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It's...been a while since you all last heard from me huh? I had a very very busy year and haven't been too much of an internet geek and have matured a lot since the last time I logged on here. I'm not gone, so don't mourn on my page anymore if you have been. I finally came back because there's nothing to do tonight and I'm bored so I wanted to see how all of yas were doing since I was gone.

Anyway, there are some shows I have stopped watching even though I loved them such as:

Spongebob (sorry, I just couldn't stand it anymore)

The Office


American Idol (just not the same without Simon)

ICarly (dear lord!)

Ugly Americans

The Jersey Shore

There are more, but I can't think of them now.

I still love shows such as Futurama, South Park, The Simpsons (not the new episodes blech), American Dad!, Family Guy (not too fond with the recent ones either), The X Factor, Jackass, It's Always Sunny in Philedelphia, Classic Looney Tunes, 90s Nictelodeon, Old Cartoon Network, The Flintstones, Beavis and Butthead and there's also more that I can't think of now.

Also, I'm so bummed they're gonna reboot Spiderman and not have Toby McGuire or any of the original crew in the Amazing Spiderman, but I'm excited to see Ted by Seth Macfarlane (eventhough I think he needs to stop stealing jokes from South Park and The Simpsons for money).

How have ya'll been?

The Simpsons and Futurama got a little more vulgar than before....

Recently in the newer Simpsons and Futuramas I noticed there is a little more language added to some episodes like in The Simpsons episode, "The Food Wife" when Marge encounters a chef, he cursed her off and said, "Marge, you f*cked up! You're not f*cking fun! Homer is much funner than you!" and in Homer The Father, when Homer is watching TV, some of the characters were saying, "Why dont chya go f*ck your c*ck you f*ck!" then the writer hesitated and said, "oh, f*ck? I could use that..." there were a lot of other episodes that said the f-word, but i can't remember which ones. As for Futurama, there was a recent episode entitled The Silence of The Clamps, and OMG has that one gone off the deep end with cussing, like one scene when Clamps cussed off Zoidburg and said, "these are clamps you f*ck! are you f*cking stupid! why the f*ck would you say that?!" then says "fan f*cking tastic!" when he got a job. Then later Zoidburg said, "I'm John f*cking Zoidburg!" then eventually cuts pizza and tells Bender, ".....if you do that, I'll f*cking cut you like a fish!" (I gotta admit, I lol'ed when that scene came up).

While these shows are pretty funny and do I like profanity jokes, I just feel it is a little outta place when they say it on The Simpsons and Futurama sometimes, and if I wanted to laugh at the f-word, I would go watch South Park or Robot Chicken.

Has anyone else noticed this?

Luigi's Mansion 2 Revealed Finally

I saw the Luigi's Mansion 2 trailer from E3 on IGN Entertainment, and it is for the Nintendo 3DS. King Boo is also making a return in this game with his awesome classic design, no that cheesy design from Mario Sunshine, Mario Kart or Mario Party games. I think there are also gonna be new ghosts, but I'm not sure what they're called. I loved Luigi's Mansion and I was waiting for a sequel for that game for like, I don't even know because it's a long time. I believe it's coming later this year or in 2012 and I'm getting it with the 3DS. Anyone else interested in this?

Activision Ruins Spyro Even More

Alright, you guys all remember the purple little dragon for Playstation in the late 90s and early 00s named Spyro, right? He was a cool lillle critter, but then they made The Legend of Spyro in 2006 and it was the worst game I have ever played I hadda return it. But The Legend of Spyro ended after 2008 and I was so happy I was hoping for original Spyro to return!

But then....after two years of waiting, I found out Activision was making a new Spyro game called Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure then I was like "finally they are making a Spyro game with nothing to do with that Legend of Nonsense stuff, well hopefully it isn't a bad game and hopefully it's old Spyro!" But later I wondered what the game was gonna be like so I looked up screenshots on the internet and watched the trailer, and it most certainly is not what I expected at all. It looks like crap completely.

Spyro looks like puke, just look at the image below


Like, seriously! What have they done to him?! That thing doesn't even look like Spyro, it looks like a gremlin that ran into a metal wall that was 2000 degrees F while high. Sierra already got a lot of negative feedback from TLOS series, but THIS is totally unacceptable of Ass-vision, they went way too far this time. They made him look so much worse than he ever did. What were they thinking when they made this game? The first three Spyro games for Playstation were my childhood faves but this news about Skylanders ruined my childhood. Besides the ugly apalling no good very cruddy design, where in blazes is Sparx? Also, where's Hunter, Zoe, Bianca,, Professor, Moneybags, and the Dragons of the Dragon Realms? This Skylanders stuff seems to have absolutely nothing to do with the Spyro we all knew and loved and it also looks worse than TLOS series in fact. Everyone on the internet, espescially on Youtube and Gamespot hate the idea of this new game. I have stalked through the Dark_Spyro forums recently and most of them surprisingly like the idea of the game but are being really mean to the ones who don't think the game's a good idea and to the ones that are just expressing their opinions. These Dark_Spyro users are acting this way because they either are so desperate for a new Spyro game that this actually catches their interest or they just have no lives. This isn't even real Spyro, it's Fraud-Spyro, so if you are gonna give this game a chance, get ready to get your barf bag out, and when you beat it, go play the original three Spyro games on Playstation Network and see what Spyro is really about.

As a Spyro fan, I am pretty disappointed and this is bringing Spyro nowhere but down the hell hole even more. So, that's all I have to say.



NEW LOONEY TUNES SHOW?!?!?!?!!?!?! Oh my.......

What the hell did Cartoon Network d to our favorite toon characters we all know and love for decades?! They re-booted The Looney Tunes and made Bugs Bunny look like shi+ and completely changed all the characters. Elmer Fudd went from "Hunting Wabbits" to "I eat gwilled cheese" and somehow Bugs and Daffy don't know who Yosemite Sam is anymore because they were like, "who is that guy next door on the roof" or something like that. Also, what the fck is up with Wil E Coyote vs Roadrunner being showed in 3D graphics?! Gossamer also looks like a complete tool and every character got horriffic makeovers, espescially Porky Pig and Speedy Gonzales. Also, the animation is horrible and looks like crap, mainly because it's adobe photoshop. What happened to the hilarious animation from the classic Toons? The show's humor is also bad. Very bad humor. Gwilledd Cheese? I almost laughed at the cornyness. Classic Looney Tunes were origionally made for children, teenagers, and adults with huge slapstick, innuendo, and even use of alcohol or tobacco. But on this new show, it's just all kiddy jokes. The voice acting is a disgrase to the classics. We all know that Mel Blanc is dead, but nobody could replace the Looney Tunes voices at all, not even Joe Alaskey could reach up to Mel Blanc. These cornies are defasing the great Loons.

Two words for this new show:

Epic Fail

.....God, Bugs Bunny, WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO YOU?!?!?!?! :'(

I'm sad.

R.I.P Bugs Bunny

From 1938-1990 We shall miss you and the rest of the Loons

CatDog Meets The Flintstones Chapter 3 (final chapter)

Begins from previous part

Fred: Barney...

Barney: Yes Fred?

Fred: Lets go to that taco store over there, I'm startin to get hungry.

Barney: Right Fred.

(enter the Taco Store)

Mervis: May I take your order?

Fred: Yeah buster, I'll have....(Rancid Rabbit appears)

Rancid Rabbit: Hold on a second....hmmm...AHA! You guys have no proper clothing on, just look at you losers dressed like cavemen. No homeless allowed! (kicks out Fred and Barney and go flying)

Fred: (yiiiiipes!!!!)

Brarney: (yeeeoooowwwww!!!!)

Fred: Well, there goes our food Barn.

Barney: That funny looking guy didn't even give us an apology

Fred: Wait, Barney. See that store over there? They might have what we came here for.

(meanwhile, when CatDog are still in Bedrock)

Cat: (all beaten up) Comon Dog, lets get outta here.

Dog: (spots a bronto burger eatery) OH BOY! Prehistoric Hamburgers?! Hi Ho Diggity!!! (runs off dragging Cat)


(barge into the eatery as if there were a million dollars in there)

Dog: Lets see, BRONTO BURGERS!!!!!! (shoves the whole things in his mouth)

Cat: Dog!!!! You Gotta pay for that!

Manager: Hey, this aint no good. This funny looking dinosaur with a savor-toothed tiger on his back is stealing all the food that is un paid for. Gaurds, take em away!

Police: Right boss.

(at Bedrock police station)

Cat: But we didn't mean to, I can explain...

Background Jail Bird: Squaaak! Explaining isn't always an option.

Police: He's right, so do yer time! (locks CatDog)

Cat: Noooooooo!!!!!!! WHY?! WHY?! WHYYYY?!?!?!?!?!

Dog: Look at the bright side Cat, at least we still have eachother.

Cat: No, this is your fault you stupid Canine! We wouldn't have gotten into this mess if you didn't steal all the food!

(Meanwhile, Fred and Barney appear back in Bedrock with the cereal)

Fred: Glad that's over, now we don't ever have to go to that horrid universe again. Now we get to sink our teeth in some delicious Yabba Dabba Dooberry pie!

Barney: Oh boy!

(CatDog sees Fred and Barney walking outside from the inside of the jail)

Cat: Hey, it's those cavemen again that we saw in our universe! They must belong to this universe and have a way to get to ours. (Cat and Dog shout out the window) HEY!!!! OVER HERE!!!!! HELP!!!

Barney: Hey look Fred, that looks and sounds like that weird looking animal hybrid from the universe we were just in.

Fred: Barney that is the animal from the other universe, they were sent over here from the Gazoo remember?

Barney: Oh yeah

(Fred and Barney call the Gazoo to take them up to the jail to help CatDog)

Gazoo: Well hello there!

Fred: Gazoo, take me and Barney up to the jail to help out that animal get back to their universe.

Gazoo: alrighty! (sends them up and comes with them)

Fred: Alright, we are here to bust you guys outta here!

Cat: Yes! Do that for me! Do that for me now!

Fred: Alright, Barney you have the keys?

Barney: Yes Fred! (takes out the key birs)

key Bird: Oh boy, now I'm gonna be used as a key. What am I gonna OUCH! (Barney chizzles his beak through the lock to unlock the jail cage) I hate that part of the job!


Fred: Alright, lets get out of here (Fred, Barney and CatDog run out of the jail)

Cat: Dog, you were insane to eat all those burgers

Dog: But I was hungry!

Barney: NOOO!!!!

Fred: What's the matter Barn?

Barney: I was just thinking about the delicious tacos we could have had in the other world, but now we can't go back!

Fred: Why are you so stupid?

Barney: That's not nice Fred, you owe me and apology

Fred: Alright, sorry your so stupid

Cat: (to Fred) hey, your cool

Fred: Say, thanks

Cat: Well, we gotta go back to our universe.

Dog: Our pals back at home will not believe where we just were.

Cat: Alright, how do we get out here?

Fred: Gazoo!

Gazoo: Yep?

Fred: Take these guys back to their universe.

Gazoo: Your wish is my command!

Dog: Goodbye cavemen!

Fred: Wait, hold it. Before you guys go, I have a plan....

(Fred and Barney are at Fred Flintstone's house eating Yabba Dabba Dooberry Pie)

Wilma: Well, how do you like it?

Fred: Best pie in the world, right Barney?

Barney: Yes it Fred!

Fred: (on the telephone comminunicating with CatDog from their universe) How are guys enjoying your slices of Yabba Dabba Dooberry Pie?

Cat: (On the phone from the CatDog universe) It was a charm, until this idiot ate half of my slice


(the end)

Now that the story is over, it's time for the ultimate challenge:

Fred and Barney vs Cat and Dog

Fred FlintstoneBarney RubbleCatdog

For me, I choose Fred and Barney. They are clessics

CatDog meets The Flinstones chapter 2

It begins from where we left off at the previous chapter.

Winslow: Byebye! Heheheheheheheheh! (goes into his mousehole)

Fred: Uh...this isn't what it looks like.

Dog: Cat, why are they taking our Kavity Krunch?

Cat: They are thieves perfectly disguised as prehistoric cavemen to steal our cereal because they are cashless idiots that can't afford money to buy the real stuff.

Fred: Hey, who are you callin' cashless idiots you arrogent rockhead?

Dog: Hey that's not nice! (chomps on Fred's leg)

Fred: YYYYEEEEEOOOOWWWWCCCHHH!!!!!!! I autta crack your skulls until you....

Dog: Hey you taste like rock.

Fred: Yeah, whatever. (wispers to Barney) get Gazoo.

Barney: Gazoo!

(Gazoo appears)

Gazoo: What is it my little fellow?

Fred: We Got the Cereal!

Gazoo: I guess it wasn't so hard afterall, alright I'll take you guys back to Bedrock.

Gazoo accidentally goes back to Bedrock bringing CatDog instead of Fred and Barney and doesn't come back.



Fred and Barney are left behind in the CatDog universe.

Barney: Hey, how about it Fred? Now that Gazoo left us behind in this universe, why don't we explore this bizzare universe until we've seen it all?

Fred: ....gulp!

Meanwhile, CatDog appear in Bedrock and everything turns into Flintstones animation.

Dog: Gee Cat, what happened? You look like a catroon animated by Hanna-Barbera.

Cat: Well so do you! You are the insane dog who...(hesitates and realises they are in a completely different universe, which is The Flintstones universe with all dinosaurs, mammoths, prehistoric birds, cavemen, giant turtles and cavey architecture) Uhhhhh.......Dog? This is not good.

Dog: (sees a giant brontosaurus carrying the garbage like a garbage truck) HEY! It's a dinosaur shaped garbage truck! Hi Ho Diggity! (starts chasing after it)

Cat: (while being dragged by Dog running) NO! DOOOOOOOOGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!

Dog: GOTTCHYA! (chomps on the dinosaur's tail)

Brontosaurus: Hey, watch it! Whaddya think I am, your sunday bone? Sheesh! (kicks CatDog away) Ugh! The nerve of some animals!

Catdog fly towards The Flintstone's property where they encounter Wilma

Wilma: What's taking Fred and Barney so long? I had his Yabba Dabba Doo Berry Pie ready for them over an hour ago and they haven't showed up.

Catdog: (crash through the window)

Wilma: Oh my, what is this thing?

Cat: No need to worry young broad, but we are commonly reffered to as a...

Dog: a Catdo...

Cat: (Whispering to Dog)...Dog, shut up! (Turns to Wilma) we are called a uhhh...a savortoothed what whoasourus, and we are endangered.

Wilma: Oooh, you poor thing! Why don't you stay in my house until my husband and his friend get back.

Cat: Alrighty.

When CatDog go into The Flinstones residents cave-house, they encounter dino, who hates cats.

Cat: Oh dear lord...

Dino: Grrrrrrarrrrrrr.......

Cat: Now now, nice dinosaur....nice dinosaur....

Dino: Rawr, bark bark bark bark! (beats up Cat)


Dog: (is paying attention to the sandwhiches Wilma has in the fridge) boy, am I hungry.

Meanwhile, when Fred and Barney are in checking out the CatDog universe....

Barney: This is some interesting universe huh Fred?

Fred: Yeah yeah Barney.Well at least there isn't any trouble here, that's all what matters.

Fred crashes into The Greasers

Cliff: Hey fatso, watch where youre going!

Fred: Where are you manners?! Im gonna crack your skull if you don't do anythig?

Cliff: Then you want a peice of the greasers?

Fred: Uh ohh....

Cliff: Shriek, Lube! We've got a caveman to beat up today!

Shriek: A caveman? alright! I always wanted to get my claws on a human being:

Lube: Lets crunch him!

Fred: Barney lets get out of here.

The Greasers are chasing after Fred and Barney, but then they catch Fred and beat him up.


After they beat up Fred, he is seen walking with a cane

Fred: Barney?

Barney: Yes Fred?

Fred: I think I spoke too soon.

(to be continued)

CatDog meets The Flintstones Chapter 1

Here it is...the moment you've all been waiting for for a week! It's a very Yabba Dabba Doo Hi Ho Diggity crossover!

catdogThe Flintstones

It all begins in Bedrock in Fred and Wilma Flintstone's house.

Pebbles: Goo goo! Kavity! hahahaha! Krunch!

Wilma: Fred?

Fred: Yes Wilma?

Wilma: Can you go buy Pebbles this cereal she's been bugging me about the entire day? She's driving me insane.

Fred: But Wilma! You know I hate gettting up early to go to the Supermarket, besides, it's only 5:30 am, look at the clock!

(shows the bird inside the clock sleeping, but wakes up screaming)

Clock Bird: SQUAAAAAK!!!!! shucks! another one of them nightmares. (bird falls back asleep)

Wilma: If you buy it, I will make you your all time favorite, Yabba Dabba Doo Berry Pie.

Fred: OOH OOH YES YES!!! In that case I'm going to the market with my good friend Barney so he can gobble some of that good stuff too. So what's this cereal called?

Wilma: Kavity Krunch.

Fred: Cavity? blugh! sounds like a toothache cereal eh? alright, I'll be back with the cereal and have some yabba dabba doo berry pie. (runs out the door)

After Fred and Barney searched for hours in various supermarkets, the two cavemen cannot find the product and start to believe that the product doesn't even exist.

Fred: Did you find it Barney?

Barney: Nope! Sorry Fred.

Fred: DANGNABBIT!!!!! This is like the twentieth supermarket we've been to and there is no sign of Kavity Krunch!

Barney: Why don't we just give pebbles some fruity pebbles like we us cavemen are meant to eat?

Fred: Because you always steal it from everyone including me you nickampoot! Why I autta....

(Gazoo appears)

Fred & Barney: GAZOO!!!

Gazoo: Salutations. Did I hear someone say they are looking for something?

Fred: Oh thank goodness, yes! it was me. Have you heard anything about this cereal called Kavity Krunch? Is there even such a thing?

Gazoo: Perhaps there isn't such a thing that exists in our universe, but it does in a very far away universe and it's unfortunately exclusive to that universe. I can take you guys there.

Fred: Yes! Please take us there just so Wilma could make me a Yabba Dabba Doo Berry Pie!

Gazoo: Alright then, but the only thing is I cannot come with you fellows to that universe because....well it's a long story. So ifyou need help, just shout the signal.

Fred and Barney: YABBA DABBA DOO!

Gazoo: Alright then, off you go!

The Gazoo vanished Fred and Barney to the distant universe. Everything turned right away into CatDog animation. The universe had all animals walking on two feet and living in human fassion. It was nothing other than the CatDog universe!

Barney: *laughs* You look funny in this universe Fred!

Fred: Everything does Barney, we are in a different universe now.

(they both spot Rancid Rabbit)

Barney: That's some funny lookin' dinosaur huh Fred, oh wait...that's not even a dinosaur Fred! What is that thing?

Fred: Hmph...this seems to take place after all the dinosaurs, stone age animals, and us cave men are all extinct.

Barney: Say, uh Fred? Do you think that blue mouse knows where they have Kavity Krunch?

Fred: Idonno Barn, lets ask it.

The blue mouse is Winslow.

Barney: Excuse me? Mr. Mouse?

Winslow: Woah!!!! Cavemen!

Fred: No, we're not harmful cavemen, we are not gonna hurt you we just wanna ask you a question.

Winslow: Alright, ao ahead!

Barney: Hey! You've got a brooklyn accent too! Anyways, do you know where Kavity Krunch is?

Winslow: Whatta you nuts? They have it everywhere. But chya fellers look broke, I can get chya some for no cost!

Fred: Thank you. Where to?

Winslow: Follow me my fellow cavemen.

Winslow Brings the two to CatDog's house where Winslow lives.

Barney: This house looks like a fish leaning against a giant bone.

Fred: Shhhh! Barney! remember we are in another universe, so don't chya say things like that or they may grow suspiscous of us.

Winslow: (goes into CatDog's kitchen and gets an un opened box of Kavity Krunch) Here ya go!

Fred: YYYYYYYYYYAAAABBBBBAAAAADDDDAAAABBBBBBAAAAADOOOO!!!!!! Now we can go home and have some Yabba Dabba Doo Berry Pie.

A voice: What's a Yagga Blabba Coo Berry Pie?

(the voice is Dog, Fred accidentally awoke CatDog by screaming yabba dabba doo and Fred and Barney are firghtened when they first see CatDog)

Fred and Barney: YIKES!!!!!

Barney: It's a monster!

Fred: Barney, remember shhh!

Barney: Oh yeah, sorry Fred.

Winslow: This, my feller cavemen friends is Catdog. They may look strange because you've never seen such a thing before.

Cat and Dog: EEKK!!! Cavemen!!! And they have our Kavity Krunch!

(to be continued)

Sorry if this chapter sucked, it's the first chapter.