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Finish Wanted Weapon Of Fate And Overlord 2

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I Am Finish Overlord 2 In Tow Weeks:

GameGraphic is much better then its first part.

Codmaster use Great Graphicin Overlord 2.

Overlord 1 Story is better than overlord 2.

And the Sound is also good.

But ending movie in Overlord 1 is Excallent.

But in Overlord 2 ending movie is just right.

Over all Game is Good.

I rated Overlord 2 is8.5 out of 10.

Now InFour Days I am Finish Wanted:Weapons Of Fate:

Wanted is the best ActionAndShooting game.

Wanted Game isbetter than Wanted Movies.

Story is Perfect.

Sound is good.

Action is so Best.

Over all Wanted Weapon Of Fate Game is Perfact.

I rated Wnted:Weapons Of Fate is 10 out of 10.

Any Body Who want Some Action And Shooting Game .

Buy it As Soon As Possible.

Now Today I will Start Wheelman And Arma 2.

Finish Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince In One Day.

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I am finish Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince in one day.

Half-Blood Prince Wallpaper

This game is very easy and it is very short.

This game grphic is better than its all parts .

I don't like it most.But game play just right ,story goodAnd more.

I rated this game 5.0 out of 10.

Today I will Play WheelMan Or Wanted Weapon Of Fate.

I finish these game soon.

In Two Month (August And September) I Am Buy 19 Games.

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In Two Month (August And September) I Am Buy19 Games.

These 19 Games are :


(2)Bionic Commando


(4)Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood

(5)Dark Sector

(6)The Godfather II

(7)Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

(8)Mini Ninjas

(9)Need for Speed: Shift

(10)Overlord II


(12)Red Faction: Guerrilla

(13)Resident Evil 5

(14)Section 8

(15)Street Fighter IV


(17)Wanted: Weapons of Fate



In these Games Iam Finished


Street Fighter 4


Bionic Cammando

In 8 Days Only.

In Three Month My Level Reach 10 (73) %

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In Three Month My Level Reach 10 (73) %


I am join gamspot sence June 12 ,2009 .

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