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Xbox Next

Like a lot of people now days I am dreaming about the next Xbox and what it should have in it. It will probably be a few years before microsoft even considers making a new console, but one can dream

Game consoles are just like PCs, for the most part they have the same technology but modified a bit to the developers liking. For instance the Xbox 360's hard drive is SATA I believe, but its interface was modified so that it wouldn't be used in a PC.

These are what I think should be in the new console keeping in mind that it is still in the future:

Processor: The processor should belong to the intel family in my opinion. Definitely a multi core 64 bit processor.

Ram: I don't care what company does the ram, but 4GB or more would be necessary.

Video Card: In my opinion the video card should be Nvidia instead of ATI this time around. The reason for this is because of two things. One being that Nvidia has new CUDA GPUs that are incredible. They are a new technology for GPUs and CUDA processors contain an Ageia PhysX processor capability in the GPU itself. With this technology console games can have support for extremely realistic physics capabilities enhancing gameplay. The second reason I would go with Nvidia is in case of SLI support. This would be a long shot for a console, but I believe that Nvidia dominates with multi graphics card performance. Crossfire would never due in a console.

Hard Drive: The hard drive seems to be ever shrinking, and the need for space seems to grow more and more. The Xbox keeps becoming more and more media based. One or two TB of free space. If it is possible at the time I would wish for one hard drive block, the the current 360's with two hard drives of that size, so it can support RAID 0. RAID 0 allows the data to be written on two different hard drives at the same time cutting the time to read and write in half. Also if the technology got far enough I would wish for the hard drives to be Western Digital Raptors.

Sound Card: The sound card is a very important piece to the gaming experience. The better the sound, the better the gameplay. Sound gives an important environment and atmosphere to your gaming experience. I don't know who would be better that Creative Labs to create a sound card for the new console.

Power Supply: I don't have a company in mind for the power supply, but I believe that the power supply should remain separate from the console. This would keep the weight down, and it would help prevent the console from overheating.

Cooling System: Consoles have gotten to the point where water cooling in necessary. Water cooling is less noisy, and more effective. This would prevent disasters like the RED RING OF DEATH!

Case: I will gladly give up good looks of the case to prevent design flaws like little air flow. Air vents must be strategically placed this time around.

Disk Support: Blueray definitely unless Microsoft decides to do flashdrives to hold games. I know I don't want to download any games. It takes an hour just to download a 1 GB demo, not to mention that most games are 8GB or more.

Yes the cost is going to go up, but not by much. In a few years the some of these thing will cost a lot less.

GTA IV officialy completed

I now have 100% completion. I got it before I left to hawaii, and decided to brag about it when I got back. Oh, the best part is I was one of the few who got it without any cheats. None of my friends can say that.

FIRST Robotics Union up and running!!

I just started the FIRST Robotics Union. I hope to get more people interested in the FIRST program, and also discuss with other teams. By no means do I intend this to compete with Chief Delphi or any other sites. This is just spreading the word. whether you are on a team or just interested in robotics, join this union. I would be glad to explain or discuss anything that is FIRST related here. It doesn't matter how old you are. You can be a part of FIRST.


This is the video that all the teams get at the begining of each season. This shows them what the game is so that they know how to design their robots. If you are not on a team or not able to join a team, you can still help by pitching design ideas. If you like building stuff and designing stuff, then this is a great union for you. Other important jobs are programing (C languges), photoshop, 3d modling (3ds Max and Autodesk Inventor). By the way, almost 70% of games are made with 3ds Max. This includes Crysis, Halo series, Oblivion, and many more high end games.

This is our close to finished robot, that we designed. It is just under five feet tall in the starting postion, and It reaches to about ten feet when fully extended. These are the kinds of robots that will be made for the competion. Here is another video of the 2008 Portland regional by team #2521. I hope this gives you some idea of what teams come up with after six weeks. This is the end result.

If I had a nickel...

...for every person who read my blog I would be in debt. So I guess I will give a very short update.

I found out that my AP History class was harder than most grad-school courses, and It was made easier, so I have been getting more sleep. I have typed enough in this class to write a few fatty books. Pre-Calculus has been brutal but is getting better now that we are getting away from graphs and into much easier things like logarithms. Spanish is way easier now that I can understand most of it. Psychology is as boring as ever, and I am still getting on the nerves of lots of people for stupid projects.

In my free time have been watching a lot of bleach, and working in the FIRST robotics program.

A.P. U.S. History

This class is soooooo time consuming. I have only got 3 and a half hours of sleep in the past two days. The only thing that is keeping me going is mountain dew game fuel, and adrenalin. I can't wait for tomorrow after class because i get to sleep.

My Union

I am the leader of The Game Design and Creation Union, and I want as many people to join as posible. We are makeing a game right now. That is awesom. Everyone can help with the game. If you stumble across this blog get involved.

Flash Drives instead of disks

Almost every game that comes out today is on a disk. Movies are on DVDs, HDDVDs, and Blueray. We keep on getting new types of disks. I think we should use flash drives instead of all these disks. a flash drive can hold way more memory and everyone has usb ports on their computers, and other game systems. It is a lot smaller than a disk so you can take it anyware. All that needs to be done is have a program on the flash drive so that no one can mess with anything that is on the flash drive so it would be like read only files. our movies and games arn't that big so you could use 1 or 2 Gb drives. Flash drives are geting cheaper because they keep on getting bigger. I got a 1Gb flash drive for $8 new and soon they will be even cheaper. If the data travle is too slow, there are ram drives coming out soon, because the sticks of ram arn't enough. The flash drive could load all its data into the ram drive before it activates the main program on the flash drive. Ram is temporary memory so as soon as your done the memory that you used is free again. USB is a universal serial bus so why not add to the universe and make things easyer. It's better than a world where you need ten differnt types of disk drives. I want the one universal drive, don't you?


School starts on the 29th. that realy sucks, although i might be on gamespot more. I bet when I get back to school i have to write a book report and an essay.
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