried my luck with it and hopped right in, but I didn't have any trouble with it. First of all, there are three created neighborhoods for you to jump in to right away, with a few playable families. The families are all pretty cool, except you don't get to make your house this way, it's nice to create your own stuff.

So instead of one of those, I created my own neighborhood and I called it Desnoyer Park, like my real neighborhood. I placed a bunch of houses around and then I created a sim. I just made one, me. It looks sort of like me, but it had to be an adult instead of a teenager, or else it wouldn't let me live alone. Anyway, he's currently working as a Medical guy at the Hospital for $280 simoleons a day. Not too much, it's going to take forever to bring in a steady income, I think I need to get married and get a wife with a job. 'Cause $280 a day isn't enough 'round these parts. How am I supposed to save up for the newest stuff if I don't?

Something new I noticed was the addition of some reward or points system. Your Sims get these wants/fears every day and if you fulfill them you get a certain amount of points. For example, the first day it said my Sim wanted to buy a telescope and go star gazing, that would give me some points to do... to do something, I guess.

Basically everything is really straightforward like the first one, you can live the life of your Sim. Except this time the graphics are better and there are more camera angles.... and you can play SSX3 on your PC.


Frizzy ;)

You Just Got Punk'd

It's the last weekend before I start Senior year in High School. I have mixed reactions right now. I'm really excited for going back to school, but I'm also sad Summer is over. It isn't specifically that I dread school, 'cause I don't... but Summer went by so fast. It started off really bad in June, then I went to Texas, landed a load of cash and it picked up from there. To be honest, these last two months have probably been the best of my life. No matter what I've been doing, I've been having fun. This weekend was without a doubt the pinnacle of it, that's for sure.

My Mom went out of town for the weekend. I don't live with her. She wanted me to watch my Sister and the Dogs while she was out of town, and I kindly accepted. I figured this was a good way to have some fun while not worrying about any rules on my final weekend of Summer. It all started off so boring, too. First thing I did on Friday was I went to a school's football game with my friend, that sorta sucked, but after we went to his house. It was really lame at first, he was playing some game while I watched and sat there.

Two of our friends came over so we decided we needed to figure out what we were going to do. Before I start this, I might as well give you some backstory on this event. I have this really close group of friends. There are seven of us in our little 'clique', if you can call it that. One of them is dating this one girl, she is okay, but she's sort of flirtatious, and he doesn't like that. I don't really blame him, I mean, when she hangs out with us, she's all over everyone, that's just not cool at all.

So anyway, since he started dating her in March or whenever, we haven't really seen him that much because of her. She's like Yoko... you dig? But basically, on Friday night we decided it would be funny if we called her up and invited her up to hang out with us, but not him. So it started off where I called on my friend's cell phone and said "Hey, this is Ted, I'm hanging out with Jon, Dylan, and Joel at Jon's Mom's house, if you want to stop by and chill with us, give me a call." But that's only the start. We thought it would be really funny if each of us left the exact same message on her phone, so she'd get four of the same, annoying message.

We get a call from her about twenty minutes later -- it's about 9:30 PM -- and she says, "I don't know if you think you're funny, but Max and I are having a great time, so we'd really appreciate it if you guys would just cut it out." She said that to my friend Joel.

Heh, after that we decided to have Joel call her back and leave a message on her phone saying, "Hey Meredith, this is Joel, I'm hanging out with Ted, Dylan, and Jon at Jon's Mom's house. I just wanted to say I'm really sorry for ruining your night and upsetting you so much, really, I'm sorry." We thought that might be considerate enough to sound sincere, but we didn't stop there. We decided, hey, it would be funny if we all left that message on her phone again! So that's what we did. Jon and I were first up to call her again, we decided to do it at the same time so it would directly go to message and she couldn't answer it. Basically what happened was you could hear both of us spewing the same thing on the other person's message. I started laughing really hard so I had to just hang up really fast. Dylan would have gotten in on it at the same time, but he couldn't get service at that moment from his phone and he had to wait a few seconds. So he called her, and she picked up.

She got so mad at him, not really rightfully so, even if we were being annoying. That's what happens, that's what we do to each other, mess with each other. You get the idea. Anyway, that's not even close to the end. Basically, we then go to our friend Sam's workplace and try to get him in on it. He and Meredith -- Max's girl -- had gone out a few years ago, so we thought it would be especially funny and uncomfortable if he got in on it. We told him to call her and say "Hey Meredith, it's Sam, I was just bored at work and I was wondering if you wanted to talk or something." You know, a bunch of nothing.. just to piss her off. That didn't really go anywhere, but then I got a call from my Sister.

She says she wants me to pick her and her friend Jenny up from this one girl's house, so that's where we are off to. When we're driving, Jon gets a call from Meredith saying, "I'm done with Max, do you guys still want to hang out?" We found this to be a little strange given how mad she was at us, but we said yes nonetheless. We figured they were going to try to get us back for being so annoying, and we were right.

She came over and hung out with us, but it was quite weird. She was acting very strange, as in overly flirty, and almost to the point where she was trying to get my friend Joel to make out with her and thus cheating on Max. Actually, she flat out asked him to do it. He didn't, obviously, you know, bros before hos, but yeah. She left after about a half hour, and it was Midnight anyway. So we went outside to go to my place where we could continue hanging out without any parent's around. Low and behold, I walk out to find my car covered in Shaving Cream and Applesauce.

There is a message on the hood of my car saying something like (I couldn't read it well), "Hi Ted, we love you, how do you like these apples?" And on the back of my car was a big glob of chunky applesauce. This really infuriates Jon, for some reason. He thought Max had sent Meredith in to "test our loyalty" to him, but in fact, he didn't do that at all is what we found later that night. Basically, we looked at Dylan's and Joel's cars too, they had shaving cream on them too.

We all drove back to my house where we washed off our cars and sat down to figure out a way to get him back. We sat down on my patio furniture and thought for a good hour about what the best plan of action would be. Eventually it was decided that we would get a bouquet of flowers, have Joel piss on them, and have a note underneath the flowers where he'd have to handle them to get at it.

We alerady had the flowers, so all we needed to do was figure out a way to get the piss on them without getting noticed by anyone in the neighborhood. Sadly, the one person who saw us was the one person we didn't want. Max had figured we were going to get back at him, so he was watching out the window waiting for us. He saw Joel peeing on the flowers and immediately came out of his house, with a big sword. I hopped in the driver's seat and darted as Joel was left stranded there with a bouquet of flowers with pee on them. We came back about five minutes later to see them swordfighting with the flowers and the sword, you could see the piss splattering, it was so gross.

Eventually they both had piss on them, and we figured it was safe to get out of there. Our plans had been foiled, but we got two people covered in piss instead of just one. It was most excellent. Anyway, we decided we had to get him back again, but this time do it right. After very little thought we eventually came to the consensus that it was time to quite for the night -- it was at least 3:30 in the morning -- and go to Perkins to get some dinner. We invited Max along too, even though he was our enemy for the night. But it was fun.

Jon went home right before Perkins, and we decided that we had to now get him. The next night Joel, Dylan, Sam and myself went to buy a big thing of shaving cream to get his car. Jon was working this night, so we figured it was perfect to get his car, so he would have no way to see us. We wrote on his front windshield "We love you Max, - M & M" as in Max and Meredith. We figured this was perfect. We'd get Jon really good, then get Jon to blame it on Max and Meredith. It was genius!!!

We decided to stake out the area across the street when he got off of work so we could see what he did when he got to his car after work. We figured it would make him even more angry since he was just coming off of work at 12:30 AM and he was already mad at Max for doing this the night before. We saw him come out later that night, we all dipped low in Sam's car and watched patiently. He gets in his car without noticing it and he starts it, we then see him dart out of his car the minute he notices and he starts flipping out. It was absolutely hilarious. He ended up just wiping it off, which was what we expected, and he took off.

It was probably the funniest thing I've ever seen. I know it probably sounds stupid to you, but to me it was absolutely hilarious. My friends and I had never been laughing so hard at the expense of another person... it was great. We still don't know what happened with all of that, whether or not Jon blamed it on Max or not or whether he didn't even care. Either way, it was awesome.

This was such a fun weekend. Heh, it's gonna suck going back to school, but this Summer has been more than fulfilled.


The problem with being the leader.

Hi everyone, this is my first journal entry. I'm basically just trying to test it out. But I figure I can discuss something forum-related that's been on my mind for a while.

The leaderboard is one of the many new features that has been brought to us by GameSpot since the forum switch in April or May. It shows the twenty highest ranked forumites on the board, and I happen to be #1. This isn't something I'm not used to, I was #1 on Lithium's forums too, but it's something that isn't all that important. I used to think leveling up was a pretty cool thing. What was the next level? What was the next color? How many minutes did I nee? How many posts do I have? It all seemed so relevant at the time, but at this point, it's pretty much useless. Since we can choose our own colors, it takes the fun out of leveling up. Granted, I suppose the leaderboard is there for forumites to set the standards for newcomers, but why?

I'm a pretty humble guy. I'm not going to pretend and act like I'm some hated or underappreciated guy around these parts, 'cause I'm not. But I'm not ever going to say I'm better than anyone else who posts here either, 'cause I'm not. I don't really see what the ranking system does other than seperate people from others proving their "elite" status. What's the point? Obviously, to the admins, it's no big deal, it's all just fun... which is what it's supposed to be, and what it should be. But it isn't.

For some reason or other, it's a race. I'm not saying I didn't participate in it before, 'cause I most definitely did. I used the old Lithium auto-refresher to gain minutes, I had thousands of posts to back up the time.. basically, I was set. I knew that as long as I could gain the minutes, I would be the leader. But why did I care? Who knows, I certainly don't. Now, the ranking system isn't as straight forward as it once was. It's based off of many things, but not your post count.

I had my post count deleted for a couple reasons in July, the main reason was to measure my forum activity since it had severely dropped since earlier this year. But my rank remained untouched. In fact, it went up every day since then. People managed to catch up when I would go out of town, or not browse the forums for a couple of days, but somehow I'd always pull through. I don't really get it. On average I post maybe twice a day, which is still active enough to say I'm a regular, but in comparison to what I used to do (100-200 times a day) it's next to nothing.

I don't understand the leaderboard, and that's where the problems come in. What are newcomers' obsession with being friends with the leaders on the leaderboards? I know it isn't only me, I hear that a lot of the people on the leaderboard get countless friend requests from people they don't know who want to be their friends. Sometimes they end up to be really cool, and sometimes they become a nuissance.

I feel bad declining friend requests, but I do it anyway. If I've legitimately never heard of you, I usually leave your request in limbo or I deny & block you. It's not personal, it's just what needs to be done I guess. I suppose I could accept requests that I get, but that would defeat the purpose of the list, wouldn't it? Buyt then again, if it makes people happy, I may as well accept them anyway because I don't really care. A Friend list isn't much more than one of those "respect lists" in which you forget to mention someone, they get sad, so you add them to it to appease them.

I don't mean this post here to sound elitist for talking about being at the top of the leaderboard, it wasn't meant to be that way. Just discussing some things on my mind. Also, I want to say good job to GS again for making such a cool feature. I really like it and I hope we see more cool features in the future. I've been a fan for quite a few years now and plan to stay that way, keep up the great site, you'll always be #1. :)